cant wait like wow

not to self: don’t read sad fics right before bed, you’ll inevitably get hit with feelings and need to draw sad things ;_;

based on @bananannabeth‘s happy  lil fic!

Honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna learn languages is to get the bragging-rights that goes with them

“how many languages do you speak?”


“ :O ohmygoshthatssocool!!!”

Theory: Shiro Got Help to Escape from the Galra

So. I was reading the transcript for ep 1 and i noticed something.

When Shiro first crashed on earth, the first thing that he had said was that aliens were coming and they needed to find Voltron. And this struck me as a little weird because shiro had been in captivity for a long time. Its a little odd that he even knew about Voltron, which hadn’t been seen in ten thousand years, practically a child’s fairy tale, and i wouldn’t be surprised if all talk of voltron used to be forbidden in the galra empire except for the higher ups of the military who were searching for it.

The way he said it, frantically and desperately, and the timing of his arrival seems to point to one thing- he was sent to Earth by someone working on the inside to stop the galra from getting the blue lion which, as we already know, was on earth.

And it makes sense. Shiro is native of this planet, word of the earthling who was Champion must have reached around, so OF COURSE when Inside Man found out that one of the lions had been traced to our solar system, his first thought would have been to send Shiro to Earth so that the Blue Lion wouldn’t end up in Galra custody like Red.

And Inside Man must have explained to Shiro that this was his mission- to stop the Galra from finding Voltron, otherwise the Galra WILL definitely attack Earth and Earth wouldn’t stand a chance (judging by how the usually calm and collected Shiro was nearly incoherent from panic when he arrived, he probably thought it would be too late before the Garrison ACTUALLY listened to him and the destruction of earth under the Galra would be his fault bc he couldn’t deliver a simple message).

What Inside Man probably didn’t expect was was that Shiro and a bunch of other humans would end up becoming paladins of Voltron and awaken the Altean Princess Allura and Coran, the caretaker of the Castle of Lions from ten thousand year slumber, steal the Red Lion right from under their noses, and set in motion events that would change EVERYTHING in the struggle against the Galra expansion.

It’s kind of beautiful that the guy had only helped some prisoner escape in exchange for him sending a message in some last ditch effort to stop Zarkon from getting anymore pieces of Voltron and unknowingly started what would soon (hopefully) lead to a large scale rebellion in future.

Oh and who’s Inside Man?

Just hunch (like the whole of this post is tbh) but its probably Good Guy Galra Thace.

Fingers crossed for season 2 to reveal more info about Voltron’s ally among the Galra.

“please please please help me cover my shift tomorrow.” bryson was willing to go on his knees at this point. through cheeks seared crimson, he kept his voice down to a whisper so none of his managers would hear them. “the biggest party of the month is happening tomorrow and i can’t miss it! there’s going to be kush ━━━ good kush!”


A falling star fell from your heart and

landed in my eyes

I screamed aloud, as it tore through them

and now it’s left me blind

Cosmic Love: Florence + the Machine

i got $50 today as a late xmas gift and i was like “wow i cant wait to buy some cute clothes with this!!” and you know what i did? i bought a pink ds lite for 41 bucks + 2 games and i have absolutely no regrets


i’m bored and cute af
i’m wearing fake af glasses
[anime sound] tch

ive been having a myriad of horrific and disturbing nightmares since i was like 5 but by far the worst dreams i have are ones where i spend the whole time cooking myself the Perfect Food Item, meticulously preparing ingredients, thinking shit like “wow i really cant wait to eat this,” and then when its perfect and done and smells delicious and my mouth is watering, waking up right before i take the first bite 

i cant wait for the opening night of 1989 tour because everyone’s going insane and there’s rumors about what’s happening and we freak out as we hear what the setlist is and the costumes and vines and pictures and what her hair looks like wOW i cant wait