Two commissions in very different stages. On the left is Kaz’s girl, and on the right is AgentPanda’s Soom Feny. Tonight I’m shaping eyebrows on Kaz’s girl, and might move into acrylic work if I get through the other prep work I have to do. And AgentPanda’s Feny is having fantasy parts blushed (as is her Beyla in the background, and Fasia’s Soom Parts, and my Keny hooves alongside them).


Two sweet ladies. I just need to glue the eyelashes in kiri’s AS Kana on top. ophelia’s DoC Twing-key on bottom is finished. Tonight I’ll take photos with the big camera for portfolio (after putting in the eyelashes), and then the final photos will go off to owners for approval. If all goes well these two pretty girls will start heading home at the end of this week :3