Max Ernst. The Arrival of Travellers (Illustration for The Misfortunes of the Immortals), Les Vipères, The Blind Swimmer, Katharina Ondulata, 2 Holoëder Sulfate Silicate Picastrate U. Zwillinge Nach Meiner Wahl Mit Stäbchen, Untitled, Plate VII from Fiat Modes Pereat Ars (top to bottom). 1920s.

Happy Piggy Day! | 3.1.15

Our Samezuka dorks are making their way back home to start the celebration all week long! (o´▽`o) And it seems Sosuke is quite pleased with his baby piggies! One certain little piggy had to be dragged (and keeps getting dragged) for bad behavior (っ˘ω˘ς )

Raising Arizona

Part 3-The Finale.

Acrylics on 30” x 40” Deep Edge Canvas

So here it is, the finished painting hanging up at its new home!

I had a great working relationship with this client… he was super supportive and appreciative throughout the whole process. It was awesome to see his excitement when I finally handed him the finished painting!

I had a great time working on this painting, and i’m looking forward to more projects like this!



Raising Arizona

Part 2-The Process

Now the fun part begins… when the sketch comes to life! Here are just a couple of process pics of the larger piece.

Although the majority was hand painted with acrylics, one section required a bit of airbrushing to achieve the desired effect I was looking for.

Next post… The Finale!