Cantilever House in Kuala Lumpur

Steeply sloping site with rainforest views. The house by Design Unit Sdn Bhd is designed to ‘float’ within a valley – touching it lightly, and allowing the natural slope to remain.

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Hidden Pavilion in Madrid

In central Spain, Penelas Architects has designed a small dwelling as a secluded place for meditation. assembled on the outskirts of Madrid, the ‘Hidden Pavilion’ is situated amid a forest and interacts directly with the surrounding trees. the entire property has been built using three materials: rusted steel for the structural frame, glass for its façades, and cherry-tree wood for the interiors. 

Fully embedded within the forest, Penelas Architects has sited the home to engage with the neighboring landscape. Suspended over a small waterfall, the pavilion lets trees pass through its terraces, and cantilevers above voids that have been strategically positioned to allow for future growth. The upper level is inclined to provide room for a 200 year-old oak tree, while lightwells have been deliberately raised in order to illuminate the scheme’s interior.

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Mountain Hut in Obereggen

Peter Pichler Architecture, in collaboration with Arch. Pavol Mikolajcak, won a competition to design a new mountain hut at 2.000m in the Italian Dolomites in 2015. The new hut contains a restaurant and is located next to the cable station Oberholz in Obereggen with direct connection to the ski slope.

The cantilevering structure grows out of the hill like a fallen tree with three main branches creating a symbiosis with the landscape. Each of them is facing towards the three most important surrounding mountains. The interior is defined by a complex, curvilinear and visible wood structure that gradually fades into walls and creates so called “pockets” for intimacy. It could also be seen as a new open space interpretation of the classic “Stube”, well known in typical structures of the area.

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anonymous asked:

Is a cantilever extrememly difficult? it looks like it is and like it requires a lot of strength and flexibility

Cantilevers are one of the most difficult moves as they require insane core strength, flexibility and impeccable edge control (kneeslide cantilevers are slightly easier, aka the one Johnny Weir and Yuzuru Hanyu are known for). They are extremely difficult and in my opinion, hard to pull off nicely so skaters with great Cantilevers tend to be high up on my list of favorites.

ANDRÉ BLOC, The Bellevue House, Meudon, France 1949-1952.In addition to architecture, Bloc was also in charge of the interior design and designed several custom made pieces for the house, including the Bellevue chair and desk seen here. Cantilevered plywood chair by Alvar Aalto (1929-1933).