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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 98

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omo look at this cute bean, yes he is my fav bean, btw im dead from the teaser ;; i cant wait to get it ahHHHH okay so heres another fic rec~

lets start~

1) Learning Curve

by @xtaexhyungx

a jungkook x y/n fic 


2) Until Next Time

by @syugatae

a jimin x y/n fic 


3) Don’t Say A Word

by @h00dy

a yoongi  x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

4) Unofficial Ownership

by @daegugodoppa

a namjoon x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

5) Secrets

by @im-too-old-for-bts

a jimin x y/n fic 


( part of the ficlet series )

6) A Kiss on the Lips

by @asexpectedofthestork

a seokjin x y/n fic 


vampire au 

7) A Lesson

by @btsxyou

a jungkook x y/n x taehyung fic 



8) Turbulence

by @kaepop-trash

a seokjin x y/n fic 


this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

bradlissa headcanons

in the same style of my milack headcanons post.. here we go

  • bradley has a big crush on melissa and ofc he is jealous of milo bc of how much time she spends with him (and bc he gets everyone elses attention too but this is my bradlissa post). so he tries to tear milo down for a while until he actually just realizes someday like hey. this is not gonna work
  • after bradley realizes that and stops being openly hostile to milo and just is kinda quietly jealous and avoidant, thats when melissa actually notices him and starts developing a small crush. she starts listening to his interesting tidbits and she starts conversations about them and just interacts with him more
  • zack notices that shes giving bradley a bit more attention and starts teasing her for having a crush on him, which she vehemently denies. she doesnt say she doesnt have a crush bc shes ashamed or bc she thinks bradley is lame or anything but its because she doesnt want zack to make jokes about it around bradley bc he is infinitely more likely to notice than milo
  • she goes to school wearing some dressy clothes to sort of impress bradley and he almost forgets his name
  • eventually she admits her crush to zack and the phone calls in the middle of the night are now composed of zacks extreme romantic frustration and melissas little crush
  • melissa takes a lot shorter of a time to try to make a move on bradley than zack does trying to make a move on milo and he finds it extremely unfair
  • specifically the move is she sits next to him on the bus or something and touches his shoulder while having a conversation about some topic that bradley probably brought up. its not much but it leaves bradley like “does she like me?? omg”
  • bradleys like. receptive to all this stuff. he would notice if melissas crush was as intense as zacks so she thanks god everyday that she has subtlety
  • they end up getting together when bradley asks her out on valentines day and shes like “oh man i was hoping i was right about you liking me back” and she kisses his cheek and he almost faints
  • after melissa starts dating bradley, she and zack are like “its time for.. the initiation.” and they make him let milo lay his head on bradleys lap. if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends
  • bradley dislikes milo significantly less after he starts dating melissa, partly bc now that he has melissas attention as a boyfriend he doesnt have to worry about milo stealing her away, and also bc milo is just the sweetest guy once he gets to know him

man. this is good


and this is the reason i havent been very active to begin with, ive been getting prepared and doing all the school work i can until the trip so now its finally here– u//u


ok so little rant here, i like city living but i dont like my sims living in apartments??? idk it just seems kinda closed in and isolated for me so i really cant wait until maggie gets older so she can move into a house..but!! remember thats just my opinion i just really like nature cuz i live in a rlly small farm town lol 

  • Princess: I cried at cereal today :'(
  • Daddy: why princess? Everything ok?
  • princess: I miss you daddy youre so far away and I need you here
  • Daddy: awwww I miss you so much kitten more than you think to be honest daddy was...almost... crying his eyes out because I miss you(i cried hard)
  • Princess: so we both cried?
  • Daddy: yes princess we both cried but remember even though youre on the other side of the world I wont stop swimming untill I get to you and when im there ill kiss and hug you and hold you so tight ill turn you into a little diamond
  • Princess: ok...
  • Daddy: a big diamond...?
  • Princess: .........otay! Hehe I cant wait
  • Daddy: good ill get there

when I go onto my favorite writers page, all i see are these god-forsaken asks…

“When will you update???”

“When will you post part ___???”

“Please make the next part longer!”

“You make us wait so long lol”

Everyone just needs to STOP

These writers take time out for their personal lives to write you guys these fanfictions because they enjoy it not because they think they have to put something up.

But then, it eventually becomes that way.

They start thinking, ‘If i dont update, theyll get mad’ ‘If I dont post this by tonight, people will unfollow’ ‘No, i cant sleep until this is finished because they wanted a long part”

People like this make them grow to hate the thing that made them happy in the first place

They loved to write, before they ever posted on here, you know that, right? 

But they sacrifice their mental and physical help to please their followers, and when people say stuff like that, it makes them dread writing.

I had a friend, wonderful writer; great girl, who got huge popular on Wattpad, because she loved this one show and decided to write a fanfic on it.

Eventually, she started to get writers block. She couldn’t write anything, but she would always get very nervous when people started to get angry with her, asking when shed update, and all that. She started to get messages telling her that she MUST update, no questions asked.

Until she finally told me, with a sad look on her face, “I dont want to write anymore.”

So for all of you claiming to “love” these authors,

Leave them be. Let them update when they want to. Theyre health matters more than you wanting your fiction-fix.

Exuse me, would you like to here about our dark lord and punisher of the weak


(Really tho, this is the kind of game i have been waiting for for a long time. I cant wait until its done and it starts to get challenging with its stealth elements)

reached 200 followers!! never thought I would tbh lol…so here’s a Robbie Kay imagine :)

Imagine: your at comic con and are sitting somewhat in the middle and cant wait till you get to see Robbie. Your hoping that he’ll pick you to ask him a question. After a little while he comes out and soon its time for the fans to ask questions. While a fan is asking him a question you see that hes scanning the room, until his eyes lock with yours. you instantly blush as he smiles at you. He quickly answers the other girls question and calls on you, eyes on you the whole time. Little did you know that you would be seeing a lot more of him now that you’ve caught his eye.