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…………… literally pains me that the notion of going through extreme measures (such as dropping off the face of the entire planet) to hide a relationship that would ruin your reputation/life if it were exposed is being attributed to a heterosexual relationship as if straight people have any fucking idea what this actually like :)

sundae seems confused as to why im not cuddling her as often im sorry u amazing cat i cant pick u up or hold u in my lap ur literally too heavy fdhsjdodbd

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Anything about Link relationship with a cute s/o who from black order but not an exorcist ? Like a doctor or something q////q ? ❤️ WELCOME BACK HON❤️❤️missed u a lot q//q god ❤️

NONNYYY!! ITS GOOD TO BE BACK TT 7 TT //hugs// missed you a lot too cute bub!! TT v TT I hope you find this satisfactory nonny~ -Min

* no one expected him to have an s/o????? especially not a cute s/o?????

* When he first comes back injured, and with broken bones, s/o yelled at him because they were worried and he had to calm them down because they were crying

* Link tries to spend as much time with them as he can while remaining by his superior’s side

* Link likes to watch them work when he has time- often times, he’d stand on the sidelines and just watch them hustle about

* Both of them berate each other for working too hard and staying up too late

* Putting blankets on the other’s shoulders whenever they catch them sleeping on their work desk

* s/o brings Link the meals he missed like 99% of the time

* Link borrows the kitchen from Jeryy sometimes to teach them how to bake

* Allen and Lavi are still in disbelief like are you sure s/o isn’t hypnotized or something-

* Them spending time with each other and Link genuinely laughing at all the mess-ups, mishaps, and misadventures of his s/o’s division

* Sometimes Link questions his moral compass and his actions so s/o would be up at 3 am with tea in their hand, listening to him doubt himself and reassuring him that he is a nice person, etc

* Link brings his paperwork into their office sometimes just so they can be close while they do their work.

* regardless though, everyone ships them, even the janitor ships them

* they take the brunt for most of the teasing in the Order- sometimes, s/o’s division would even go out of their way to make Link jealous just because it’s fun

* he falls for it 50% of them time

* s/o kissing his forehead for good charm before he has to depart for an extended period of time

* guess who was devastated asf when news of Link’s death came around ( s/o was inconsolable  holy shit- )

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i know youre on hiatus rn but today i finished reading forest for the uhhh 4th time i think and its always so nice and helped me get through my day at school so i wanted to say thanks!! and i hope that your finals can go well and that your day can be really nice!!!

oli i saw this while i was in the thick of a stress haze and it made me so happy wtf. school is so (so so so so so) stressful and im glad that this fic is able to help in any way possible hhhh!!

thank you so much <3!!!