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“I’ve never been a thin girl. I grew up being, I don’t want to say a plus-size girl, but a girl of curves and substance. But you know, as time has gone on, I’ve developed a more healthy lifestyle, and now I feel like I’m in a normal body type. I don’t know if they consider a size 6 or 8 normal, but to me it’s normal. I love my body. I love representing people who aren’t stick figures, because people aren’t.”

When You’re Sick (BTS)

No this isn’t a request, but it’s v topical aha. I had the most hideous fever last night: I had cold sweats, shakes and my fucking fingernails turned blue lmao. I took the day off school and I am a lot better. This was all I could think of when I was ill last night, BTS. So, here were are (story time over).

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Rap Monster:
You’d have to quickly put a halt to his obsession with googling symptoms. As soon as he was about to tell you that you had some form of terminal cancer, you meekly asked him to just get you some cold meds. He apologised and went out as quick as he could - tripping over the front step on the way. He would pick carefully, most likely even asking the counter assistant to help find the best remedy. In the end, he’d return with a selection and with the promise of take away being ordered.

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(and suddenly my sickness is cured)

You all know that he’d be the absolute best in situations such as these. He’d have a cool, calm head which would hide the worry he would have over you. You’d try to convince him to go to practice that day but he wouldn’t have it. He’d already be fixing up the remedies he grew up with and coordinating your meal plan for the day. He’d stay by you all day. When he wasn’t being your own personal carer, he was cuddling you whilst watching movies. He’d stay with you until you got better, despite your protests.

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(he’s so greasy but he’s so hot boii canunot)

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