Two commissions in very different stages. On the left is Kaz’s girl, and on the right is AgentPanda’s Soom Feny. Tonight I’m shaping eyebrows on Kaz’s girl, and might move into acrylic work if I get through the other prep work I have to do. And AgentPanda’s Feny is having fantasy parts blushed (as is her Beyla in the background, and Fasia’s Soom Parts, and my Keny hooves alongside them).


Two sweet ladies. I just need to glue the eyelashes in kiri’s AS Kana on top. ophelia’s DoC Twing-key on bottom is finished. Tonight I’ll take photos with the big camera for portfolio (after putting in the eyelashes), and then the final photos will go off to owners for approval. If all goes well these two pretty girls will start heading home at the end of this week :3


Edtel ’ s DDH -04 commission. Evened out the paint. There were spots that made it look kinda uneven still. Tomorrow some more blushing. Gotta do lips and maybe some blushy lines. Maybe. Depends how I feel. Maybe I’ll paint them on and take them off if they don’t look good. The benefits of working in layers means I can do that without affecting the rest of the work.

I haven't forgotten about the blog

I’ve just found that while Tumblr used to be the easiest and fastest way to get my content out, I’ve been fighting more often than not to get it to post things - more often then not its while posting multiple pictures and trying to type a description. Considering the majority of my posts are multiple pictures accompanied by a text description, this makes Tumblr very hard to work with for my shop updates.

I’ve been putting the majority of my updates through Facebook. Eventually I will learn to link the shop’s Facebook page to just post the same on Tumblr, but until then you may want to go to the Facebook page to see more frequent updates. It can be found by searching for the shop’s old name - Can-Tan Studio.

Let's see...

Responses went out, photos went up, parcel was delivered, new painting got started. I even cleaned house. Yet I feel like I was incredibly unproductive.

Tomorrow: contact Samauria7 with all the final pics. If all is ok, package everything to deliver after work on Monday.

Working on a commission - a fixup job, and once that’s done I move on to spensers_mom ’s zuzu delf. There’s one that will be incoming and I have to arrange a pickup for another. As fate would have it, the weekend I get back to working is the weekend the temperature nosedives and it gets rainy and blah. I will persevere!!

Back from vacation

Replies are still a little slow, but you can expect to see some replies to PM’s going out tonight. I have to update my list, and contact those who are waiting for spots, as well as get back to one person to tell them that their little ones arrived here today. Things will start picking up again, however I’ve gone back to work after vacation right as my shifts switch to evenings again, so the real work will begin on the weekend.

Will answer messages tomorrow

Or is that later today? *shrugs* I have seen them. I know they are there, and I will reply first thing in the morning while wrapping up the last of things here.

Tomorrow I will gloss those heads, package up one commission, and do a host of errands. Also take final photos of everything that got up to the last seal tonight. Those will all be posted tomorrow, scheduled to post throughout the day, so keep an eye out!

Messages have been sent

Replies went out to chinadoll, Samauria7 and spensers_mom via the PM system on DoA.

I’m busy painting two commissions and some Doll North prizes this weekend, but will reply to any questions/concerns/inquiries as quickly as I can.

Less than a week until I’m at Anime North again!! So excited!!

The rest of my PMs have gone out - + vacation notice

Edtel + Samauria7, sent PMs your way through DOA. Please let me know if you didn’t get them :3

This is also a perfect opportunity to mention that my annual vacation is coming up. While I have commissions here, and am working on them, I will be asking that new commissioners hold on to their things until I come back/tell them it’s safe to go ahead and send their commissions to me. I just don’t want to not be here for their arrival. I’d rather not leave the responsibility of picking them up from the post office/post box to the rest of the household, and I’d rather be here to receive them and make sure that everything has arrived safely (so I can let you know). I may go ahead and tell people to send a few days ahead of my coming home, just because I know how long it takes things to get to my house.

Will send out commission reports this weekend

Just gonna do another layer on these and then I’ll be sending out a report for approval.

Also have to update that there are currently no slots available, but the Waitlist as always is open.

Also need to respond to an email that I couldn’t get to responding thanks to a nearly three day headache/migraine fiasco. I’ll be doing some work for an event~. Just gotta work out donations and how much work I can put on my plate.

Also note the name of my shop has changed! After some thought and realization that I wasn’t always super comfortable with Can-tan studio, I reworked it and am now going by Tanuki Studio. Can-tan Studio was a labour of love, which stood for Canadian Tanuki Studio. I am no less Canadian, or less enamoured with raccoons and tanukis. I just liked the sound of this better.

This being said, I will be slowly rebranding my business cards and tags on my posts. You’ll now find my commission posts tagged with #tanukistudio


Bit of a late start tonight

Rain just cleared up. That being said I’m damp and kinda miserable, so before I start painting in that mood I’m going to take a warm shower and then settle in. I’ve set up so I can just get right to it.

Blushing done today

Did blushing on all heads today. A few layers worth so things are starting to look nice, but in that weird unfinished way. Shading tomorrow, and if I get there, the next round of acrylic - this enhances some brow and lash lines for a nicer look, and liner goes on too at that point.

There’s rain in the forecast, but hopefully it’s finished by the time I get home, or isn’t bad. If it’s too heavy I’ll have to work slowly and carefully to avoid msc blooming.

Gonna start with where I left off pics tomorrow

What the title says. I’m tired and the lighting is really crappy in the basement once the sun goes down. I’ll start with pics that show where I left of before I start anything tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get up at a decent time. Gotta hit the grocery store before I can paint anything.