ihascookies said: jaaaaaaaaaackfrost is probably one of those famous ppl in the fandom :)) and WHAT?? ur not a stranger :U

I just followed her, but I just read her name a fiew times on posts lol.

erinlovesdramas said: I think you are famous in ROTG fandom. I can see your GIFs everywhere! Well, I love your blog♥ And I understand how you feel…

Thanks <3

cantbeahero said: I know that feel /sigh

That’s kinda hard :c

teschazilla said: Yeah me too pretty much. I know peppermimint but that’s it haha.

I don’t even know her lol

peachdoxie said: I made a page on my blog all about the Rise of the Guardians fandom. Hopefully it could answer some questions you have.

I go to see it thanks c:

youngtitan213 said: me too!! And I always thought you WERE a famous person in the fandom, you had all these gifs, and links to clips way back before it was in theatres. ;^.^

lol I never feltl like a famous person. I just like to draw and stuff. For the clips, I found them in 5 min on youtube…

danslailleurs said: I understand completely, baby *hugs* Ca fait du bien de savoir que je ne suis pas la seule ^^

C'est chiant n'empêche, on se sent comme un immigré xD