you are what love meant when i missed you the most.

oh baby im just letting you know that i want you, inside and out. you are jagged lines and twisted edges and god i cant figure you out. you stood over me and watched me bleed.

you follow me to school (you actually walk with me but i hate to think of it that way) and give me tomatoes from your grandmas garden. you ask me to throw them at you, you want to be painted red. you choose red because its the colour of your blood, not the colour of your soul.

moldy peaches, sunflower faces, im walking down the street when i see you. you remind me of small yawns and pigtails, did i ever tell you that? i dont want to get better. i want to spend all my time with you.

baby blue, where are you? what happened to the light i saw in you?


yen name series


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fave wentzley interviews?

these r essentially all the wentzley interviews i can think of i hope u enjoy the shit out of all of them this ones basically just andy n pete giving fun facts abt fob and themselves i cant actually remember what happens in this interview but they look good & its wentzley so this ones just pete n andy talking about their thoughts on the hiatus n stuff good stuff good stuff andy & pete talking about their fav musics n stuff!! its great whispers this is another one im not exactly sure what happens in it but they did it right after they came off hiatus n yeah this ones an interview they did this year around the superbowl & they talk about how they wish they wrote some katy perry songs andy only talks at the end of this one but he still look angelic and they r together so ye andy n pete answering some general questions & also some fan questions 2gether! this is a three part series of interviews they did 2gether in australia where they talk about the band, touring n other stuff in general interview they did at reading talking about like festivals n stuff ((i kind of skimmed this one rn bc i dont remember it very well)) I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE…this is literally my fav wentzley interview bc like its just. so good trust me on that but andy gets distracted by fuckign geese and like stops the interview to bring attention to the geese and its so cute i

i just give up reading fics with sousuke in them so aka basically all free fics. the things people make sousuke do in fic is just so ooc and like actually BAD i cant stand it ahaha like im chill with a bit oocness but come on theres a thin line between ok and NO

I am Danneil John. Right now, i just want to die. I want to move to a far far away place out of people who knows me who needs me coz i don’t give a fuck to them because all i know they are just using me. Well, my life sucks really, i want to kill someone right now right here and right there, its just asdfghjkl and irritating, frustrating, stressful life i had ever and i don’t deserve this kind of shit ya know. I just want to restart again in Life really but its just the impossible, all i want is the impossible and people dont give a damn on impossible things because they dont know how to aim high and know their limits in life like wtf are you living for, well i dont know what to say or what or what im just so irritated on anything so tired of everything, well i’m 18 right now and i suffered 18 years of my life and no one ever understand me really no one gives a fuck and people even my family is using me and i feel so dumb for letting them i feel so stupid that i can just back out and move out on anything and everything i just cant decide this moment if i wanted to die or just run away but this isnt america like u can just go and drive out all away from home its the philippines yow, the fucking rusty place i don’t want ever to live in and i never ever belong to this society, i don’t know what else to say im just so fucked up and im tired of everything that i don’t deserve im tired of anything i don;t intend to do , im tired of everything, i gave all and obey my parents i never ever did something bad to make them hate me but still they treat me like shit. I dont know where would this typing will take me, i am currently so bored and angry and sad and looney and ugh. Its 9pm now and my life sucks still and will be continuing until tomorrow and the next day, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries. I don;t really care about other people’s life coz we don’t walk on the same path our selves are different, everything is not the same even we suffer in same situation but life is hard, you can;t just decide wether to be happy well im never happy at all i was chained to my fucking family for long, i havent enjoyed my teenage life, i havent experienced many stuffs at all and im so jealous of those people who can do what they want well you know i can do what i want but im just so fucking pity on this people i live in now coz they dont know shit they cant stand on their own feet even you will say people have flaws but this shit is too much too much for grown people i dont care if its not in the age of about how mature u are but look u spent and live so long than me and you cant even stand on ur own feet and cant tell ur mistakes and cant even see how much someone sacrifice and did to you!!! Like what the hell! I wish i just die in an instant but wishes don’t come true unless if u had an accident rn or u commited suicide but i dont like thinking about suicide its for cowards people who are lose on their own emotions drowned in pain and everything coz naturally noone or everyone can never understand each others, life is a movie you can never see and tell what in the characters mind, life is not a book there are chapters but same stories. I AM JUST REALLY TIRED AT ALL AND I HATE EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE, I AM SO FUCKING DUMB FOR BEING TOO MUCH NICE TO PEOPLE AND EVEN I CAN TELL THEY ARE USING ME I AM STILL HAVING A BLIND EYE ON IT. FUCK EVERYTHING! FUCK EVERYBODY! FUCK MY LIFE AND ALL! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW I JUST CANT CRY OR WHAT I DONT HAVE SOME FRIENDS TO TALK TO AND I JUST CANT DO ANYTHING.LIFE SUCKS WITHOUT SCHOOL. NO FRIENDS, NO FUN AT ALL.

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I really wanna breed geckos when Im older but Im nervous I wont be taken seriously and anyone that meets me will avoid me because Im trans/gay but knowing a breeder I look up to a lot is trans gives me a lot of hope for my future thank u so much!

I can’t even begin to say how sweet this is. Don’t let people tear you down because of who you are, it is hard at times and I can be really reclusive at expos because of it but…. the fact is most people don’t care they are just there for the reptiles. Which helps me a bit but of course theres still ones there who cant keep their ugly black heart hidden. You just gotta give them the middle finger (mentally, mind the children) and keep your head high. If you need I help you hold your head up. I WILL SUPPORT YOU WHEN YOU BREED. As long as of course you treat your animals well, thats all I care about. I am sorry im not too good at wording things sometimes but I hope this comes off as supporting!

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Wjat do you do if you have so muxh pain and even self harm doesn't help? My parents wpuld be better kff without me since all I do is cause them problems. All they ever say is "if either one of us die of a heart attack just know its all on you".

The pain does get better. and parents dont understand what we are going through.. some parents dont even know how to be parents so dont you dare fucking listen to them.. yes some days the pain is so unbearable that you feel like giving up. but you cant thats the hard thing. ypu have to really try as hard as you can if you want to getbetter.

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You know, I bet if donghyun goes home to find everyone got turned into babies, the first thing he'd do is cuddle baby!minwoo and forget about the rest (until baby!jeongmin starts shrieking for attention)

donghyUN JUST WALKS IN THE HOUSE…nods in acceptance and mumbles to himself “so the time finally came…” he picks up baby minwoo into his arms gives him little kisses, EVEN BABY JEONGMIN YEAH…..BABY JEONGMIN JUST WOULD NOT THAT HAPPEN EVEN SO CLOSE TO INFANCY … 

OF COURSE …. he cant tell the twins apart and they grow back up thinking one is the other one … those poor lil babs…

AND DONGHYUN JUST NEVER KNOWS WHERE BABY HYUNSEONG IS?? EVER?? ITS A MIRACLE HE WILL SURVIVE…. donghyun will just count four of them and be like WELL I GUESS THATS ALL OF EM….meanwhile baby hyunseong is chilling out in the laundry hamper waiting for someone to find him, DOESNT CRY MUCH WHICH MAKES IT EVEN HARDER TO FIGURE OUT WHERE HES AT…

thank you for all u do donghyun,….i mean it…..

Brashton rant - okay so people need to stop with the hate towards them. Cant u see how happy they are. Don’t u want him to be happy. She actual flew all the way to Sydney from la just to see him. And tbh they deserve each other. And if u don’t agree with people that ship it then don’t give hate towards them that just makes u an awful person. For example I have recently gotten hate and been told to get a life because i commented on her picture. If Ur telling people to get a life then u obiviosly you need to get a life. And another thing she is beautiful and amazing person and makes Ashton the happiest person in the world. He makes me happy so of course I want him to be happy and if he’s happy with her then so be it. I think they are amazing considering they have keep this a secret since last October and the fact that they feel they need to keep that way just blows my mind, it just shows that Ashton doesn’t think we are ready because she is getting so much hate. People are complaing and think its funny which it is not. And the last thing that I don’t get is why can have sex and show up with a hickey and we are perfectly fine and can handle it but some us can’t handle Ashton being in a relationship instead of a drunk one night stand that calum could’ve had…I just don’t get it…anyways sorry just needed to rant… THEY ARE ADORABLE AF OMF by grungelashton

Thank you for reading the job I have. Here’s the novel idea. In your job proposal, please make sure to attach samples of work, as well as the words ‘I HAVE READ THIS PAGE’.

Character One is this shy boy that gets nervous over everything and is just bullied a lot and Character Two is this punk girl that takes no shit and somehow they fall in love and she saves him from all the bullying and he is so happy and so proud and she kisses him hard in the hallways and he gets so red because i cant have a boner here please dont do this. He leaves her notes and she gives him flowers some times cause he is soft as fuck and he doesn’t mind cause he loves them and keeps them all saved and he is like fuck this is how it feels to get swoon of my feet

Everything is going to be okay

just one year okay just one year and thats all it will take!! your parents are always blaming me for everything bad in your life but THEYRE the ones who cause your reactions, not me. its them who are saying you cant go to college, i never ever kept you from going to college. its them who yell at you when youre depressed. im just trying to give you the care you need because no one else is giving it to you. its when they try to stop you from being with me that you break down, not the actual act of being with me so i dont know why i should take the blame!!! just one more year and they cant have any more influence over you!! 

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im in the same boat as you, i dont understand why, but i think its because this is a time for the lgbtq+ community to celebrate and be proud, and we need to give them their time and their glory? its like with the black out and stuff, they deserve their time to be proud and happy. dont know why we cant show our support for them though.

I understand. I think we are all proud though. Tumblr just gets so angsty sometimes, I’ve only seen negative stuff here so I had to say something. It just sucks. I tend to stay out of social justice opinions on here but this one hits too close to home.

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I LOVE CAKES IM GOING TO GIVE YOU MY FAVOURITE ONES; red velvet cake, chocolate cake, blackforest cakes, strawberry cakes, vanilla cakes, butterscotch cakes idk, anything just answer all of them

Woman did you even read the cakes
Blackforest, Vanilla and butterscotch aren’t even there xD

Red Velvet: Straight

Chocolate: I was looking through my tag on your blog TRYING TO FIND THE AESTHETIC THING YOU GAVE ME BUT I CANT FIND IT SO my aesthetic shall be memes

Strawberry: Armin is a cinnamon roll too pure for this world

Cheesecake (butter, cheese, same thing) : I started listening to Avenged Sevenfold and HAIL TO THE KING YES WHAT AN INTRO LIKE DAMN

Thankssss :))

Send me cakes

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what is the one thing he regrets the most? how often does he put on a front, if at all?

&&. i just made a dumb little HOO-HOOOO noise when i saw this ask thank u anon.

there are. a countless amount of things that he regrets. i cant name all of them on two hands. but, honestly, his greatest regret is not being able to save kirkwall? because even though he really did not give a shit about the city at first, it began to kind of like? it wasn’t lothering. it wasn’t home. but the people he considered his family were in it. they made it home in the sense that people can be home. and after everything went to hell, they basically just all kinda scattered to the wind? like. the dumb little family he built had to be split up because a goddamn holy war was brewing, and it was, partially, his fault. he regrets that much.

putting on a front? all the time. laughing is easier than showing sorrow, anger better than fear. it’s easier to tell people what they want to hear than for them to hear the truth.

thanks for the question, anon !

another bad dream am i really surprised anymore

i dont remember what happened in the beginning but i ended up outside and there was a lot a lot of bugs. a bee stung me in the back of the neck but it hurt like WAY more than usual and i had to manually pull out the stinger which was for some reason the size of a knife. i cant remember what i did after that but eventually i went back inside and was on my computer and noticed i had literally no contacts on skype. i checked my tumlr and it was just full of asks like “why are you such a useless creature” and “you should just give up before you go too far” and i started crying really hard because i lost every single one of my friends literally all of them i had no friends

Everyone jumping up and down that gay marriage is now legal nation wide. Cool. But I honestly could not give less of a shit. What matters to me is the fact there were about 6 ISIS attacks the same day, and none of them were recognized. People died. Some were just sitting at a beach and were shot dead. And you are all giddy that someone can get married when people in my country cant get married anyway because they are shot dead. If not them, the one they were getting ready to marry just got shot and killed, their babies, blown up, their families, don’t exist anymore….I don’t care about homosexuals or what they do. Bite me.

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cant stop thinking about kaidan being the best dad and shepard being the worst-best mom (she was an orphan she doesnt have any background knowledge cut her some slack) and like kaidan taking the baby shopping so shepard can go give the alliance advice and kaidan does all the cooking and stuff at home and the baby falling asleep on his chest while he tries to comfort her when she woke up crying in the middle of the night and shepard just watching them because of all the directions she expected her life to go this was not one of them but she wouldnt have it any other way

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are you sure it would be hina or kags though? I mean it certainly would have a huge impact, but maybe even.. too much? idk, i feel like it would be kags if it were one of them, but i'm sure it could really affect everyone if someone else was injured badly too (kinda like in knb??)

well of course i cant be sure haha but hina and kags are both so devoted that if furudate wanted to take a darker sort of turn it would definitely be easiest to even just give one of them a sprain or something. idk i mean we already had daichi get injured and given how important kags and hina are to the team i cant imagine nothing will ever happen to them, especially if they practice all the time for nationals or w/e cause we all know how well that worked out for oikawa