Ready for scolastic nationals!!!

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Hitting those switch ups at training with @aascf scholastic nationals only a month away! Warriors are training hard 💪🏼 #cantholdusdown #cheer #collegecheer #switchup #heelstretch


So what am I not supposed to have an opinion
Should I be quiet just because I’m a woman
Call me a bitch, cause I speak what’s on my mind
Guess it’s easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled
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Então porque eu não deveria ter uma opinião
Eu deveria ficar calada só porque sou uma mulher
Me chama de vagabunda, porque eu falo o que penso
Acho que é mais fácil para você suportar se eu sento e sorrio (em Cidade Nova 8)

Here’s somethin’ I just can’t understand. If a guy have 3 girls then he’s the man. He can even give her some head or sex her raw. If a girl do the same then she’s a whore.
—  Lil Kim
Misconceptions about Libras

Libra -all about balance , loves any and all things beautiful , friendly and chill , agreeable, enjoys finer things. Can posses incredible balance and physical abilities  , athletic , physically strong. creative edge. and intelligent , masculine sign ruled by venus. doesn’t like to argue over trivial shit but will argue don’t get it twisted, happy and on an even keel and a good friend to have who is loyal af , cross an air sign and expect extreme calamity , complete unbalance , chaos . tornados…ect. an air sign so if you actually manage to anger one yoou’ll get blown the fuck over. who doesn’t need air ?? nobody that’s who. Libra the most underated sign in the zodiac . often labeled passive agressive and shy ..sit the fuck down. Libra  will bite their tongue  in the interest of good friends and loved ones, that is nowhere in the same ballpark as passive agression .likes to keep more to themselves but can be quite social.  HATES CRITICISM and doesn’t hardly ever criticize others unless its of grave importance to them. likes to leave people be and not pry into their business or ask stupid incessant questions. literally the last sign in the zodiac that will say some shady ass shit or try to cut you down , Libras try their best to be nice and upbeat and say uplifting things and be there for others. Much more physical sign than mental I think , which is why I don’t get the idea that Libras are weak? I was a MF track star in shcool , always have worked out and enjoyed physical activity yoga and more peaceful exersize , Libras are peaceful and don’t get all hung up on “being the best’ at any one thing or “being right”. not at all self righteous . often have many irons in the fire with a lot of diferent interests. Libras possess a unique spiritual and physical strength . often gets along great with fire signs. it’s ironic that no one else in the zodiac tends to give two fucks about libras or air signs when all yall other elements need air , air don’t need yall .

Debería callar mi opinion solo por ser gay?

Me llamas perra por expresar lo
que hay en mi mente, lo tendría permitido si fuera heterosexual?

Es una lastima que quieras hacerte popular inventar 1 o 2 rumores sobre mí.

Esto es para todos aquellos gays alrededor del mundo que han sido frenados por sus palabras, no deben sentirse debiles o solos, por que ellos no podrán, no lo lograrán No pueden derrumbarnos.