1. Kelley is the only one eagerly awaiting Hope. Once they see each other, they both burst into the goofiest grins I’ve ever seen.

2. Hope literally SKIPS to Kelley and Kelley’s hand makes its way down low…as it does.

3. Kelley proudly guides Hope into the group huddle as if she has possession over her.

4. Reminder that Julie is there and how that is definitely not up for discussion. Kelley, hold your girl close.

5. Huddle ends but Hope turns the tables and SMACKS KELLEYS ASS. ARE YOU DONE WITH THIS POST YET? BC I AM.

6. Lol jk lets observe Kelley in squirrel mode as she breaks away with the dorkiest smile knowing that she and Hope made more physical contact within the last ten seconds than the entire World Cup.

God bless this victory tour.


“I thought my coworkers would all get along together, but the vibe there was a little weird. Even though every employee in the building worked at the same shop, no one there would get close to each other; they would even keep an eye on each other, to the degree that I couldn’t breathe in the staff lounge with them. I guessed it wasn’t worth working for, so I quit three days after I started working there. That was my first part time job. Now that I have another one, I feel good. This time must be different.”

“전 같이 일하는 동료들이 다 친하게 지낼 줄 알았어요. 근데 분위기가 좀 이상했어요. 건물 안이 전부 같은 매장이었는데도 서로 안 친할 뿐만 아니라 경계까지 하는 거에요. 같이 휴게소에 있으면 숨쉬는게 불편할 정도로요. 이건 아니다 싶어서 3일 만에 일을 그만뒀어요. 그게 첫 아르바이트였어요. 그래도 새로운 일을 구해서 좋아요. 이번엔 다를 거에요.”


Please reblog this. My effort has not gone unoticed so far as some of you may have heard of the east bay protest in California.Some may have heard of the shutdown of interstate 80. We do not stand for police brutality in our country. We are all equal human and will be treated as so. Or we will make you piggies work for your overtime pay, in the hell stricken wind and downpour of rain.

Answering my own question

Words matter. People matter. ALL people. But right now I’m with words and so I let them try to tell me where to go next. I asked earlier what I can do to help others (and myself) to breathe today. I’m sure this list will morph but in the early hours I think this is a start.

Begin again to find the ways to bring more light into the darkness
Respect others as you want them to respect you
Engage in the hard discussions
Acknowledge the differences and build more awareness
Try again, harder, better, differently because we all need to work at this
Help to build bridges that raise people above the troubled waters
End the excuses and silence and re-prioritize 

How will you breathe better today?