cant wait to leave some

Since the relationship with my parents is now complete and utter bullshit. I’ve decided to cancel my trip with them this weekend, even if it means I’ll have my family on my mother’s side come after me for not attending my cousin’s XV party.

Instead, I’ll have a free weekend for myself. I just went to the grocery store and bought everything to make garbage plates, nachos, and two bottles of wine. I’m gonna write, draw, rest, sleep and watch as much shit as I please, without even have to be in the same house with them for over 48 hours.

I can already feel myself relaxing, this is gonna be such a great weekend :)

I saw a post about a little free library a while ago on tumblr, and when I saw this beautiful little free library on my block this week I pretty much squealed in delight. Take a book leave a book. I think this is an incredible movement and I’m so glad I can be a part of it now! Yay books. Louder yay for /free/ books.