canvas art thief uk europe


WARNING - If you see this stall at a convention in the UK or Europe, DO NOT APPROACH OR BUY FROM THIS STALL! The art featured on these canvases have been printed without the original artists’ permission, simply taken from the Internet and altered.  Posts about this particular art thief are already here on Tumblr, this is an update.  The above photographs were taken at MCM Manchester Expo 2012.  The thief has gone under a new name “Arty-Farty-Fan art” and has made flyers advertising to artists to “get in touch with them if they want their work sold”. (From the terrible grammar and past track record, this company are not to be trusted)

I shall reiterate this again: DO NOT APPROACH THE MEN AT THE STALL!

However, do re-blog this post and spread the word.  It’s one thing making your own fan art but stealing other’s work and altering it to make it your own? Copyright doesn’t work like that, it’s still theft!

EDIT: THIS IS STILL HAPPENING! The name this art thief is now using is “Oracle Images”.