Truly sorry.

*Black woman wears natural hair*
Black men: “Black girls are so bald headed. Their hair is so nappy and unmanageable. That’s why I stick to white/Latina/Asian women.”
*Black woman wears weave*
Black men: “Why do black girls wear so much weave? Why don’t they just be humble and embrace their roots. That’s why I stick to white/Latina/Asian girls. They don’t need weave.”

Why are ppl having a go at Dan bc he didn’t get the Pinof 1 reference from last nights show? what did you expect? The guy has just come off stage, is emotional, tired, and thinks what a nice thing it was that just happened.. no wonder his mind didn’t immediatley leap back several years to that moment, to us yes its more of a big deal but to him, he has done so much since no wonder he didn’t realise, not unitl he had sat down and thought about it.. then it clicked. And he gets hate for that? wow.. some of you really need to chill out.

I love how in pokemon contests not only the coordinator gets a ribbon but the pokemon does too

because they work just as hard

and deserve it just as much

and it’s super cute too!!

It’s hard to choose between your head and your heart; because it’s when you choose your head that you’ll have the most regrets. But when you choose your heart you know that maybe it wasn’t the best decision but it made you happy, and at the end of the day, is there anything more important?
—  A Story By Me