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Hey, this is a legitimate question I have about Islam and mostly the hijab(? I know there are different things people wear but I /think/ this is the one you wear? I dont know your selfie tag so I cant check) When you wear the hijab do you need to wear it around your home, or only in public?

hi! aaah well ofz when im in public most of the time i wear them heee. i rarely (if never) wear it at home tho. i cant be bothered to wear a bra when im at home let alone my hijab hehe.

actually the matter isnt place, but rather the type of people youre being around with. when i was in school, i learned tht hijabs are advised to be worn around men that arent your bloodrelated father on brother. my aunt willingly does this eventho shes at her own home when ppl drop by. my 2 grandmas willingly do this as well even when theres no one at home at all ahah they said theyre used to it and it makes them comfortable n safe when i asked once.

so since im opening up and making myself comfortable with hijab, if i go to somewhere far or to an event n whatnot, then yes i wear the hijab. if im going to the nearby shop, then no ill just tie my hair.

same for house situations too. like rn my ears are free to feel the breeze but in a few hours my family is hosting a parting event this evening - one that involves ppl coming by, prayers, and even a yaseen recital - so ofz i will wear the hijab.

eheh i hope this helps anon!

I don't wonna go back outside...

… I have to go to the bank coz I have my bloody MOT tomorrow.

So. No car. I have to bus it to work. 3 buses to work. 3 buses home.

But I feel so horrid that I can’t be arsed to move my backside off this chair and go to the bank.

I also have to wash up. And I don’t wonna do that.

And Poppy has yet to call me back.