canvas chair


Kumo Chair by Mitz Takahashi

Kumo is Japanese for clouds. So the goal of the creation of this chair was to combine the aesthetics of a cloud in the sky and the comfort that it appears to have. The materials the the designer Mitz Takahashi used, are a powder-coated steel frame, a stuffed heavy-duty canvas for the seating and water-based clear coated maple dowels to hold the seating.

My Home, My Family

The place is a mess
Spit and food all over the floor
The carpet a permanent canvas
Stray chairs and stands litter the room
But it’s more than that
It’s a home
Dysfunctional, a little worse for wear
But so are the kids that reside there
And so we make it through
Our tattered lives in this tattered room
My first year I loved it with my whole heart
This second year made me wonder
Why did I come back
But I look around
The shining faces of sweaty, proud kids
And I don’t see strangers there
Instead, I find family written in them
And I look at them
And I realize I love them
And I love what we make together
And that I would do anything for these people
And so, now I know
That family can be found in unlikely places
And that homes are not always houses
And that my love for these two things is infinite

My legacy family could finally afford some decorating. =D

Thanks all you awesome CC creators!

CC List:

Bed frame, night stands, mirror, dresser /  round end table ~ femme-jean

Mochi (cute yellow on dresser) ~ meghewlett

Large book stack, small book stack, tulips in vase with books ~ lina-cherie

Curtains ~ allisas

Walls ~ dani-paradise

Bed, pillows on bed / canvas print ~ unobservantsims

Pillow on chair ~ mysimlifefou

Chair ~ kitkatssimporium

Cup ~ budgie2budgie

Frick, I didn’t realize how much CC is in here! xD Think I got it all.


     Another show, another round of applause. Such was the life of the golden robot Guy-Manuel, and not a bad one at that. Theater robots had become all the rage, and among those, he had risen to the spotlight as one of the more well-known. Maybe he stood out because he wasn’t made for this, maybe he had a better personality, or maybe his manager Alicia just knew how to pick the right plays. He didn’t care. As long as he had a home and a job that guaranteed he stayed in it, he’d do as asked.

     A sudden knocking interrupted the robot’s downtime backstage, and a familiar voice followed after it. “Hey Golden Boy!” Alicia. No surprise there. “Mind coming over here?” Guy stood up from his canvas chair, and wandered towards the door. Behind it, his 30-something umber-skinned owner immediately greeted him with a warm and enthusiastic embrace. “You did great out there! I’ve seen you during rehearsals so I knew you would, but it’s always something seeing you do it the final night!” Guy laughed and wrapped his arms briefly around her in return. “Thanks,” he replied, “It’s always good to hear I still got it from up top.” Alicia released him also. “How’s it going? You’ve been busy and it’s been a little while since we’ve really talked.”

    “I’m fine Guy,” she giggled, “Don’t worry about me. The paperwork isn’t killing me yet.” The bags under her eyes said otherwise, but Guy couldn’t remember a time he’d seen her without them. For as well as the medium-sized theater company had been filling seats the last couple years, the staff number had yet to catch up. Owner and production manager weren’t the only parts Alicia played. “But that’s not why I came over here,” she went on. Guy tilted his head a few degrees.

    “I forgot to mention that someone attending tonight wanted to meet you. Someone important. He’s been a donor to us before, so I thought we should oblige him.”

    A substantial donor, by the sound of it, Guy thought.

    “So where is he?” the android asked.

    “I told him to meet you outside the left stage door. He expects you in five, but you’re free to go before then. But I gotta go take care of more phone calls, so maybe I’ll see you later, okay?”

    But when the robot found his way out said door, he froze. The two humans standing outside the door hailed Guy promptly. He must have shook their hands and replied but he couldn’t remember. It took all Guy could muster not to just stare at the silver droid looming behind them. The other robot looked in so much worse shape than Guy remembered.

    He sputtered, “S-so it’s been lovely getting to meet you two, but aren’t you going to introduce your friend back there..?”