cant with how cute she is in a hat

Doing some of @skull-imagines OW requests. This one stuck out as adorable so don’t mind if I do


  • When his daughter says that to him it literally makes his heart melt
  • Part of him doesn’t want to explain marriage because of how damn cute she looked
  • He will eventually tell her that she cant marry her Papa
  • But he will plop his hat on her head. Give her a head pat and tell her that he’ll always be there for her


  • Her youthful innocence makes him so happy
  • He will explain marriage to her
  • Even after she will go on about marrying him
  • He decides it is best to just give up for now and enjoy the cuteness


  • He legit gets slightly flustered
  • He was not ready for that punch of cuteness
  • He’ll explain as simply as he can.
  • But in the end he might have to wait till she gets a little older


  • Happy gasp!
  • He is gonna go along with it for a while
  • Your face when you told him that made his heart explode a little
  • He plans to explain sooner then later but you are just so cute!

This day was unreal! She is the nicest human ever to exist i swear to god omgggg she legit stayed for all the fans and signed almost everything, she talked to us and smiled and just i cant even explain how nice and down to earth this cute fucker is! I called her beautiful and she was like awwww thank you ur beautiful too and so like alycia called me beautiful and now im gonna die becuz she also had my hat in her hand and signed it and had it for a while becuz she didnt know where i was and im dying, in the pic she grabbed the phone to take a group selfie but i still got one with her and she had even adjusted herself and moved me because she said “there is no good lighting here” and i told her its okay we gon look cute anyways and i made her laugh and im dead