Bumped into @rinag1 at the gym tonight! Tonight’s workout: 10 min treadmill increasing the incline every few minutes until incline 15, then an abs circuit (Russian twist, plank, hip raises, sit-ups on the big ball), then an arm workout on some machines - 5 machines 3 sets/10 reps on each, and finishing off with 10 mins running/walking on the treadmill. #workout @goodlifehc #12wc #tfstation #nopainnogain #weights #cardio #cantliftmyarms #projectweddingdress

So I’ve learnt a few things today.
โ˜†I am much too old to be trying to survive on 3 1/2 hours sleep.
โ˜†I shouldn’t hold my breath when lifting weights.
โ˜†You know it’s been a good pt session when you can’t lift your arms to the top of the steering wheel.

#fitmildura #cantwalk #cantliftmyarms #biancakrausept


Up by 5:00am, back to the gym, thank god. Here is this mornings WOD:


- Stretching

- 20 Jumping jacks

- 400m run

- Hollow Holds (4 - 20 seconds each)

-IYT’s (12 each - 5 kilos)

- Dumbbell Lunges (20 - 25lb dumbbells)

- Dumbbell Bent Over Row (10 - 25lb dumbbells)

- Man Makers (6 - 25lb dumbbells)


- Push Press 3 Rep Max (80 kilos/176lbs)

- Push Press 80% AMRAP (65 kilos/143lbs/7 Reps)

- Pull Up Ladder: Starting with 3 pullups increase number of pullups each minute starting on the minute. (Failed at 7/total pullups 25)

-ย  After last failed pull up 3 reps of 250 meter rows.