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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?


Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly - Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur cover) in the Live Lounge

i have this feeling that Moonbin gives the best hugs. he just seems like the bear huger type. like when he sees you he just starts smiling from ear to year, small crinkles forming near his eyes as they show you how happy he is to see you. then he just opens his arms wide, welcoming you to hug him. as you do so, his one arm wraps itself around your whole back. the other one sets on the back of your head and Moonbin drops his head near your shoulder, nuzzling his nose into your neck… and you just stand there in his embrace, never wanting to move because it’s so warm and welcoming i’m so sorry i’m a mess

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>penny, with her newborn child in her arms:</b> simon isn't this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen?<p/><b>simon, thinking about the time baz conducted simons magic with the help of his own and spoke a nursery rhyme so powerful it banished a dragon:</b> uuhhh..... it's definitely up there<p/></p><p/></p>
I know I shouldn’t be thinking about you. You’re off limits. You’re forbidden territory. But I can’t stop. They life we could have. The memories we could make. How happy we could be.
—  You’re my secret love that I’ll never have.

a cold day in a warm climate
a mix for the students of enfield tennis academy

1. “king of the beach” // wavves 2. “is this it” // the strokes 3. “a day without me” // U2 4. “rock the casbah” // the clash 5. “the reeling” // passion pit 6. “the fear” // ben howard 7. “i don’t want love” // the antlers 8. “comeback kid” // sleigh bells 9. “sabotage” // beastie boys 10. “sleepyhead/kids” // mgmt/passion pit 11. “how it starts” // the features 12. “on melancholy hill” // gorillaz 13. “shape shifter” // local natives 14. “a rush of blood to the head" // coldplay 15. “the card cheat” // the clash 16. “high and dry” // radiohead 17. “mt. washington” // local natives 18. “swimmer” // caroline 19. “blue ridge mountains" // fleet foxes 20. “talk” // coldplay

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