cantharellus cinnabarinus


Cantharellus cinnabarinus, “Cinnabar Chantarelle”

Chantarelles are highly sought-after by mushroom lovers and foragers, something I learned after I started finding them, because I don’t actually eat mushrooms, myself! This is just one species of many.

While these guys are edible, as you can see, they do not grow very large at all, so if you plan on eating them, you either have to collect quite a few, or use them as a garnish.

These little guys are incredibly striking and immediately noticeable to a keen eye; they often hide in the leaves but have a brilliant crimson color that you can learn to pick out immediately despite their small size! They were quite beautiful and exciting to find, for me.

This set is also part of my Animal Crossing: In Real Life! educational series for my side-blog, @tealight-crossing.

[ photos by @ceynomore ]