canticle of benedictions

shinzhon  asked:

Your blog's the most gorgeous ever. Like, ever ever. (I won't lie, I saw a chapter 13 verse 2 spoiler and saw that it was reblogged by you, and went "oh, fuck it" and spoiled myself in full happiness so here I am, sad, and baffled by this beauty and embodiment of epicness named Ravus Nox Fleuret.) (++ Ravus with a Templar quote, oh jesus take the wheel)

First, I ugly sob because of how badly the new Ravus content wrecked me. Now, I ugly sob because your comment is really sweet and it makes me so happy…! *wailing* You’re too sweet! qCq I’m really glad that you like my blog. It really warms my heart knowing that people enjoy whatever mayhem I post too. c:

And yes! Templar quote! :D Canticles of Benediction from the Chant of Light~~~ (Because Ravus would make the most amazing Templar Knight Commander.)