Kissing Headcanons

SuFin; Really loving and tender, a ton of lip brushing and mumbled sweet nothings before actually kissing.
DenNor; Constant kissing, making out in the middle of the street because why not
FrUK; Racy and angsty, they usually end up making out against a wall.
GerIta; Pretty rare, but explosive when it actually happens.
HongIce; They stick to hand-holding because their last kiss involved two very bruised foreheads after bumping them with each other. Twice.
Ukranada: Kisses all over the face, soft and shy kisses on the lips that end up with red cheeks and Canadian mumbling.
SwissAus: No
LietPol; Cuddle kissing, i.e. kisses that start quick and sporadic and end up with Feliks laying on top of Toris, making out on the couch.
Spamano: Lots of lip biting and waist grabbing, what you would expect from an Italian and a Spaniard.
RoBul; Very flirty and teasing kisses, Romania knows how to get Bulgaria in a tizzy.