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20 Qs

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1. name: Maggie or Luke, whichever

2. Nickname: Mags, Magret, Magneto, Magento, Lil Dipster, Big Head Bertha, Prospector Pete, probably some others I’m forgetting

3. Zodiac: Scorpio

4. Height: 5′2

5. Ethnicity: White

6. Orentation: Bi

7. Favorite fruit: grapes maybe? or mango. or strawberries. or any melon. dang i love fruit.

8. Favorite season: spring!!!

9. Favorite book: The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester its SO FUCKING GOOD READ IT BLEASE

10. Favorite scent: this about to be corny as hell but the smell of my bf’s shirts is A+ especially when im anxious, other than that im a big fan of lemon smells and fire

11. Favorite color: pink!!!

12. Favorite animal: BATS my fave in particular is the bumblebee bat also known as kitti’s hognosed bat aka the smallest mammal in the world :)

13. favorite beverage: ginger ale! or water i guess i’m pretty plain

14. hours to sleep: roughly 9 if i can help it

15. Favorite fictional character: Mordin Solus from Mass Effect, Liam from Mass Effect: Andromeda, Vivienne from Inquisition, Isabela from DA2, Naomi Nagata from The Expanse, and probably a lot more I really like a lot of characters

16. blanket number: 2 at night, 3 in the morning after my boyfriend leaves for work and I’m colder as a result

17. Follower number: 800something

18. Blog created: 2010-11 I think?

19. Fun factoid: while i don’t technically go to college, i often sit in on classes at a video game design school and am stealing enough knowledge to learn some decent amount of info about how to go about designing video games!

20. Favorite flower: I don’t actually have any I’ve been trying to pick one but I can’t :(