Pues esta es la canción esa de Castle cuando sale el libro nuevo de Nikki Heat y está Beckett fabulosamente leyendo en la bañera 🎶✨🌙 #CantStop #MoZella #Castle #Acoustic #cover #guitar

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I met a Girl...

I saw a girl with pretty blue eyes,

and light blonde hair.

I heard a girl with a funny laugh

and a gentle voice.

I stared at a girl with an adorable smile

and cool tattoos.

I listened to a girl with a broken heart,

and a confused mind.

I adored a girl with an awesome personality,

and an addictive presence.

I watched a girl with tears in her eyes,

and pain in her chest.

I liked a girl with soft lips,

and warm hands.

I fell for a girl with trust issues,

and won’t open up

I love a girl with all her flaws

and perfections.

I met a girl,

who I can’t stop thinking about.