cant wait until next year!

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i think they're just teasers, since they said this drama thing would continue throughout next year also

anon: The project “Love yourself” is continuing all throughout next year. Well, Big Hit said that. So they’ll probably have mini episodes but then again Big Hit also said it wasn’t a drama… So I’m not sure what is it.

i cant believe we have to wait until next year to find out what all that meant


san japan this year was so fun!!! i got to hang out with my friends, went to this super fun dangan ronpa panel, and my art senpai @missjamiekaye liked my blue diamond cosplay (squeals)!!! cant wait until next year!!

my lineup!:
friday: junko enoshima (with my twin sister @decentpizza as mukuro ikusaba)
saturday: blue diamond
sunday: nyo!prussia



It was SO MUCH FUN but also stressful. I got to spend all weekend with baes and books, so it was basically like living the dream.

My highlight is definitely meeting Richelle Mead and having Leigh Bardugo recognize me from my blog. Im 90% sure i ascended to heaven during that experience (”are you buttermybooks?” “THATS BUTTERMYBOOKS”)

Also super loved eating good food with good people. I finally got to meet @the-amazing-bookshelf and see his Six of Crows drawing in person *cries forever* The only thing that would have made this weekend better was if @rainydayscoffeeandbooks had been there. OH AND I GOT LOTS OF STUFF FOR MY NEXT GIVEAWAY.

I cant wait until next year <3

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