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Hola a todos! ya estoy tomando pedidos de ilustraciones personalizadas, envios a todo el mundo. consultas por mensaje oalternativa.natalia@gmail.com

puedes ver más de mi trabajo en  http://alternaoficial.com/  o mi fanpagewww.facebook.com/alternaoficial

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Song Kang


Chipboard, Paper, Wood, Canvas, Dried Foods

Shellac, Styrofoam, and Other Recyclable Goods

14" x 14" x 14"

“Imagine a city surrounded by coral…This cube is a study on an imaginary city’s environment. Designed to be turned and viewed all 360°, each face of the cube features a different method of observation; there are slides, a diorama, an accordion book, illustrations, and other specimens. Being a comprehensive collection of the city’s habitat and its species, the cube acts as a something akin to a scientific journal: a tactile and playful storybook.        

For detail image of the blue scrolls: “Blue City”

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