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RFA+V+Saeran finding out MC is an amazing singer? I love your blog so so much, all of these scenarios make me so happy!!!

* He hears you sing one time by accident
* Cue MC screaming because she was getting out the shower when he saw and heard her
* He heard an angelic choir ???
* Because:
* 1) tiddies
* 2) his gf is better than Beyoncé holy crap ???
* Gets vvvv upset when MC says they can’t sing
* “???”
* Never say you can’t sing or you’ll get vvv angry yooyoo

* He came home one day heard you singing
* “Yo… I didn’t realize I left the radio on this morning”
* He went into the room and saw MC singing
* He dropped his phone in shock bc
* Omg
* What
* A
* Babe
* He eventually joined into the song, which scared MC
* “Babe, you have such a beautiful voice I don’t know why you said it was bad”
* Now MC is helping him with his songs

* Okay so
* One day she forgets her phone, right?
* MC was getting ready to go to work
* Jaehee comes back to get her phone when MC steps out the bathroom
* Why was she so beautiful even when singing?
* wait but didn’t MC say she couldn’t sing?
* ok anyways, Jaehee can sing a bit so she hums a bit
* “MC… you’re a great singer.”
* “Thanks but it’s not my strongest feature”
* “Shhh ur good ok”

* He never really pushed since MC said she never really liked to sing
* He respected MC
* Kosmopolitan said to always respect your partner(s). Never push
* Of course Jumin listened
* Anyways, one day he wanted to surprise MC so he came home early
* He had a big ass smile and a bouquet of roses
* But where’s MC ???
* Where is Elizabeth???
* He finds MC in Elizabeth’s room
* And guess what
* MC
* Is
* Singing
* To
* Elizabeth
* He feels so blessed ??? How did he get such an amazing partner ??
* He hugged her and gave her bouquet
* “You should sing more. Your voice is amazing”

* He’s heard you singing before
* You just don’t know it
* He’s a Sneaky Ninja™
* He recorded it and listens to it when he gets upset
* But one day
* MC drops that “I can’t sing” bomb
* He’s gone
* Boom
* Done
* “But you never heard me sing before ???”
* john cena makes a hole in the wall and peeks through it
* “are you sure about that”
* :000
* Anyways he tries to convince MC
* He failed but he failed with pride

* One time he had a very bad dream and when he woke up, he accidentally woke up MC too
* MC tried to calm him before he would get a panic attack
* She patted his back and softly sing him back to sleep
* She thought he would forget since it was so late in the night and that’s what usually happened
* But instead
* He asked MC to sing for him more
* “What do u mean fam I can’t sing”
* “You sang for me last night”
* in the end they ended singing for him every time he was feeling down

* one day he was supposed to be taking his mid-day nap
* But he wasn’t
* But MC thought he was since he wasn’t making any noise
* MC decided to cook :0
* So they started cooking up a one person feast
* Meaning a sandwich and fries
* While they were cooking they decided to sing
* pink season plays in the bg
* Saeran comes in to turn off the music
* Why is she singing ???
* She’s good but she’s burning the fries ??
* “Yo MC if you’re going to sing then don’t burn the fries”
* “Nah”
* “But… you’re going to get grumpy”

note: i miss sasusaku everyday of my life

when sasuke returns from his voyage of redemption, sakura is nothing like he thought she’d be. she is distant and evasive. she seems jittery, he feels, perhaps because it has been five years since she hasn’t chased him. but he is optimistic, as much as he was ambitious, and sakura is his endgame.

when he finally asks naruto how sakura has been, after much deliberation, and because he could not ask sakura due to the strange nature of their communications, naruto replies: “she’s just not used to having you here like this.”

and he doesn’t understand, because hadn’t she greeted him with the same twelve year old enthusiasm when he left five years ago? wasn’t she blushing when he turned his back on her for the second time in their lives? he remembers leaving with his heart throbbing in his chest, vowing to organize himself until he could, with accuracy, return to konoha and ask sakura to–

somewhere in an unknown country, between the borders of this and that, sasuke had realized that he wanted to hear sakura’s voice. not only her voice, but touch her skin. he remembers her voice in the forest of death, on the night he left, and at the end of the war: they are delicate cries, and they pierce his heart. the hand that held his as he went through the worst pains of his life and the certainty of her presence had cemented him unconsciously to this particular path.

all this time he had thought she would follow in this path with him. he knows he never told her, that she does not know from his mouth that they would be together, but sakura has always understood him better than anybody else.

“sakura,” he calls as she walks home one night. his voice is not as rich; thinner than usual. it shakes.

she smiles at him, but it is not the same, it is not as bright. it shakes too.

sasuke thinks, this relationship is unstable. the instability was caused by me. and it is also up to me to fix it. but i dont know how, because sakura has always fixed everything with her optimism, but now it seems i am the only one with optimism. it makes sense, because i left her for five years and its been six months since i returned and she doesnt know that i cannot sleep because of her.

the resolution of their relationship becomes more urgent the more sasuke waits. yet the less he does. the less he knows what to do. he knows it is not hopeless, but it hangs in the back of his mind like the other phantoms that’s hung over his life.

he thinks, i just want to hear her voice. i dont want to hear her cry, because that’s all i have in my head, i just want her to tell me she loves me.

so he says, in his firmest tone, “i love you,” and he knows it is surprising but he cant stand it anymore so he takes her hand in his so that he could finally feel her touch, “i love you with all my heart and i want to make you happy.”

and he wants to repeat to her the same speech she gave him, the one he has burned in his brain and the one he replays when he feels as if the world has been unfair to him. it has not been, he is reminded, because it gave him haruno sakura.

there is silence, and he almost dies because he doesn’t think he can handle any more silence, but her fingers gently wrap around his hand, and she says: “thank you.”

like that, the balance in their relationship is restored, and the tension eases from his shoulders. she leans into his arms, without anymore hesitation, and she starts to cry. this is different, he thinks, she is not crying because i am leaving, but because i am staying.

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part II

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part II of ??? Part I - Part III - Part IV

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So last night...

So I was cosplay as Sans last night on Omegle, enjoying myself and playing around with different Undertale fans. I saw like, two dicks. Neither were impressive or wanted. 

But one thing really got me in the heart, and that was a little girl. She didn’t look more then 7…8 years old, right? Real small, braided hair, big eyes and everything.

At first, I started up on the chat with her like I would, making a peace sign and waving, and she literally flipped her shit. She started screaming and giggling and waving at me like, “SANS!! SANS!! Hi!! I didn’t know you were real!!” And all I could literally do was laugh and smile like a dumbass under this hot rubber mask.

So right when I say hi and all the casual Sans things, she jumps up, telling me to wait just a sec and that, “I have something that makes me part skeleton just like you!” She bolts off and I just wait, cause I’m not gonna click off randomly while she’s so excited. She comes back like, five minutes later with a big bottle of ketchup. I start giggling and giving her thumbs up and just- reacting to everything she says!

But then, a wave of protective instinct starts washing over me- Like, even while she’s talking to me, I cant stop listening even when my own girlfriend is calling! ((I’m super sorry about that @strife-kind!)) I start telling myself, “You know, there are a bunch of nasty, horrible people on here who would take advantage of this little girl. Fuck that noise, I’m gonna stay on here till she falls asleep.”

I literally stayed up till 3am talking and chatting with this little girl, and she starts yawning and mumbling and I’m like “Hey, kiddo. It was awesome talking to you- youre such an awesome human kid! But uh- maybe you should head to bed. Kids like you need lots of rest to kill monsters like me.” And she just smiles dopily and nods, before blowing me a kiss and I catch it. She ends the chat, and I go one round around the bend to make sure she’s in bed and not still chatting. She’s not, and I’m happy.

The next person I talk to literally was the cutest kid, looked about 12 years old. He started implying I was in love with Toriel and I, playing along, started blushing and pulled my hood over my head and crossed my arms, the whole thing. He makes me PROPOSE to her and I did! I drew a paper board in bone letters asking if she will marry me, and when “Toriel” said yes, he literally flipped out and started giggling madly. Cutest kid ever. Sorry to say he had to get off before I could wish him a good night, but man…

Protective Sans syndrome just….WOOSH.

Only You | 4

Overview: It’s junior year and Riley’s best friend develops a crush on her first love, Lucas. Not wanting to stand in between them she lies and says she’s okay with them being together. As it turns out, Lucas has an older trouble making brother that none of his friends knew about. One that just so happens to take an interest in Riley.
Author’s Notes: In this AU, the triangle never happened and Farkle never outed Riley’s feelings. [Italics indicate flashbacks.]
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3
Chapter Three: “Weekend.”
Word Count: 4,271

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After lying to her parents, Riley immediately puts her attention towards her closet. Looking down at her outfit she decides it won’t work for whatever was going to happen tonight. Of course she didn’t actually have even the slightest bit of clue as to what would happen or what she and Jackson were going to get into but looking down at her floral skirt and wool top she knew she had to change.  

She rummages through her things, finally deciding on the plainest thing she has. A long sleeve black shirt and ripped jeans. Her mind is already running wild with possibilities by the time she decides what shoes to go with. In the end she opts for her converse and as she’s pulling them on she hears a tap at her window.

In the three months she’s known Jackson he’s never once climbed her fire escape or crawled through her window so instantly she freezes, thinking it’s one of her friends. She slowly turns her head and lets out a breath of relief when she sees that it is in fact Jackson, crouched down on the other side of her window with a sly smirk on his face.  

She walks over and slides it open, stepping to the side for him to come in while she looks for a jacket. Jackson looks around, not bothering to hide the amused look on his face. This was his first time in Riley’s room and it’s exactly what he thought it would be like: full of light, just like her.

“I’m guessing the ‘rents aren’t home considering you’re letting me come inside.” He coos, picking up one of her framed pictures of her and her brother from her nightstand table. Riley smiles at him, pulling on her denim jacket that’s lined with fur on the inside. “Good guess.” She teases, grabbing her house keys and phone before walking back over to her window. “Come on, Country Boy.”

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Last chapter of Tokyo Ghoul was 143 titled “Kaneki Ken” The chapter number could also be interpreted as “I Love You: Kaneki Ken” The person most likely telling Kaneki how much they love him would’ve been Touka.

Ishida could’ve chosen ANY number and person to end TG with, but he choose 143 and Touka (the only one who had faith in his return). Certainly, one chapter, has two meanings.

So if TGre ends at chapter 143, the title of that chapter could be titled “Kirishima Touka” Kaneki has told and showed us he loves his wife Touka tremendously. But her being kidnapped by the CCG, something paralleling Kaneki’s ending in part one, is possible in her case. Even so, Kaneki would have faith in her retrieval if she were taken away from him. They may be split, but they’re bound to get back together because what comes as a pair, stays a pair.

Scott McCall Imagine- I Came To Help

Summery- You’re Lydia Martin’s cousin, you grew up in Beacon Hills but you moved with your parents to England, after you were bit by Peter Hale in your sophomore year. However as soon as you heard Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune you came back to help. You had romantic history with Scott McCall but you soon discovered he had moved on, but you weren’t ready to let him go yet.

“Y/N!” someone shouted from across the airport. You could barley see, you had two hours of sleep on the plane and some serious jetlag. You soon knew who it was when they wrapped their arms around you. “Lydia, you’ve changed so much” you laughed, struggling to breathe. You may be a werewolf, but no one gives long hugs like your cousin. “You’re one to talk, I barley recognised you. If it wasn’t for the hair and moody expression” she joked, finally letting go of you. “So, how do you feel about being back?” she asked, while helping you carry all your luggage. ”So far so good, but I would of rather come back on better terms, rather than this whole dark kitsune business” you shrugged. “I agree, but hey lets not think about that for at least the first few hours. We need to go show your new and improved self off to the pack” she said, giving you a small poke. “I thought you told me they knew I was coming back” you said, stopping still. “Erm… they do. In fact Allison is waiting in the car for you. She was going to come in but I told her I wanted to have some catch up time first” she said, dragging you along by your arm. When you eventually made it to the car, it took Allison no longer than three seconds to climb out and hug you. “Hunters. You’ve definitely been practicing since the last time I saw you” you smiled. “Well I haven’t seen you in all your wolf glory yet. I’ve missed you so much” she beamed, letting go and putting your suitcase on the backseat. “I missed you too, I’ve missed all of you” you said, shuffling onto the seat next to your things. They both got in the car and began driving. “So… Have I missed anything?” you asked curiously. “You haven’t told her?” Allison tried to whisper to Lydia. “You must of forgot I have werewolf hearing and I’m not blind. You haven’t told me what?” you questioned, leaning forward. There was a brief moment of them exchanging glares before Lydia began, “I haven’t told you that… there’s a new member in the pack. She’s a Thunder Kitsune and her name’s Kira”. “That’s cool” you said, leaning back into your seat, there was definitely something she wasn’t telling you.

“I cant” you said anxiously. You had been parked outside Scott’s house for about five minutes, luckily no one had noticed. “You can and you’re going to” Lydia said sternly. “You may be a banshee, but I doubt you have superhuman strength or the ability to run really fast, like run off out of here as soon as you unlock the car door” you said, staring at the front of his house through the windshield. “It’s going to be fine, I promise” Allison said softly. “If you don't strut your werewolf ass in there, you’re cooking dinner tonight” Lydia smirked, knowing that would be enough to convince you alone. “Fine” you whined, as the three of you got out the car and approached the door. You tuned your hearing to hear the words, “Lydia and Allison are back with the pizza” come from Stiles’ mouth. You knew she was lying to you, her unsteady heartbeat gave that away but you didn’t think it would be about such a major detail. You turned to the side, ready to make run for it but the door swung open before you could move. “Hey, where’s the… OMG” Stiles practically shouted in disbelief. You turned to face him and gave a believable smile, you were going to kill Lydia when you got to your aunts. “This is way better than pizza” he grinned, letting the other two walk in. He stopped to give you a hug before following you into the living room. Isaac was sitting on the sofa along with a girl you didn’t recognise. Isaac’s eyes widened and he stood up to hug you, “Long time no see” he laughed. “You’ve gotten tall, and you’ve gained a scarf” you joked. The girl stood up nervously and smiled at you, “You must be Kira, the badass Kitsune, right?” you asked, pulling her into a short hug to not leave her out. “That’s me” she said shyly. You could already tell you were going to get along. There was an awkward silence for a moment, “Why does it smell like-” Scott began saying as he walked in, before Lydia, Allison and Stiles moved out of the way so he could see you, “Y/N?” he asked. You nod your head, not able to speak or look away from him. “What are you doing here, in Beacon Hills?” he asked, equally staring back at you. “I erm.. I came to help” you said, barley making a sound. He walked closer over to you, neither of you knowing whether to kiss on the cheek, hug, shake hands or high five. Luckily you avoided the situation of you doing two different things, as you both went in for a hug. You both lingered longer than you should of, melting back into old habits and familiar scents. Stiles cleared his throat, signalling for Scott to let go. You pulled away from each other, both of you trying to conceal a small smile. “Shall we put a film on and do a bit of catching up?” Lydia suggested, clapping her hands together. You all nod and began to get settled. You were just telling Isaac how your flight went, when you saw Allison take Lydia into the kitchen. “One sec” you excused. You walked over to your bag that was in the hall and pretend to get something. You focused your hearing, only catching a bit of their conversation. “When are you going to tell her?” Allison whispered. “I’ll tell her but not right now. She seems happy” Lydia replied. “I think it’s important she knows Scott and Kira have a thing going on” Allison remarked. Considering it had been over a year, the feelings were still raw, it was like you found him cheating on you or something. Your heart was beating out of your chest and you felt a tight pain in your stomach. You wiped your eyes that had began to tear up and you exhaled, before gathering the courage to walk back into the living room. You looked over to see Kira sitting next to Scott, leaning on him. They were both laughing, but Scott stopped the second he saw you and his body tensed up. “I’m really tired and I just need some rest, I think I’m going to go back to Lydia’s. But we need to do this another time for sure” you said, it was obvious you were hurt. “Are you sure? We could all have a pack sleep over like we used to-” Stiles began. “No really, I just need a good nights sleep. Tell Lydia I’ve got the spare key and I’ll get my suitcase from Allison’s car tomorrow if she cant carry it.” you said, giving a weak smile. “Do you want a lift?” Stiles asked, noticing there was something wrong. “No, I’m fine honestly, see you” you said picking up your bag and heading out the door. “See you” they replied simultaneously. It didn't fully hit you until about half way down the road. Your walk turned into a run and your tears turned into loud sobs. You should of seen this coming, did you expect him to wait around for you forever? “ Where’s Y/N?” Lydia asked concerned, walking back into the living room. “She just took off, she’s heading back to yours” Isaac said. “Is she ok?” Allison questioned. “She didn’t seem it” Stiles said, shaking his head, trying to come to a conclusion. “Well cant werewolves smell emotions?” Lydia asked, her voice getting higher. “She smelled upset” Isaac said, not sure if he was right or not. “No, she smelt heartbroken” Scott said, staring down at his hands.

You heard the door unlock and footsteps coming up the stairs but you didn’t have the energy to move. You were laying on Lydia’s bed, your head buried into her pillow, you had the lights off and re-runs of ‘friends’ playing. “This must be serious” she said opening the door. She kicked her shoes off and flopped down beside you, “What happened? I’ve never seen you like this, ever” she sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it” you groaned, but it was muffled by the pillow anyway. “Come on, we haven’t had boy talk in ages” she said softly. “I just, I just couldn’t sit there and watch him with someone else” you said, sitting up. “You heard me and Allison talking, didn’t you” she said, dropping her head. “Yeah” you whispered, giving a sad smile. “If it makes you feel any better, Kira and Scott haven’t known each other long, about a month” she said, rubbing your arm. “It’s ok. He deserves to be happy, even if I’m not the reason anymore” you shrugged. “Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of boy drama. I can spot someone who isn’t ready to move on from a mile off” she claimed. “I guess I’m not. Maybe I’m just being selfish” you said downheartedly. “Sweetie, there’s no such thing as selfish when it comes to heartbreak” she stated. “I’ll get over it, you fall in love more than once” you were trying to convince yourself more than her. “Right” she said, letting out a small sigh. “It’s late, maybe we should just go to sleep” you said, rolling over. “Well being as you already have friends on, it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few more episodes” she hinted. You smiled and sat back up, “You’re the reason I was sleep deprived when we were young” you said, shaking your head. She turned up the volume and your few episodes turned into an all night marathon. You’d missed doing things like this with her.

A few weeks later.

“I came here to save my best friend” Allison said bravely. “Are you ready?” Scott asked you. You simply nod your head, before you all walked through the gates. You, Allison, Isaac and Kira stayed to fight the Oni off, while Scott went to find Lydia and Stiles. You weren't fighting them for long, before you all started to get tired. “How do we stop them?” you shouted, while ducking to avoid one of their swords. “You cant!” Kira’s mom shouted back to you. You felt one of them slice the back of your leg, while another slashed your arm. You shook your head, allowing your fangs and nails to grow out. You let out a ferocious growl and carried on fighting them both, until Isaac jumped in to help you. A third one came over and pushed him to the ground, while another sliced his chest. You were distracted by that for a split second, which was enough time for one of them to pick you up by your throat. You were struggling to breathe and you couldn’t move. Allison began to panic, she fumbled with her bow and pulled out another arrow. Meanwhile, Isaac was repetitively being cut and the Oni threw you to the floor. You were pulling yourself away when Kira distracted it, giving you enough time to heal, you had just enough energy to pick yourself back up. That’s when you saw a bright green light, coming from the Oni that was cutting Isaac. She managed to kill one, Allison did it. There was a moment of hope, before you saw one of them move towards her, “ALLISON MOVE!” you shouted. Before you knew it, she was pulling a sword from her stomach. You heard your cousin’s shrill scream, which echoed through your head. Isaac caught her as she fell to the ground. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, you must of been in shock because all of a sudden you couldn’t hear anything, not even your own loud crying. Kira’s mom pulled Kira back, allowing you all to have your space to soak everything in. Your mouth was wide open in disbelief and you felt your legs get weak, you were about to pass out before Scott pulled you into him. You put your hand on his chest and leant your head on his shoulder. You were crying on him until Allison’s dad came. You watched the heartbreak in his eyes, he may of been an Argent but nothing could prepare him for his daughter’s death. Yet still he stood there and told you all exactly what to say, when he was hurting even more so than you all. That was the say you lost your best friend. Knowing you would never be bridesmaids at each other’s weddings, knowing you wouldn’t hear her laugh, see her smile or even listen to her complaining about how much homework she had to do. That was the day you lost a piece of you, a piece you would never get back.

Hours Later

You pushed the door open, and fell into what appeared to be a garden. It was covered in a thick layer of snow, and snowflakes were still falling. You had no idea where you were, you didn’t even remember how you got there. You walked around, running your fingers on the tops of statues, not actually sure what you were doing. You saw a girl sitting up against something (It looked like a school cupboard). “Hey” you shouted over to them. You didn’t receive an answer, so you began to walk over slowly. That’s when you realised the girl had strawberry blonde hair, similar to yours. “Lydia?” you shouted, your concerned expression turned into a smile. You walked over to her quickly, but stopped when you still didn’t get a reply, you weren’t actually sure if she was moving. ”Lydia?” you asked again, slowly walking to face her. You screamed and covered your mouth when you saw it. Your cousin, her eyes wide open and her dress saturated in blood. You crouched down beside her and tried to feel for a pulse, to which you were unsuccessful. You leant your head on her and began to cry. “We’re going to kill you, all of you” someone said. “Who’s there?” you asked, slowly looking up. You saw a mummified creature creep its way across to stand infront of the door. “You’re the Nogitsune, you killed Allison, you killed my cousin!” you shouted. You stood up and let your fangs and nails grow. But before you could move the Oni appeared out of thin air and pulled out their swords.

“Where’s my cousin, where is she?” Lydia shouted. “She said something about going to the school” Stiles said, with his head in his hands. “I’ve just lost my best friend, I’m not loosing my cousin too” she said, her lip quivering. “We’re not loosing anyone else, we’ll save her!” Scott said firmly. “So what now?” Kira asked, “We go to the school, we save Y/N and we kill the Nogitsune” Scott exclaimed. “I’ll get Derek” Isaac said, as everyone rushed outside. “Are you sure she said the school?” Lydia asked as they approached the door. “Positive” Stiles replied, slowly opening it. They walked in, being met with the same coldness, making them fall short of breath. They walked through the garden together, until they come across a small trail of blood stained snow. “We’re going to kill them Stiles, we’re going to kill all of them” a voice from behind them claimed. They all turned around quickly. The Nogitsune was standing there, with you knelt on the floor next to him with two Oni holding you down. “Y/N!” Lydia shouted running forward, before Scott put his arm out to stop her. “Lydia, you’re not dead” you said, your tears turning into a nervous laugh of relief. “Let her go” Scott demanded, his eyes glowing red. With that, three more Oni appeared surrounding them. Stiles grabbed Lydia and dragged her to the side out of the way. After a few minutes of them fighting and you attempting to break free, Stiles stood up and picked up a sword, pointing it at himself. “Do it Scott, do what he cannot do for himself, or she dies” the trickster stated. “Don’t Scott” you shouted, before the Oni tightened their grip, making you tense from the pain. You closed your eyes, refusing to see another one of your friends die. “Divine move… It’s not real, none of this is real. You have to trust me, you may feel it but it’s not real, it’s another trick”  Stiles exclaimed. The pack stopped, and all began to slowly walked forward, the Oni forming a line slashing them with their swords as they walked past. You hesitantly stood up with all the strength you had left, enduring the pain from both Oni slicing into you. Scott grabbed your arm and helped steady you, pulling you into the line as you all walked back through the door. You all gave a sigh of relief and hugged each other, before the real void Stiles came marching over. He hit Kira and Scott, knocking them to the ground. Leaving you, Lydia and Stiles to shuffle your way backwards down the hall. “I’M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD, YOU CANT KILL ME!” It shouted, approaching you. “But we can change you” Lydia said uneasily. You smirked as you saw a pair of red eyes coming forward, along with Kira holding her sword. After the fall of Void Stiles, you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Until you remembered all the damage and destruction it left behind. Including the death of Allison, and even one of the twins named Aiden. Lydia turned around and pulled you and Stiles into a tight hug after seeing him. It had been a long few weeks for you all.

“It’s your last day today, isn’t it?” Scott asked sadly. “It’s supposed to be” you replied. “What do you mean?” he questioned. “Well with everything we’ve been through I think It’s best if I stuck around for a while longer” you said slowly. “That’s great news” he said, pulling you into a hug. Even though you and Scott weren’t that close anymore, it was the happiest you’d seen him since you’d been there. He eventually pulled away from you, beaming you a smile. You smiled back, accidently glancing down from his eyes to his lips. He caught onto this and began to lean in, “What about Kira?” you asked quickly. “We’re just friends, we’ve told the pack a thousand times” he said softly. “Are you sure?” you asked again, not wanting to intrude on anything. “Positive” he smiled. leaning in again. He pressed his lips to yours, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. He hoisted you up, because of the whole height difference. Regression to the mean, it looked like things were going to get better after all.

Things I need from season 3

•Black Paladin Allura

•or Black Paladin Lance

•Hunk to be fully appreciated for the wonderful, caring character he is

•More friendly banter between Keith and Lance

•Pidge to actually find their family??

•The team to acknowledge Lance’s leadership and skills!!

•Keith and Lance to have a deep talk about their insecurities and help each other out

•and then Klance becomes canon  

•For Shiro not to be dead?!


•Who was the galra from the Belly of the Weblum? Was it his mom?? Was it Prince Lotor for some reason?? What was the importance of that character???

•more about Keith’s past pls

•Flashbacks to the Garrison

•Keith and Lance to get jealous of the other when an alien flirts with them

•Some back story for my boys Lance and Hunk

•and lets not forget my man Coran (I didnt realize that rhymed until I reread it)

• bonding moments

•Klance and Shallura 

Things Fall Apart (The Center Cannot Hold) 1/1

Rating: M

Summary: Learning each other’s strengths is easy. Learning each other’s weaknesses? Infinitely hard. Also, title credit to Yeats 

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

To be fair, most things that ended with Killian and sex tended to be good ideas.

(And led to orgasming until her fucking eyeballs popped.)

They weren’t shy with each other. While Emma may have the emotional maturity of a maple tree, she had never been afraid of her body. After her first fumblings in the back of the bug with Neal, she had gone through the works.

There had been the bartender in Miami with the huge dick and big dissapointment when it turned out he had no idea what to do with it other than insert tab a into tab b.

The mechanic somewhere bumfuck between Portland and Boston who went hard and fast against the wall until she had hissed a warning against leaving marks.

A beautiful brunette with endless curls, doe-eyes, and a mischievous red smile who ate her out until Emma went from suspecting to 100% sure she was a prostitute. She never asked.

There were blondes men and punk women and everything in between until Emma knew to simply flip them on their back, take what she needed, and make a clean getaway before the word ‘breakfast’ could be uttered.

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TG:RE is tiring me out

I have to make a post about this weeks chapter because this has me fucked up and i can’t be the only one. The chapter is actually a good build up for the arc but Ishida…really??? I normally don’t disagree with his writing and I don’t really care because my input doesn’t matter but…that ending has me fucked. The problem im seeing is the whole thing of getting Kaneki and Touka together. Fight me on this, but the timing is off. Personally I don’t think its right to have Kaneki be emotionally involved with someone when he cant sort out his own feelings of being suicidal (he still is) and being the one-eyeed king.

The whole thing is really rushed with him finally going back to RE, Touka having that “talk” with him which, honestly is ambushing him because he clearly hasn’t thought of them being together.  Kaneki is clearly uncomfortable by the whole thing by repeatedly drinking out of an EMPTY cup. 

 But good for Touka for making her feelings clear to a guy she’s waited for years. They dont really go too deep about where their relationship stands, just briefly going over how Touka isnt okay with Kaneki continuous suicidal attempts but nothing more. In a way it seems Touka uses herself as a means for Kaneki to not leave her behind and that throws me off even more.

Moving on to the RE attack and them both fleeing to safty. Both are distraught by their emotions and found comfort with each other which is fine and all. I didn’t find a problem with the chapter and thought it was actually really beautiful. Then the whole ring thing MY GOD, REALLY???

 They played it off as something just to give. Kaneki playing it and acting as he doesn’t know what type of ring it stands for is bullshit. The whole thing is downplayed and quick but bring it to this weeks and I’m actually over it. Again, they dont even talk about their relationship and where it is, they just move on.

 Them being together is being too forced and the quick progression of their relationship and now seeing that Touka is pregnant is just… quick (I don’t have a better word for it). I get it they had sex without a condom and bam, a baby on the way but I mean, come on. People shouldn’t be happy over this, it’s a death flag. Thinking that Kaneki is emotionally able to care for a child, with a potential death flag, he’s going to be more distraught than before. 

Seeing people ACTUALLY being excited over this baby is throwing me off. IT’S A DEATH FLAG. TOUKA ALREADY HAD A DEATH FLAG ON HERSELF AND NOW SHE HAS ANOTHER ONE. I’m just over this whole “Kaneki and Touka getting together” thing. Im not against them being together I’m just against the relationship progressing quickly from, ambushed confession, sex, heres a ring, and then baby.

Twice when a Got7 member flirts with you


As soon as she say Jb walk up to you and put his hand on your shoulder she new something was up, a boy was flirting with her girlfriend and of couse Sana couldn’t stand for that. Once she realized Jb wasn’t walking away anytime soon she walked over and layed the deepest kiss on your lips that made everyone around you blush.

“Oh hey Jb I see you meet MY girlfriend”

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Being the leader Jihyo would try to be as mature as she could when she saw Jiyoung obviously flirting with you. Taking deep breaths trying to keep herself from storming over and slapping Jiyoung in the face she instead would end up pouting in the corner sending you texts about she couldn’t believe what he was doing.

“Look at him flirting with her I cant believe the nerve! He knows that she is my girlfriend”

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At first Mina wouldn’t question why Youngjae was talking to you until she saw the smirk on his face, she would spend the whole time watching you, going back and forth wondering if he was flirting with you or not.

“Is he flirting with her? Omg that’s definitely flirting…wait maybe not?”

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When she saw Yugyeon walk up to you she would be determined to shut down whatever was happening right away, the other members would try to stop her from jumping to conclusions but even they couldn’t stop her.

“Aw sorry Yugyeom you have to stop talking to my girlfriend now ’ taking her out on a date byeee”

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Being the cute puppy she is Chaeyoung would try to brush it off knowing that you would never leave her for some boy, but after the other girls got sick of staring at her pouting puppy face she would finally go over to you and slowly slip her hand into yours whispering things in your ear until mark took notice.

“Ug why is he flirting with her? Well I cant really blame him she is adorable”

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Even though Tzuyu is the maknae and Jackson is older then her the second he approached her baby any kind of respectfulness dropped. When Jackson looked over and saw the look in her eyes he rushed his goodbye and ran away as quickly as he could.

“He better run! No one flirts with my babygirl but me”

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Nayeon didn’t think anything of it when Bambam sat down next to you, smiling to herself happy that you two were becoming friends. Until she saw him push a stray hair out of your face. Nayeon doesn’t get angry easily but the second she saw that happening she would swipe you away from Bambam with out saying a word.

“I am the only one that’s allowed to flirt with my girlfriend”

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When she saw Jinyoung with his hand on your shoulder obviously flirting with you she would immediately start thinking of a revenge plan. she would zone out thinking about how to get back at him that she wouldn’t even realized that he stopped talking to you until you walk over to her and told her it was time to go home.

“I cant wait to get revenge on him…. oh hes gone? I guess I will have to wait till next time.”

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When Momo saw Jb trying to flirt with you she couldn’t even get mad, she would just laugh at the fact that he thought he had a chance with you, even after you went back home she would still giggle about how ridiculous it was.

“Haha can you believe he thought that flirting with you would work”

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Court today. He got the distance of the protection order cut in half. He is moving back home (down the block) which means I cant stay at my home. Called my college to see if i could stay on campus over break since i literally have nowhere to live. The dean said no. So I will be sleeping in my car again. And I emailed her to tell her I will be dropping out, and withdrew from all my classes. After court, his dad waited for me in the parking lot and made threatening gestures. He got out of his car and i physically ran back into the courthouse, then he took off. The courthouse called 911, who said he did not technically do anything to me. Cop told me to file a protection order against his dad tomorrow now. So so so so done. i really just want to fucking die right now. why could i not die with that overdose. im so done with everything that i cannot even express the level to which i want to be dead and not deal with anything.
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Oh and with Jaehee, MC finally getting pregnant with a sperm donation because it didn't work the first few times. Thank you so much!!

/// Thank you so much for supporting me ily so much!!! I love writing for you all! I know there was another half to this request and I’ll get to it soon ❤️///

•MC and Jaehee had been trying for a baby for a little over a year now.
•473 days to be exact, jaehee has been counting.
•MC and jaehee had just started to wonder why it wasn’t going to work
•MC even walked in once and found jaehee crying because she was so scared that it just wouldn’t be possible for them
•MC tried to stay strong and help jaehee but, she was so upset too
•MC had been afraid to get tested to see if maybe… she was the problem?
•MC decided she would try one last time but didn’t want to tell jaehee unless she knows she’s pregnant.
•MC had started feeling nauseous every day, had been throwing up, and started feeling bloated for no reason.
•"omgomgomgomgpmgogmgg am I pregnant fuc c c"
•MC makes a group chat with all of the RFA boys
•"HELLO I’ve gathered you all here for an important reason. I need someone to buy me a pregnancy test, plz xoxo"
•jumin: Why’re you so eager?
•zen is such a good bean
•he comes over as fast as possible and gives you the test while jaehee is out on a coffee run
•you do the test and patiently wait for the results
•after 30 painful minutes of waiting, it coMES BACK POSITIVE
•MC wants to have a lil fun with this
•mc decides to put the pregnancy test in the oven and sets a timer for an hour,
•jaehee gets home within the hour and MC convinces jaehee to relax with her for a little while, so they lay down on the couch together to watch one of zen’s newer films
•*timer goes off*
•"MC, what’s that
•"oh just a lil somethin cooking in the oven, could you go get it for me, baby?“
•jaehee opens the oven and is confused
•"MC there’s no food in here just-”
•it’s silent for a few seconds so MC looks back and yells
•omg is jaehee crying
•MC gets up quickly almost tripping over herself to check on jaehee
•"Babe? What’s wrong? We’re going to have a baby!”
•MC hugs jaehee and starts stroking her hair
•"I-I’m so happy MC… I love you so so so much"
•"I love you too jaehee. I’m so glad I get to be a mother with you.“
•"there’s no place I’d rather be than right here in your arms MC, I love you, and the only thing that will ever come close to my love for you is going to be our beautiful child.”

Injured Football Player Ch 8

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Summary: The reader and Bucky finally are home together, and Bucky talks about the wedding with her.

Word Count: 1374

A/N: Full fluff, yet again! You guys are great! Just ask if you want to be tagged and I will add you to the list!

(Chapter 7)

The moment you two got home, you went up to your room and climbed into your big bed. You missed your bed almost as much as you missed Bucky. Bucky made his way up the stairs, when he walked into the room; you pulled back the covers encouraging him to join you.

He climbed into bed and you curled up against his left side. Bucky kissed the top of your head and smiled, “I missed this.”

“I did too,” you yawned.

“So, I was thinking since I will be out pretty much the whole season, we can actually start planning the wedding,” he said while playing with your hair.

you looked up at him, “Are you serious?”

Bucky was not into planning the wedding during football season, because he wanted to make sure that he was giving it his whole attention.

He nodded, “I figured we could set a date and start planning now so we can get married on this coming July 4th.”

You smiled, “You want to get married on the Fourth of July?”

He kissed you softly, “I know you always wanted to get married on the fourth, and I think that it would be a great date to get married on.”

You pulled yourself up so you were face to face with him, “You aren’t just saying that because of what happened are you?”

He tucked the falling pieces of hair behind your ears, “No baby doll, we could go around and around on different dates, but the one we both know July 4th would be the best. We both love the fourth, and the pictures with fireworks going off in the background would look pretty amazing.”

You leaned down and kissed him hard. Ever since you were little, you always dreamed of a Fourth of July wedding. When you and Bucky first got engaged, he thought you were a little strange to want to share an anniversary with America’s birthday.

When you finally pulled away you smiled, “We have a date! July 4th, 2018!”

“It will be easy to remember our anniversary,” he chuckled.

“Shut up Barnes. You do pretty good about remembering our anniversary now,” you said laying back down.

“True, but your mom always calls me a month ahead to make sure that I have something planned.”

You chuckled, “That sneaky, wonderful woman,” you let out a long yawn.

“You sleepy?” he whispered softly.

You nodded. When you were at the ranch you didn’t sleep well. Now that you and Bucky better and back home, you felt like you could sleep for days.

“Go to sleep, love, I will be right here when you wake up,” he kissed your forehead softly.

 It was only a matter of minutes till you fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, you rolled over to find Bucky sitting up against the headboard. You scooted over so you would be in his lap.

“Good morning, doll. Did you sleep well?” he asked running his fingers through your hair.

You nodded, “I did. Did you?”

“I sleep better that you were in the bed with me.”

You smiled, still half asleep, “Time?”

“Uh, 11:27.”

You shot up, “Oh my, God! I cant believe I slept so late! I have to go to the office!”

“Hey, hey,” Bucky said as he grabbed your arm to pull you back into bed, “I already talked to your dad and you aren’t going into the office till next week.”

“Who is at the office?”

“He said that he had it covered,” he patted his lap, “Come back and lay down again.”

You shook your head, “I have to go answer some emails. Then I need to call my mother to tell her we finally set a date.”

“That can wait a little longer,” he gently tugged on you.

“Fine, I will just answer emails from my phone,” you curled up into bed and grabbed your phone. You answered all the emails that needed to be answered, then when you went to call your mom, her name popped up in caller id.

“Hey, momma, I was just about to call you,” you said pulling the covers up closer to your chin.

“I was just calling to check in and see how everyone was doing,” you mom’s voice always made you feel calm.

“Oh, we are doing good. We are still in bed, just hanging out.”

“How is James’s shoulder feeling?”

“He is doing okay. He has his surgery Friday so he is ready to get that over with.”

“Oh I bet. So, know anything new and exciting?”

“Actually I do. That is what I was gonna call you about. Bucky and I set a date for the wedding!”

“Oh my goodness,” you mom squealed, “Oh when is it gonna be?”

“July 4th of this coming year.”

“Oh, baby girl, you always wanted a Fourth of July wedding! Oh I am so excited!”

“Me too! You are the first person we have told, so feel special, Momma!”

“Trust me I do,” you heard your mom jumping up and down.

For the next thirty minutes, you two talked about the wedding and you finally said goodbye and hung up the phone.

 You looked over at Bucky who was smiled at you, “You are so perfect,” he grabbed your hand and kissed it.

“Stop,” you blushed. You looked through your contacts and found your college roommate and best friend, Michelle’s phone number, “I’m going to FaceTime Michelle now”

He shrugged flipping though the TV, “I will prepare myself.”

 You chuckled as you pressed the call button.

 "What up, slut?“ Michelle’s face popped up on the screen.

 "Nothing much ho,” Bucky snorted at each other’s greetings, “You busy?”

 "Nope, just sitting at the office, what’s up?“

 "Well, I got some news to tell you.”

 "Barnes better not have knocked you up! You promised me that you would wait till you were 25 to start popping out those little demons! I have you for another year before I lose you to the dark side,“ Michelle ranted.

 "I’m not pregnant! Calm down!”

 She let out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank God. So what’s up?”

 "We finally set a date for the wedding,“ you smiled.

 "It’s about damn time! So when are we getting hitched to Barnes?”

 "July 4th, 2018.“

 "You are gonna get your Fourth of July wedding,” she smiled as she nodded, “I’m glad Barnes finally gave in to it.”

 "Yeah he surprised me with that last night. So, I knows this goes without saying and I’m obviously going to ask you in the proper way, but you’ll be one of my bridesmaids, right?“

 "Of course I will be! I’ve only been waiting for this since you two got engaged a year ago!”

 Bucky laughed and you chuckled, “Alright, well I’ll let you get back to work. I got other calls to make.”

 "Okay, bye slut.“

 "See ya ho,” you hung up the phone.

 "You two have a weird relationship,“ Bucky shook his head.

 "Oh, get over it,” you mumbled curling up in his arms.

 He kissed the top of your head.

 You started to doze off, and before you knew it you were waking up to the smell of pizza. You rolled over to see Bucky carrying a pizza box up the stairs to the room.

 When he saw that you were awake he smiled, “I figured you would be hungry.”

 You sat up, “Thanks, Buck.”

 He kissed your head when he sat down the pizza box. He sat down and watched you open the box. He was so happy you were back home. The idea of you not being together, killed him. He hated that he treated you so badly. He hated that he broke your heart. He would do anything and everything to make up for it. He would do anything for you; if you wanted him to he would walk away an quit football. You were the love of his life, and he would love you forever.

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Tomione. "It's funny, for all that you like to claim that I belong to you, you keep forgetting that you belong to me as well."

“It’s funny, for all that you like to claim that I belong to you, you keep forgetting that you belong to me as well.” Tom’s voice rang out from the darkened room and Hermione’s hand jumped to her throat. 

“Tom! What are you doing in here?” She already knew. Of course she did. She just hadn’t expected him to react so quickly. 

He cast a wordless lumos and most of the room flooded with light. Still, he was in the shadows. “I like to think I’m a patient man Hermione. Gracious even, to let you claim me as your own. And yet,” the rest of the room suddenly flooded with light, revealing Tom’s snarling face, “you still feel the need to let other men drape themselves all over you.” 

Over her shock, Hermione leaned casually back against her counter, keeping the lines in her body relaxed and laughed. “He wasn’t draped all over me.” 

Tom immediately stopped snarling and Hermione’s heart began to race. “And what would dear Theodore think if I happened to pay him a visit?” 

Hermione tilted her head back and laughed again. “You claim I belong to you Tom Riddle, yet you have done nothing. I grow tired of waiting for you. Of your idle words.” She canted her head down and looked up at him through her lashes. “You want me so badly Tom? Then claim me.”

“Missed You.” - Leon Draisaitl

Requested - “ Hello! I love your imagines! Could you please do a Leon Draisaitl imagine where the reader comes back from a military deployment and goes to one of the games and surprises him? “ - @scottish-kid

Warnings - A whole lot of cute

10 Months of being gone you didnt know that your relationship my change. You didnt know if he would have moved on, You didnt know if he still loved you like you loved him. Sure there was the constant letters and the rare skype calls but you were not sure if it was an act or the relationship was still alive.

Taking the chance, you decided to surprise him. He has no idea youre coming home. You contacted his coach and GM right when your plane landed to get something planned for tonights game.

As they sorted everything out for the surprise you got ready in your hotel. Hours before you had purchased a beautiful dress to wear, it was long and silky and plum purple hat complimented your skin tone graciously.
It was almost time to go to the game and after realizing you had yet to turn your phone on you pulled it out of your jacket pocket and finally turned it on. There were 305 messages , all from him. You looked at every single one every day he sent you a text message telling you how much he loves you. one caught your eye and it was from today.

Leon : “Hey babe, Im missing you a bit more extra today. I have a big game today and i wish you were here. Y/N I love you, I cant wait to be able to hold you again. I love you infinity plus.”

Your eyes began to water as you shut your phone back off. Making the drive to the game was long and tiring but you made it in one piece. It was almost time for the surprise as they were leading you to were you needed to be.

“Welcome hockey fans! Tonight we have a special guest doing the puck drop, Edmontons very own Leon Draisaitl and Chicagos Johnathan Toews will be helping her out to night.” You watched them as the skated up to the red carpet , You wanted to cry seeing him but you kept it together. waiting for your time to walk on the ice.

“Shes be deployed in the Untied States Navy for 10 months, can we give a warm welcome home to Y/N Y/L/N”

You lifted your dress walking onto the ice keeping eye contact with him you wanted to run so you did right into his arms. Both of you started crying the crowd erupted in cheers.

“When did you get home?” He whispered in your ear not letting you go at the slightest.

“Just this morning, I thought i should surprise you.” You pulled back slightly bringing your face to his giving his a kiss. “I missed you so much. It is time for you to go win.”

“I love you” he gave you one last kiss before proceeding to the game and walking you off the ice making sure you made it off okay.