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Ashton Irwin Smut → Daddy Kink

Pairing: Reader x Ashton

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A.N.: I am so sorry okay, this shit is turning me on more than it should. Dont judge. You probably shouldnt read this if your like 13 or something.

“Do we really have to go?” I whined while putting on some lipstick. “Yes (Y/N) we have to. I thought you liked my family.”

“I do! I just dont feel like going out tonight.” I said and turned around to face Ashton. He grapped my waist and pulled me to him. “Its only for a few hours princess. Its gonna be fun.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Fine.” I said. “Lets go.”

*** at the restaurant ***

“So (Y/N) how are you doing? How’s school?” Ashton’s mom asked me.

“Oh, I’m okay. School’s good. A lot of exams and stuff but I’ll manage.” I sweetly smiled and placed my hand on Ashton’s knee. The conversation went on about the upcoming weekend and that his family had planned a BBQ on saturday. I looked over to Ashton, he looked extremely handsome tonight. Wearing black skinny jeans, a dark blue shirt and his fedroa. I bit my lip, I had to keep myself from puling him to the bathroom an take him right here and now.

While he talked to his little sister he kept licking and biting his lips. It was a massive turn on for me. i couldnt help myself, I moved a little bit closer to him and wispered in his ear “Looking really good tonight daddy.” Ashton froze at my unexpected words. I smiled to myself, moving close to his ear again “I cant wait til we’re back home daddy. I wanna be your good girl tonight.” I seductively wispered and moved my hand farther up his leg, so I’d touch his crotch. Ashton shot me an agry look and tried to push away my hand but I wouldnt let him. Instead I started rubbing over his tight jeans and mouthed, “Whats the matter daddy?” with an innocend look on my face.

A few minutes of my torture passed before our waiter arrived at our table. “Do you need anything else? Perhaps new drinks?” he asked pointing at our empty glasses. “No thank you, only the bill please.” Ashton’s mom said politely. When the waiter left she looked over to Ashton, “Are you okay sweetie?” She asked concerned, Ashtons face rather tense. I instatly stopped rubbing over his now very hard bulge. “Yeah baby are you alright? You look a little tense.” I smirked and placed both of my hands on the table. He glared at me before looking over to his mother. “I’m-” he started in a high pitched voice, he coughed slightly and continued “I’m fine mom. Don’t worry.” He moved over to me and wispered “Guess who is going to get punished really bad toinght.”


Half an hour later we are in the car, driving back to our shared apartment. The car ride was rather quiet. Neither of us really said anything. As soon as I walked through the front door and closed it I got pinned against it. For a short moment Ashton just stared at me with an angry expression on his face before starting to suck roughly on my neck, making sure to mark me as his. “Do you think its funny to turn me on infront of my family like this?” He snarled at me. “N-No” I stuttered and he pressed me harder against the door. “What was that princess?” he growled “No, daddy.” I whined. “Good girl.” He wispered and continued sucking harshly on my neck and collarbone. 

I tried so hard to hold back my moans but I miserably failed. I dug my nails into Ashton’s neck and quietly moaned “daddy” into his ear. He grabbed my ass and made my jump, so I had to sling my legs around his long torso. He walked us upstairs to our bedroom and threw me onto the bed. “You’ve been a very, very bad girl for turning daddy on like that. You’ve got yourself into a whole lot of punishment.” he said in a stern voice. “What are you gonna do to me daddy?” I wispered, biting my lip. Ashton just smirked and kneeled next to me on the bed, turning me around so I’d lie on my stomach. He slowly moved his hand along my naked leg up to my thigh but stopped right at my heated core. He unzipped my dress and practically ripped it off of me, same with my panties and bra. He rubbed over my slit one time before placing his hand on my ass. “You’ve been a naughty girl tonight (Y/N)”…spank.. “You bad”…spank…“bad”…spank…“girl”…spank. I screamed into the pillow. Srangely the pain was really pleasuring. I hated to admit it but it turned me on so bad when Ashton spanked me. 

“You wanted to get punished tonight, didnt you princess?” Another spank. “No daddy.” I mumbled “Dont lie to me” another spank, this time a little bit harder. “Y-yes daddy. I wanted to get punished.” I saw Ashton smile and I felt another slap on my ass. “You love getting punished dont you princess?” he asked while rubbing over my sore butt. “Yes daddy, I love it.” I said grabbing a fistful of the sheets, preparing for another smack. “My princess..” he said and smacked my ass again. He spanked me six more times and I screamed out in pleasure. 

“You did good baby girl,now turn around.” I did as I was told. I turned around on my back again while Ashton stood up to undress himself. His prominent boner slapping against his stomach as he stripped down his boxers. He hovered over me, working his magic on my neck again. I moaned daddy into his ear everytime he found my sweet spot.

“I hope you’re ready princess.” he said and kissed his way down to my thighs. He slowly kissed every inch on my inner thighs, always stopping right were I needed him most right now. “Damn Ash just do something.” I whined. He shot his head up and dug his nails into my waist. “What was that?” he asked furrowing his eyesbrows together. “D-Daddy do something please.” I whined. “Bad girl, you forgot again. You’re getting punished for that.” I bit my lip and watched his head disappear between my legs again. “If you say one word or let out one noise, you’re punishment will get worse, and we wouldnt want that now would we?” he breathed against my core. He licked over my slit before sucking harshly on my clit. I bit down hard on my lip to keep myself from moaning. I grapped Ashton’s hair, pushing him deeper to me. His nails digging deep into my waist, I was sure he’d leave marks. He sucked harder on me before I felt his tounge slightly entering my opening. I threw my head back and grapped harder into his hair, making him moan. I moved my hips forward to allow Ashton more acess. “Hold still.” he growled, before continuing his actions. I felt a familiar knot building up in my stomach and the next thing I kow is hitting my orgasm hard. I let out an almost pornographic moan and gripped his hair harder. “What did I say, princess? One noise and your punishment will get worse. Look what you’re getting yourself into.” He smirked and continued sucking. His tounge swirling around my swollen clit. “As- daddy, stop!” I whined and tried to wiggle out of his tight grip. “Uh-uh princess. I’m not done with you yet. Its all part of your punishment.” he smirked and lowered his head again. His grip on my right side suddenly disappeared and I felt his fingers on my entry. “Fuck” I moaned as three of his long fingeres entered me. He started slowly pumping in and out of me before eventually quicken up his pace. I screamed out, this was too much for me “D-daddy..fuck!” I threw my head back and grabbed the sheets. He increased the speed of his movements again, his mouth meeting my clit again. “Oh my god” I moaned and felt tears running down my face “Ahhh” I screamed, my seconds orgasm hitting me even harder than the first one.

I breathed heavily as he released my waist, before hovering over me again to kiss away my tears. “I love you so much princess” he said and kissed my lips. “I-I love you too daddy.” I breathed out. “Can you do another one?” he asked and I just nodded, not being able to speak. “Good girl.” he smirked “I’m gonna make you scream so loud.” He slammed into me without any warning. Thusting deep and hard. My mouth formed and “o” and I squeezed my eyes shut. “Holy fuck” he cursed as he entered me. My nails didding hard into his muscular arms. I rolled my eyes back into my head as he stared thrusting harder into me. “Fuck daddy..” I moaned “Louder baby, scream it louder” me mumbled “Shit..DADDY” I screamed “Faster” I moaned scratching over his arms, leaving red marks behind. He thrusted fater, cursewords and my name leaving his mouth.

I was a moaning mess underneath him. He held me steady as he moved in and out of me. I felt the knot in my stomach again. “I- Im so close.” I stuttered. “Not yet baby girl.” he said through gritted teeth. All of a sudden Ashton pulled out of me, flipping me around again, holding my ass in the air. He entered me from behind his pace as quick as ever. I felt a sudden sting on my ass. He spanked me again, and again. My hands couldn’t hold me anymore, I held my weight only on my elbows now. “Oh god..fuck” I screamed. I felt Ashton twitching inside me and I could tell he was close. “Now come for daddy.” he said and with one hard thrust my third orgasm of the night washed over me, soon followed by Ashton. He thrusted into me again and spanked me one more time before he pulled out of me. I collapsed completely now, Ashton collapsing next to me. "You’re daddys good girl.“ he said and pulled me close to him, giving me a kiss.

Well damn. This kink is my death haha I hope you liked it! x


These two images are of me and my gf taken 300 miles apart. Me (right) in the busy London city where I grew up and her (left) back in her home town in the countryside in Cornwall. The past 15 months have been both challenging and exciting and despite often being 6 hours away from one another we have managed to build and maintain a loving relationship. In 4 weeks time we will be facing a whole new chapter together as my gf will finally be moving to London for uni. I feel so lucky to have found a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and I cant wait to see what the future has in store for us.