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IM AT 500 FOLLOWERS OMG. thank you !!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ALREADY AT 500 FOLLOWERS ?? I mean how the hell do you even keep up with me? I’m such a turtle when it comes to replies… Worst than that, even. When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would go this far and be lucky enough to talk to all of you? When I first started I never thought that I would love indie that much ?? I was always used to group rp so this new set was quite new to me. Now though, it’s like my favorite thing and I love every single person I met on here ?? Anyway I’ve been wanting to do a milestone since forever but always forgot about it ??? This though, I can’t forget so… Let’s do this !!! Under the cut will be the people I appreciate the most here !

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(17 wonwoo) (i'm planning to change the way i write and gonna follow your style ^^) That night, I wait patiently for wonwoo as he's a bit late. My family and friends are all here, but there's still no sign of him every time I peek outside the window. I sigh, asking myself if he decided not to come. So I decide to text 'Mr. Beanie' guy while waiting for Wonwoo. *text: Because you agreed that I almost got it correct. You can't be Wonwoo's brother, can you? Or.. You cant be Wonwoo?* - jeon anon

The message he’s been waiting for all this time finally arrives and he almost jumps in surprise, trying not to smile like a fool to his phone.“Here, sir.” - the cashier gives him the box with the macarons he bought to take with him, he really doesn’t want to go empty-handed.

“Ah, thank you!”

Wonwoo leaves the store, typing the reply with one hand, the other holding the box with the sweets inside. He bites down on his lip without noticing, stopping at a street sign, waiting for it to turn green for him to cross, he’s oblivious to the girl staring at his dreamy expression and a silly smile.

From Mr. Beanie:
“What makes you think I know him?”

He asks in curiosity, after pressing send he sees the way the girl laughs at him and he chuckles at himself, thankful for the change at the street sign and rushes across the street, feeling flustered.

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- Seung

as long as you’re comfortable with it.

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Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

Bonus points if you include a topic. ( IE. shipping, roleplaying, ect. )


‘Overwatch World Organization’

Wow look at this finally we have people of color in the game! We should get another 100 heroes of color. 

It’s not like middle Europe exist or anything. It’s not like Poland, Hungary, Czech, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia are almost never included in any kind of media cause they’re too small to exist.

I mean. They’re white?? White people don’t have culture? Europe is just the same whenever you’ll go?

I mean? Isn’t Poland part of Russia lmao :’D

What are you even talking about Eliza, Middle Europe can’t have a different culture than West Europe or Russia they’re the same thing. 

All I want is a hero from small, underrated country of Middle Europe, that would be as proud of being Slav as I am ]]

hello again! this is my second time in the tag, but i thought i’d say hello another time since i’ve successfully transferred over to balmung! now that my friends list is wiped and all, i thought i’d try to make some new friends and connect with other roleplayers! so, if you’re a roleplayer on xiv, like this post? i’d love to follow you guys and get my dash active .<3 

feel free to say hi in game, too! i’m pyrrha rahz! thanks!


so like im honestly surprised how far Eclair has gotten in her bakery and the friendships, acquaintances and other people that eclair has met in her life as far as this week and half of last week has gone. I’m honestly very happy with where I am as far as characterization goes. I’m so lucky to have you guys here to interact with and talk to, thanks so much for following, interacting and roleplaying with me. It means so much to me and I know I can’t exactly put everyone on this list, if I could I would, but I just want to say thank you to those that have really made Eclairs welcome feel warm and happy.

Note just because I don’t add you on this list doesn’t mean i don’t love you, because I do, I just can’t put everyone on here and my brain tends to like not remember things, but yeah like I said thank you all so much for being here with me today and I hope to interact with you all soon. Okay on with the list.

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