No one knows how the city of devils, Endsville, was born.
As soon as it was created, it prospered,
And then it slowly ate up the world.
You serve Cantido, god of the black flame,
And must hinder its growth by setting it afire.
Trick the fire fighters, hide from the police,
And torch the city to purge it of its devils.
But you mustn’t burn everying.
If the entire city burns down, you will have no place to stay.
You will not be able to live.
There can be no final victory.
The only thing you can do is burn the city.
Your only hope is to receive the blessing of Cantido, god of black flames.

Character Breakdown: Kanti/Canti

AKA: Kantido (Cantido), Lord Canti(Kanti), Kantido-sama, television boy, terubi-kun, TV-kun

Age: um. Robot.

Race: Robot (Medical Mechanica Robot)

Personality: he’s very polite and has oddly human emotions, apparently he enjoys reading pornographic magazines. He’s also very self-conscious about the broken spot on his head that Haruko made when she hit him with her guitar, and in episode 2 he’s seen gathering the broken pieces in an attempt to fix it.

Role: Depends who you ask. To Mamimi, Canti is the god from her videogame. He’s a medical mechanica, but the only medical thing he can really do is take X-rays, as is shown in episode 2 when they x-ray Naota’s head and show the portal that has replaced the spot where his brain should be. Naota’s family also seems to use him as an errand-boy but he often messes up the tasks he’s given. Haruka treats him like a slave and sees him as useless. 

Distinguishing features: he’s…a robot. with black wings and a television for a head.

Character props: robotness? and he occasionally wears coats

Powers: he eats Naota and becomes a cannon as well as a badass mecha thing. Also he turns red for some reason.

Other things to know: he was manufactured by medical mechanica, which is that huge iron-shaped factory in Mambase that occasionally lets out a lot of steam. 

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A quick speed paint of Lord Canti from the FLCL anime. I really want to do more on this and make it more proper but I gotta spend my time on doing my portfolio pieces.. maybe I can fix it up some other time (like that will ever happen lmao).
And I’ve missed out on doing my daily drawing this weekend since I wasn’t at home so I’m catching up on them this week. Gotta make like three more in addition to the ones I need to do each day gah. Oh well!