canto 18

hi! so everyone at the xfamnet decided to do an appreciation for the cast of the x-men since we have just finished our mutant appreciation. just like for the mutant appreciation, this is open to everybody! for this we will be accepting graphics, gifs, edits, aesthetics, videos- basically anything- except for fics, this was agreed upon by the entire net. 

you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you participate in! do what you can and tag your works with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation and we’ll reblog it!

the weeks:

  • week one; april 30- may 6: ian mckellen week!
  • week two; may 7- 13: halle berry week!
  • week three; may 14- 20: patrick stewart week!
  • week four; may 21- 27: anna paquin week!
  • week five; may 28- june 3: hugh jackman week!
  • week six; june 4- 10: rebecca romijn week!
  • week seven; june 11- 17: james marsden week!
  • week eight; june 18- 24: famke janssen week!
  • week nine; june 25- july 1: shawn ashmore week!
  • week ten; july 2- 8: ellen page week!
  • week eleven; july 9- 15: aaron stanford week!
  • week twelve; july 16- 22: zoe kravitz week!
  • week thirteen; july 23- 29: lucas till week!
  • week fourteen; july 30- august 5: january jones week!
  • week fifteen; august 6- 12: kodi smit mcphee week!
  • week sixteen; august 13- 19: fan bingbing week!
  • week seventeen; august 20- 26: james mcavoy week!
  • week eighteen; august 27- september 2: briana hildebrand week!
  • week nineteen; september 3- 9: ryan reynolds week!
  • week twenty; september 10- 16: olivia munn week!
  • week twenty-one; september 17- 23: caleb landry jones week!
  • week twenty-two; september 24- 30: lana condor week!
  • week twenty-three; october 1- 7: oscar issac week!
  • week twenty-four; october 8- 14: sophie turner week!
  • week twenty-five; october 15- 21: evan peters week!
  • week twenty-six; october 22- 28: alexandra shipp week!
  • week twenty-seven; october 29- november 4: booboo stewart week!
  • week twenty-eight; november 5- 11: gina carano week!
  • week twenty-nine; november 12-18: adan canto week!
  • week thirty; november 19- 25: dafne keen week!
  • week thirty-one; november 26- december 2: tye sheridan week!
  • week thirty-two; december 3- 9: rila fukushima week!
  • week thirty-three; december 10- 16: edi gathegi week!
  • week thirty-four; december 17- 23: nicholas hoult week!
  • week thirty-five; december 24- 31: this last week of the year is reserved for every xmen cast member! just to show some final appreciation and how much it means to us that they’ve brought our favorite characters to life on screen and how we’ve found a family and friends through these characters/people.

these are all the scheduled dates! they will be posted each week on our blog! you don’t have to inform anyone if you’re doing this, just tag your work with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation 

you can direct questions here! have fun and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Vocabulario: C

1.Cable- cable

2.Caducar- to expire

3.Cajetilla- pack of

4.Cajón- crate/box

5.Cal- lime(stone)

6.Calaca- skeleton

7.Calambre- cramp

8.Calavera- skull

9.Caleta- a creek

10.Calificar- to qualify

11.Callado- quiet

12.Camioneta- van

13.Campamento- camp/campsite

14.Campesino- peasant/countryman

15.Cansancio- tiredness/fatigue

16.Cántaros- buckets

17.Canto-the singing

18.Capó- hood (vehicle)

19.Capucha- hood

20.Carámbano- icicle

21.Carnet de indentidad- ID

22.Carpeta- folder


24.Carretilla- wheelbarrow


26.Cartero- mailman/carrier

27.Cascar- to crack

28.Casket- ataúd/cofre/cofrecito

29.Castañetear- to snap fingers

30.Castor- beaver

31.Caucho- rubber

32.Cegarle a alguien- to blind somebody

33.Cejas- eyebrows

34.Censurar- to censor

35.Cera de los oídos- earwax

36.Cera- wax

37.Cerciorarse- to make sure

38.Cereza- cherry

39.Cerrar la sesión/salir del sistema/finalizar la sesión/sacar del sistema- to log off

40.Chal- shawl

41.Champaña- champagne

42.Chanclas/chancletas- flip-flops

43.Chatarra- metal scrap

44.Chícharos- peas

45.Chicle- chewing gum

46.Chingón- adj. means that someone is very good at something. Ej. Boone es cocinero muy chingón.- Boone is a very good cook.

47.Chismear- to gossip

48.Chismoso- gossipy

49.Ciego- blind

50.Ciruela- plum

51.Cirugía- surgery

52.Cirujano- surgeon

53.Cita- appointment/date

54.Ciudadanía- citizenship

55.Ciudadano- citizen

56.Cochino- pig(figurative)

57.Codicia- greed

58.Coger con un alfiler- to pin

59.Coger un bache- to hit a bump

60.Col- cabbage

61.Colmillo- fang

62.Comestibles- groceries

63.Cometer- to commit

64.Comezón- itch

65.Comisaría- police station

66.Comite- committee

67.Compartimiento- bin/compartment

68.Competir(i)- to compete

69.Complacer- to please

70.Complejo- complex

71.Completar- to complete

72.Comprobar- to check

73.Comprometerse- to get engaged

74.Condado- county

75.Condena- conviction

76.Conmovedor- touching

77.Consentido- spoiled

78.Consentir- to spoil

79. Conserje- janitor

80.Consistir en- to consist of…

81.Contador- accountant

82.Contradecir- to contradict

83.Contrahacer- to counterfeit

84.Convenir- agree

85.Conversador- talkative

86.Convocar- to summon

87.Coquetear-to flirt

88.Cordero- lamb

89.Cordillera-mountain range

90.Cortina- curtain

91.Cosechar- to harvest

92.Cotidiana- daily

93.Crédulo- gullible

94.Cremallera- zipper

95.Criar- to raise (children), to bring up, to breed(animals)

96.Crujer- to crunch

97.Cualquier(a)- n. anyone/ adj. whatever

98.Cubiertos- silverware


100.Culpable- guilty

101.Culpar- to blame/accuse

102.Cultivo- crop

103.Cuñado(a)- brother/sister-in-law

104.Curita- bandaid