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Can you do a Ben Hutton imagine where you bring him to meet your family and he interacts with all the little kids and you are like 😍😍.

Pulling into the driveway, you looked over at Ben, your boyfriend. He sat, picking at his cuticles like the nervous wreck he happened to be. Your mother had called about a week before, practically begging you to come home so she could meet the infamous “Benny boy.” Cousins and aunts were supposed to be there too, which made it most likely worse for the hockey player. Some of the family didn’t know of his NHL status, either. There were many people he needed to impress.

“Are you ready?” You opened up the back door to grab some food that you had cooked. It was just a simple hotdish and some jello in a bowl; roses around the rim. Delicately picking it up, you carried it inside, Ben trudging behind slowly. He was acting like such a kicked puppy, you were surprised he didn’t just pretend to be sick so he couldn’t go. Not like he wasn’t going to fit in. Your family was weird.

Opening the door, you were taken aback by your cousins Alex and Zander racing around, chasing each other all over the place. Laughing, you kicked off your shoes and waited for your boyfriend to do the same before you entered the kitchen to place the food on the counter. Uncle Daniel must have had the same idea too, because he had a table full of orderves such as pickles. Chips and dip, and even some cupcakes. You helped yourself to a potato chip before wiping the crumbs on your pants and grabbing Ben’s hand. It was sweaty, but you didn’t mind.

“Alright! Let’s go!!” You took the brave first step into the living room. At the sight of you, your mother rushed you into a hug. She was one of the many people excited to meet you. Plus the fact that everyone had a Ben Hutton jersey. Most likely your mother’s idea. She liked looking up your boyfriend’s on the internet. (Something she barely knew how to use.) His parents weren’t even that bad.

“It’s very nice to meet you all,” he said, making the first move. Your mother moved over to hug him tightly. At least he wasn’t being suffocated.

“Welcome to the family honey!” She was welcoming, as the two mischievous boys stopped next to their father. He made a couple motions and such, and the boys nodded in understanding. They walked side by side up to you. You bent down, ruffling their hair at the same time as your man talked to the family. The two boys were the cutest things when they weren’t almost breaking your ankle.

“We’re sorry we almost knocked into you, Y/N. But, I have a question.” Alex asked, curiosity making its way to the surface.


“Your boyfriend is a professional player, right? Do you think he could sign my jersey?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know. Go up to him and ask politely. He probably will. Got a Sharpie?” He held up a silver one, and nodded. Walking over to Ben, Alex tugged on his shirt and held up his Sharpie. You couldn’t hear what was going on, but Ben suddenly grabbed the marker and signed his jersey in a couple swift movements of his wrist.

Suddenly, there was a shriek. It wasn’t one of fear, but more like… play? You looked around and there they were. Ben had Zander on his shoulders, walking around the living room. Everyone was laughing loudly, watching him interact with the boys. You smiled to yourself. This was the best feeling. The warm, fluttery butterflies you felt when you first met him were coming up again and this time soothing you to your very core.

They played for about an hour before the boys had the leave. They waved good bye, and Ben wrapped an arm around your shoulder as you watched them go from the doorway. Your head seemed to move on its own, resting on a space in between his shoulder and his upper chest.

“You’re great with kids,” you complimented as he looked down to you with a wide grin. He must have had a lot of fun.

“Thanks. They said they’re gonna watch my games. If they ever want to watch a home game, tell me. I’ll get them tickets,” he said. You nodded, staring up at him and leaning in for a kiss.


oel23: Worse hands than a goalie… @markstrom25


canucks: Best pre-game handshake in the league? Yep.