“Last week it was very hot here. Almost impossible to create or even breath. I started two paintings on canvas. They are still not done yet, but I’ll expect to finish them later this week.”

Paintings In Progress
(40x50cm each mixed media on canvas) / ©Sander Steins - | buy my original art at Saatchi

Frank Brangwyn ‘Study of Dahlias’ mid.1920′s.

This painting shows a giant dahlia, a flower of South American origin. It is typical of the dense and richly coloured foliage that Brangwyn used to great effect in the murals he painted for the House of Lords in 1926. Brangwyn was a keen horticulturist: through his apprenticeship with William Morris he developed a love of traditional English flora; through his travels abroad he developed a love of the exotic. His garden at the Jointure in Ditchling, Sussex, combined the two. As a painter, Brangwyn responded to all forms of nature, making large numbers of spontaneous sketches on scraps of paper in response to the environment around him. This plein-air sketch is unusual for being in oil.