cant wait until it gets here!!!!

  • “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

studyspo moodboard: rainy days in  ✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・

Shiro/Matt Fic Recs

Cardboard Castles by Agapostemon   // 35k (series, WIP)

A Very Original Modern AUTM. Mostly Shiro-centric. Lots of fluff (mostly platonic). Lots of mental illness feels. Lots of suffering, but always happy endings.

Keith has BPD. Shiro and Matt have PTSD. Lots of Broganes. A bunch of dorky engineers being dorky. Eventual Klance. Slow burn Shiro/Matt. Like… really, really slow. Like nine years worth of slow.

ok,,, this is like my fave series ever,,, shatt is in it but not a huge part of it (in the last fic it is) but its so goOD 

take my hand, take my whole life too by AlwaysRain // 32.5k (multi-chapter; WIP)

“Matt… can you not remember?”

Shiro can hear his own heartbeat in the long silence that follows. It seems like Matt isn’t going to answer, but then he does- so quietly that Shiro can barely hear his voice rasping with disuse.

“… I don’t know where I am.”

Pure angst and i love it. theres aftermath of torture and future butt stuff so u are warned

Like Rubidium and Water by firepaladins // 6.8k (one shot)

“Hey, have you ever seen what happens when you put rubidium in water?” 

SOME GOOD OLD SCHOOL AU where shiro is a jock and matt is a mad scientist, aka he likes blowing shit up.

thats some gay shit by solllys // 16.6k (multi-chapter)

pidge: lance is a harlot
pidge: but he’s our harlot and we love him
lance: i cant believe youre calling me a slut
keithkogay: when the shoe fits
lance: go away emo hermit
keithkogay: no im taking you to walmart get down here you fucking twink

THIS IS SO FUNNY i love text based fics, but this is mostly klance but shatt is in it and its cuter than a baby with a puppy. as u can read from the description, bad words are used ALOT u have been warned

Pardon Me byeso (cazzy) // 2.7k (oneshot)

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”

“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

YALL…. pining shiro is great this fic is so sweet and short but i still love it

Love and Other Questions by squirenonny // 43.3k (multichapter; WIP)

One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)]

im crying,,, this is angsty as heck and is sad but its so good,,,, pls read it. klance is also in this

Holy Shattrimonyby Ikira // 14k (Series; WIP)

Shiro just thought that he was helping Matt out, keeping him safe while they were prisoners, making sure he had enough to eat, that kind of thing. The other alien prisoners, however, see it in a slightly different light. Congrats, Matt and Shiro, you officially just got space-hitched!

this is also a really good series and just… matt and shiro get space married and cute things. smut in the last part of the last fic and skippable

The Trials and Tribulations of Matthew Holt by herekittie // 15k (multi-chapter)

“Takashi Shirogane is my pilot,” he said, voice flat and monotone. “Takashi Shirogane is my pilot, Katie. Takashi Shirogane.”


As if someone had flipped a switch, Matt freaked out in a burst of emotion, nearly knocking his head into Katie’s nose when he turned. “Takashi Shirogane, Katie. The Garrison darling! He holds all the records! All of them! Fastest stimulation time, youngest instructor, most liked instructor, and. And.” He looked down at his phone again.

“Right,” Katie said, drawing the word out. “Your crush.”

“Yes,” Matt replied. “My crush.”

A 5+1 thing that started as ‘times Samuel Holt interrupted Matt and Shiro’ but eventually became 'times Matt falls in love with Shiro’

god i love sam holt as much as he loves his peas,,,,, but dang this is cute and i can RELATE TO MATT LOL

ill be adding more to my list if i have time but!!! these are my current fave shatt fics (that i could pull outta my ass in like 10 minutes) but i always want more to read and add to my list!!! 


Fanart October!

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m here to let you guys know that for this month until Halloween, I’m going to be doing something a little different <3 I’m going to try to do fanart/fancomics for the fanarts I’ve gotten! So for example, if you drew a fanart of Garrett and Dario being high school students, then I will draw a fanart or a comic out of that idea! <3 Just an appreciation for all the fanarts/fancomics I’ve gotten and been wanting to respond to with a drawing, so thank you so much! As always, feel free to send more to my main blog: ! I will do my best to do as many as I can before Halloween <3 Thank you again!

“Broken” (Chapter Twelve)

Holla for some NSFW between Cap and Clint, and some sweet moments between Tony and Bucky. Cant wait to hear what you guys think about everything!




“You boys decent?” Clint knocked on their door once before just opening it and sticking his head in. “Hey. You guys are wearing clothes right?”

“Clint. I swear to god. If you don’t let me sleep–” Steve flipped his wings up, hiding his own face and half of Bucky from view. “We didn’t get home until three am.”

“I can’t help that you and Widow decided to go frolic in Russia, but–”

“It was a mission, Clint. Must be nice to not be necessary on every single mission but I–”

“Both of you shut up.” Bucky groaned and rolled out of Steve’s bed, and stepped to the other one, collapsing face down in the pillows.

“What’s with big and cranky?” Clint frowned and wadded up a piece of paper from the desk, throwing it at him. “Not only is it one in the afternoon but I’m just messing with–”

Shut up!” Bucky snapped, and this time his wings flared, leaving nick marks on the wall, slices in the bed covers.

Clint and Steve exchanged a concerned look. “Hey baby.” Clint sat down on Bucky’s bed, running a gentle hand up the big Omega’s back. “Hey, we are just messing around. But you are feeling warm. Are you alright?”

“Feel weird today.” Bucky grumbled, and Clint raised an eyebrow.

“Well.” he shot a glance at Steve. “I know a sure fire way to keep your mind off it. What say we sneak up to Tony’s shower and you know–” he wiggled his eyebrows. “-spend some time getting clean.”

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NCT U ~ When You’re Scared Of The Dark

Request: Could you do an NCT reaction (any subunit) to their s/o being scared of the dark and panicky at night? Thanks loves!

Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m here.” – an actual angel and will take care of you, making sure you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Originally posted by nctinfo

“Is there anything I can do to ease you, baby?” – Cuddles? Hot Chocolate? Night Lights? Don’t worry! This little sweetheart has it all sorted.

Originally posted by neotechs

“Don’t worry, beautiful - I’ve got it all under control.” - Taeil will probably hunt fairy lights from somewhere, if he cant find any he’s going to take a trip to the store and make sure to find you some. He doesn’t want you scared of the dark.

Originally posted by taesyong

“Lets get you a flash light… and some cuddles - to keep you safe.” He wouldn’t really know much on what to do so he’s going to ask his hyungs what would be the best option in this situation, bad idea. So he just resorts to warm milk, dimmed lights and cuddling you until you fall asleep.

Originally posted by nctyonq

“I’m not scared of the dark, you are. – wait. we both are…” Yeah you’re pretty much doomed here, this little bundle of love is scared of pretty much anything so you’ll probably be comforting him more than he’s comforting you.

Originally posted by nctaezen

“Do you want any snacks? how about a flashlight? you want to build a pillow fort and put some lights in there?” – Jaehyun is high-key concerned about this, so he’ll do anything to keep you feeling comfortable. What a keeper.

Originally posted by kaepop-trash

anonymous asked:

Well, if it's alright. How about when alpha Hanzo, alpha Genji, alpha soldier 76 and reaper with a pregnant omega? (Separately of course) thanks!

If your on the app and can’t read the read more you can type in abo-watch.tumblr to get into the read mores, this works for every blog.

This post is kinda long so after Hanzo its under a read more


-Get ready for a clingy alpha ma’ dudes

-Once he knows you’re pregnant he’s gonna swoop you off your feet and off to somewhere safe

-he’ll end up taking you wherever you want to be, wherever you feel most comfortable (so home lol)

-He’ll move into wherever your safe spot is (if hes not already moved in I mean)

-Will totally give you every piece of clothing he has for you to nest in, to help get his scent all over you and help you relax.

-he WILL NOT go on a mission until the pup is about 2 or 3 years old, unless he absolutely has to.

-He’ll start a garden outside and an herb garden inside, everything you eat he will hand grow and prepare.

-That won’t stop him from making food runs to the store to get you junk food when you crave it.

-Gives you foot massages and reads parenting books while you sleep.

-All the books are how to raise each different dynamic Female-Alpha/Beta/Omega Male-/Alpha/Beta/Omega.

-When he can’t sleep he’ll prepare a cold lunch for the next day or just lay there and scent you while you sleep.

-Hes so happy that he gets to be a father, he just lays there while you sleep, holding you as close as he can taking in your scent while his hand(s) run over your belly. He’ll talk to the pup in Japanese (its never to early to teach your kids multiple languages)

-He’ll also kiss and cuddle your belly the bigger it gets.

-He will be the proudest father ever, the first time he sees his baby he starts happy crying.

-The first time he holds his baby, the chaos of his life is just noise in the background being muffled out by how adorable the pup is.

-Hand makes a bow for them as they grow and mounts the old ones next to his

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okay, not gonna get into analysis mode just yet (i need to collect myself) but jaha “seeing” wells when he looks at jasper is so fucking important to me. there is so much history in this single shot. not only that, but it literally brings back so many memories, because wells’s reflection is from the exact same scene in 2x02 where jaha hallucinated his son on the ark (before he gets down to earth with the missile) and wells told his father that he can choose to live.

so, the interplay between jaha’s decisions and how they are connected to his son but also the boy who wants to stay in arkadia (jasper), live it up until the death wave comes and not follow him into that bunker are pretty damn significant for all characters involved.

‘You should be nice to me...its my birthday.’

A Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Type: Heavy smut.

A/N: Just a smutty drabble for T.O.P’s birthday- Happy Birthday Old man! :D Enjoy!

Inspired by this image:

‘What are you doing?’

You cant help but bite your lip as you hide behind his phone, angling it up slightly to get the right frame and pressing the button to take a picture, proceeding to tap the little circle a few more times as you grin to yourself, and completely forgetting he’d even asked you a question.


Your heart is racing in your chest at just how beautiful he was; the way the light bounced perfectly off of his cheekbones, the way his eyes glistened in the room’s mood lighting, the way his lips were curling up in a smirk as he watched you through the screen of your phone.

‘…Are you taking pictures of me again?’ 

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ep. 05x13
hanna is in alisons basement and found that letter Bethany wrote to ali.
it says:

‘Dear Alison, 
Is it labor day yet? I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have something to look forward to. I’ve been biding my time with art. I found a sketchbook in the art box last week, and I’m just a few pages shy of filling it.
I’m counting the days until I can get out of here. Did you tell your friends I’m coming? I cant wait to meet them. I just want to feel like a normal person again.
Did I already thank for the clothes in my last letter? If not, thank you times a million. Yellow is my favorite color.
Can’t wait to see you
- Bethany’

Alison invited Bethany over on ‘that night’. she even gave her clothes as a present. something in yellow!!! most likely the yellow top. and idk but bethany seems so innocent and nothing like a crazy bitch. just like she said, she just wants to feel like a normal person again. 
she was used by alison and i think because of her look. so i guess she looked like alison. alison MUST have planned ‘that night’, her disappearance and maybe even predicted her own death and thats why she called beth over and gave her clothes as a present that she also wore that night, so beth would get killed instead of her. 

i have so much in my mind that i cannot put into words. i hope that you can do more with it because i think it is reeealllyy important. the whole episode actually is important. 

I was thinking that maybe I could do kind of unoutlined style with Copic markers and here is the result

I feel like I have 4 leafed clovers sprouting under my bed, because I’ve been experimenting with new stuff, and every time I finish wanting to do more, and not having to fight a battle against frustration until I finally get something I like

Not arting for a while might have had a good effect, maybe I needed a break and wasn’t just being lazy? Probably it’s more of a combination of the two
Anyway, cant wait to wake up tomorrow and try something like this again, Copic markers, e ready!

Voltron Characters as Shit I've Said/Done pt. 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Shiro: I may look tough, but I’m actually really soft.

Keith: He may not real, but my love for him is.

Lance: I put my face mask on like 2 minutes ago. If you think I’m going out right now, you’re crazier than I am.

Hunk: I was supposed to make something to eat, but I ended up stress cleaning instead.

Pidge: I’ve been on the computer for 5 hours. What have I done? Absolutely nothing.

Matt: Is it bad that I have the first 15 minutes of The Bee Movie memorized?

Allura: I may look like I have everything under control, but if something messes up my flow, I’m going to cry.

Coran: I wish I knew what y'all were talking about, but I’m sure I don’t want to.

Lotor: Some might say I have a “power problem,” I’m just here to say that those rumors are right.

Zethrid: *Carrying someone bridal style.* You’re so light.

Acxa: I look intimidating? Wait until you get to know me, you’ll know intimidation by then.

Narti: *Went to someone’s house and only pet their cat while there. Then left wanting only to pet the cat again*

Ezor: *Laughed while watching a graphic death scene in an action movie.* I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but I cant help it.

anonymous asked:

My ex and I are best friends. It's 3 years since we've dated. For the past three months there's been tension. So we started sexting. Tellinghim I would suck his dick,ride him like crazy and even losing my vcard to him. It wasn't until last month I went over his place and got horny af that we grinded so hard he came. And now every week he comes over after work where we get food and find a dark spot so he can get an hj &grind each other in the car. Cant wait to be on top of him tonight.

anonymous asked:

Ahh I really like your blog >_< could I request chobobros with an idol s/o? Like one who has a cutsy song and fashion style like love live or even idolm@ster for example?

A/N: Idols are my jam! I’m still waiting for the Utapri one to come out lmao. I went a little broader and decided to cover the other aspects of being an idol

Chocobros with a Idol!S/O:


  • Doesn’t really let it bother him, as he’s always been the center of attention, what with being the King’s son and all
  • But he’s always supportive of their S/O to the point where he visits them at every concert with roses in hand.
  • He’s become a common sight backstage to the point where the other singers and dancers are comfortable talking to him like they’re all friends
  • ‘Oh hey Noct, Y/N’s just about done grilling us, give her a sec.’ ‘You want anything? Water, Ebony, toast?’ ‘Yo Prince, we have some new costumes in, wanna see?’
  • He thinks his S/O looks great in everything but trust me when I say the Punk Rock outfits make his jaw drop a bit
  • S/O probably wrote a bunch of pop songs about him and sings them often during her concerts wearing the punk rock outfits that are actually vaguely his old clothes but modded
  • One time he ended up forced onto the stage by the crew and they played out this whole impromptu scene where his S/O is so shocked about the Prince being a fan of hers and gives him a kiss in front of the audience.
  • Needless to say, the rumor mill starts speeding at the speed of sound
  • Totally into rock and punk music


  • He probably was your fan before he even knew that you doubled as an idol (*insert hannah montana jokes here*)
  • He’s super excited when he finds out
  • He helps you with ideas for themes for the costumes and songs, always complimenting you on everything you wear
  • But be warned: never show him a June bride themed outfit
  • This chocoboy will cry because omg you look so beautiful i cant wait until we get married for real i MEAN UH YOU LOOK GREAT BABE
  • Dorky boy would help with training to build stamina and stuff, he’d offer to take you jogging with him in the morning
  • Has a thing for the June bride outfit and also the super cute animal themed one, especially if its a chocobo-themed one (something *kinda* like what Chocolina wears) or a dog theme
  • I expect a lot of love ballads written about him, will totally help you practice anything with super upbeat music too


  • Doesn’t mind. He’s not one to really follow celebrities too much.
  • He’s still just as supportive as the others
  • Often ends up being dragged into seeing his S/O model her costumes (not that he complains, especially if they’re feeling frisky *shot*)
  • Being the King’s Shield, he wont have too much time to see the concerts but he’ll go as much as he can
  • He’s really into the fast-paced pop songs that you can work out to.
  • Really into helping you get that stamina training up. He’s not too great at the musical part because he cant hit any of the high notes past maybe a high d (which is still kinda deep thanks to his voice)
  • Huge supporter of any animal themed outfits, also anything that shows off a lot of skin.
  • Don’t ever mention a cup noodle one. Ever.
  • Totally into Rock and Roll, but also enjoys it when you sing quiet stuff that’s easy to read to.


  • Knew from the start. He had to, its his job
  • Is super helpful with costumes and singing lessons, often helping you put more extravagant touches than you thought would be needed but then you realize ‘holy shit i DID need that lace border on the bodice Ignis you’re a genius’
  • Not to mention he’s pretty strict about training sessions
  • He knows how to maintain his composure throughout training and when handling the media.
  • He’s always doing his best to see most of your concerts, with him bringing you flowers for after to congratulate you on a job well done
  • His favorite costume? He likes the june bride theme but he’s also quite taken to any elegant styles, like the ones that end in trains for the skirts
  • He’s all about those power ballads and likes listening to any instrumentals of your music.

- Mod Tissa

April 13, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

HAPPY 4/13!!!!!

its been 8 years since homestuck started. 8 years on this wild ride. All the beta kids are officially 21 years old. And hiveswap is coming along well!!!

if you havent seen the trailer, go watch it!! it looks amazing and i love xefros even more now. The animations and the music and the humor all look incredible and I cant wait for the next update bc well get a real release date next news update.

unfortunately, that means that were still here. counting down the days until hiveswap is released.

I hope everyone had a great 4/13. It was nice to see homestuck trending again and for the homestuck fandom to come together in unison to celebrate the anniversary despite homestuck being over. Its good to know that no matter how much we stray from the daily homestuck routine we once knew, and find new fandoms, we all come back together to celebrate on 4/13 because homestuck changed so many of our lives.

Happy 4/13, merry christmas, happy birthday (john + jane) god bless and good night. Enjoy the last few hours of 4/13/17 (year 1 A.H.)

It has been (-104) days since “January 2017”.

Today is 4/13.


farawaystardust  asked:


so this is directly related to this list of angsty headcanons (self harm tw on that btw) hopefully this makes enough sense without reading that first list if u dont want to but here it is so 

  • Will doesnt sleep well most nights due to his anxiety but he cant justify waiting in bed until morning because he needs to be doing something like he cant just lay around bc then he would be useless and he cant be useless
    • so when will and nico get together will starts sleeping in nicos cabin and he still cant sleep all that often but he can justify being there bc now whenever nico has a nightmare, will is there to calm him down and help him back to sleep
    • Plus now will gets to just relax basically all night and sometimes he even manages to sleep through the night, but even when he doesnt, its still better to just lay there all night and rest than to be up and moving constantly
  • So with nico theres a difference between intentionally isolating himself and Needing Some Space and will learns pretty quick which one is which and when he notices nico isolating himself he calmly coaxes him out of his cabin to hang out with a few people but sometimes that ends up developing into Needing Some Space but will gets it and lets nico cool off on his own
  • Will is also the one to notice that nico doesnt DO anything anymore like he doesnt train by himself he doesnt visit new rome ever he just,,, sits around and barely even talks to anyone
    • so will asks chiron if nico can teach some sword fighting classes and chiron talks to nico about it and tells him he can teach the beginner’s class so theres 0% of possible danger bc they dont use real weapons and its all kids under 10 who just need to learn the basics but he doesnt have to its just if he wants to so when nicos not really sure about it will encourages him and so he decides to try it out
    • not only does nico now have a reason to leave his cabin but hes back in the arena so hes a little more motivated to just practice his own technique and for the first time like ever he actually feels like hes,,, a part of the camp???
      • There is one occasion where after the little kids get comfortable around nico one of them uses their tiny fake wooden sword and charges at him while screaming like hes going to attack and its so unexpected that nico actually just freezes and he starts having flashbacks of battles but that kid’s older sibling swoops in before he can do any damage and nico has to cancel the class that day
  • the two of them help each other out so much like???? whenever nico’s freaking out will is always there to bring him back to himself and whenever will starts to panic about Death-Related Things he talks to nico bc hes literally the best person to talk to about death
    • like whenever will is reminded about how he couldnt save someone nico tells him that it was that persons time and there was nothing he could do ((and its a whole lot more reassuring from nico than like,, any other person)) and whenever will gets those personal Death Feelings nico calms him down and promises him that hes nowhere near death so hes got nothing to worry about

i hope those were some soft enough boyfriends for you!! thank u for the suggestion!!!

One more week until the OUAT Con in Vancouver!

Getting super excited to see all the babes and meet SO MANY NEW PEOPLE omg (let me know if you’re going!!!). Got a little bored yesterday and decided to put together this little poster thingy for it :) So I’m posting it here too! Enjoy :D