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Here’s my Velvet Crowe cos from Tales of Berseria~ I love her so much but I hate her clothes and wig. This cos keeps falling apart but I’m modifying it more so that they’ll stay on for awhile when I take her to AX. This is also the most exposed skin I’ve done in cos (besides femAce) so it was a challenge more ways then one. I cant wait to take more pictures of her, next time a full body one.

Photog: @hime-photos thanks for always agreeing to take pictures with me! And spazzing about games lol.
Velvet: Me

Exo: Reacting to you liking thigh riding


Okay lets be honest here, this little cutie wouldn’t be so cute in this situation. He wouldn’t think too much about the request but would be thinking about how amazing you’d look on him and how good he would make you feel. Xiumin would be more than happy to add ways to pleasure you.

“Come have a seat Jagi. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.“ 

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I feel that Suho would be a bit surprised about the position you had asked for but nonetheless nothing would stop him from enjoying it as much as you. 

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll help make it a little bit more interesting”

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I personally think that Chen wouldn’t take you seriously if you told him. He wouldn’t think you’d have it in you. He would keep bugging you till you finally snap and take control. Don’t get me wrong nothing in his right mind would stop you from getting what you want.

“Come on babe, prove it”

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THIS BOI OMG. I completely feel that this boy would turn this into a fricken kink. Or he would use it against you to get what he wants afterwards.

“Jagi…It looks like we’re going to have a fun night”

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I think Baekhyun would be all for it. Heck he would even encourage it instead of being surprised. though on a side note, he probably would have had been the one that introduced you to thigh riding. 

“Hey babe. How about we try something new tonight?”


Yixing would be like Suho. He would be surprised and a bit confused in why you would chose his leg to ride. But he wouldn’t complain because seeing you please yourself would definitely turn him on.

“Why ride my leg, when you can ride something else?”

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Kai wouldn’t be the type to make a really big deal about it. I feel he was kinda expecting you to say something sooner or later. I mean look at his thighs. Do I really need to explain? Who wouldn’t want to do them?

“Come over here Jagi. You dont have to ask me twice.’


Kyungsoo would be the type to low key love knowing that you wanted to. On the outside he would tell you that you were being weird you had a wild imagination but on the inside its completely  different.  Secretly cant wait for you to actually do it instead of just talking about it and for his hand to have full range on you body.

“What are you waiting for Y/N?”

External image


Okay so even though he is the youngest, BUT HE SURE WON’T ACT LIKE IT. Sehun would be a total tease. (Daddy kink like omg) He’d want you to work for it. Maybe even beg for it until he is pleased with what you were doing.

“Does my baby want to feel good tonight? I guess we’ll see how badly you want it”

hello everyone Im aestheic-byunbacon, one of the new admins on this account. Im really excited to be here and cant wait to write more for you guys. Some bands that i really enjoy are Exo, Bts, Seventeen, Astro, Kard, Monsta X, and many more. I hope you all enjoy this :) 

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Yay! I was wondering if you could do Rfa with saeran and V, like a situation where the car is super cramped and MC has to sit on her s/o's lap (This has happened to me more times than I'd like to count lol)

i imagine them in high school for this but u dont have to or anything i just,like it


  • the whole RFA wanted to grab a bite to eat
  • but they let Seven drive which was a mistake, because his sports car only has four friggin SEATS
  • “no worries, MC can just sit on Yoosungs lap!”
  • “Seven, i really dont think-”
  • “cmon, it’ll be fine. its just a few minutes to the diner”
  • he is so embarrassed oh my GOD
  • when MC is in his lap he has no idea what to do with his arms?
  • should he put them around them or just leave them by his side or try to shove them between him and MC???
  • oh god what if he accidentally touches their BUTT
  • Yoosung keeps his hands to himself
  • but also, how is MC supposed to stay safe?? they cant wear a seat belt if they’re sitting in his lap…
  • Yoosung actually ends up putting the seat belt over him AND MC
  • it is not comfy


  • he has been waiting for this moment since he was BORN
  • he’s even the one who suggested it
  • hell, he’s the one who said they should take Sevens car, knowing full well that there wouldnt be enough room for everyone, and that MC would have to sit in his lap
  • he knew there were risks, like Seven suggesting that Yoosung sit in his lap or something…
  • but he was willing to take that risk
  • “no room? well if we have to, i guess i’m willing to let MC ride in my lap…”
  • Everyone in the vicinity rolls their eyes
  • During the car ride Zen wraps his arms around MC and acts as their seat belt
  • he snuggles his face into MC’s back and will sometimes just randomly kiss them wherever his mouth happens to be
  • when they get to their destination he acts super sad
  • “cant you stay here for a little longer?”


  • poor Jaehee
  • she is mostly just confused
  • at first she doesnt think anything of it
  • like yea, it makes sense that MC would sit in her lap!
  • thats like, a logical solution and everything
  • but once MC is actually in her lap, its a way different story…
  • all of a sudden her face is really hot and she keeps stuttering and
  • she’s kind of nervous???
  • “MC are you, um, comfortable?”
  • “yup! i’m all good!”
  • the most confusing think about this for Jaehee is that she really, really likes it


  • his first suggestion is to literally take a whole separate car
  • “Jumin, we arent going to take two cars just because we’re one seat short”
  • “well then how are we going to get there?”
  • Seven briefly suggests shoving Yoosung in the trunk when MC swoops in to save him
  • “Jumin, what if i just sat on your lap? you wouldnt mind, right?”
  • Jumin clears his throat and fiddles with the sleeves of his sweater
  • flustered
  • “m-my lap? like, you want to sit in my lap while we’re in the car?”
  • Seven opens his mouth to say something smug and Jaehee stops him so that MC and Jumin can continue their exchange in peace
  • “if youre uncomfortable, i can just-”
  • “no, no! its fine. you can sit on my lap”
  • at first Jumin is super duper stiff and awkward
  • but after awhile he realizes that having MC so close to him is actually quite comfortable
  • he even ends up putting his arms around them


  • if it was up to him, HE would be in MC’s lap
  • but everyone else in the RFA fought him on that…
  • lame-o’s
  • the first thing he does is wrap his arms around MC and squeeze them as tightly as possible
  • “Seven-! you’re suffocating me!!”
  • “it’s for your own good, MC!”
  • once again the RFA ruins his fun and demands he release MC
  • so Seven decides to try something else to make things fun
  • tickling
  • he tickles MC ruthlessly and they have no other option but to just freak out and try to get his hands away from them
  • Zen is sitting right next to them and wishes he was dead
  • those two always went so well together…
  • but with Seven tickling MC the both of them kept accidentally bumping Zen and he just really wants to get out of the car
  • but hell, Seven is having the time of his life


  • he mostly thinks the situation is funny and giggles when someone suggest MC sit in his lap
  • they seem really embarrassed about it so he doesnt push the idea on them or anything
  • but when they agree to sit on his lap, he gets really happy about it
  • V does that think where he’ll rub MC’s arms with his hands while they’re sitting in his lap
  • he doesnt want them to feel suffocated, but still wants to give MC a sense of security
  • he also snuggles his nose into their back, smiling
  • after a little MC finds themselves leaning into him
  • being close to V is so relaxing
  • after that M always spends car rides in his lap, even if they dont have to


  • “c’mon guys, why me?”
  • they could have picked anyone to peg this on
  • Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, Jaehee
  • but no, stupid Seven suggested that MC sit on HIS lap
  • now he has to spend the car ride crushed under MC and its going to be so uncomfortable and UGH
  • when MC climbs into his lap he sarcastically asks if they’re comfortable
  • also, where do his arms go now????
  • before it was so easy, he knew exactly where to put his arms
  • now MC is taking up all of his arm room
  • “hmm?” 
  • MC lifts up their own arms in surprise as Saerans hands come around their waist
  • “S-Saeran…”
  • “shut up. where the hell else am i supposed to put my damn hands?”
  • MC cant see his face, but if they could they would see he was red as a tomato



Oh man, your killing me 😧Ive been waiting patiently for your newest work, and now you said ut will be coming tomorrow.. wich was two days ago ..I cant stop staring an my cellphone because of you T__T but hey! Im looking forward to it !


Yeah Im really sorry! It’s been a combo of long shifts at work, extra prep for my trip and other things and I take full responsibility for lagging on that one. I wanted to get it done sooner but then Id start falling asleep at my desk and Id call it a day because otherwise it gets bad >_<;; Sorry about that. Just a few more panels and Ill be reviewing it and we should be good to go. 

Dear Charlie,

I have so many questions I want to ask someone so badly. At the Moment I feel like I will never get to the place of feeling right. And this would also be the first question I would ask someone. Do you think you will ever feel like you are in the place you belong to? Am I able to feel genuinely happy? Or will this part of me own me for the Rest of my life?
I understand now that you cant “heal” depression. I will always stay with you. Maybe you will feel better but there are still those days, weeks when it hits you and you feel like you never recovered.
I want to ask someone if you can love just one person until you die. Or if this is also just a lie. If there isnt an extraordanary love that will last.
I understand now that life isnt colourful and full of asventures. Life is an endless prologue and we all are just waiting for our story to begin. But it never will.

I am at this point of my life where I have to chose, which future I wanna live and I am totally stressed out by it. Everything changed. I was always sure I had the best friends in this whole wide world…. But now they are gone. Life changes, friends leave life doesnt change for anybody.

But it scares me that it didnt hurt me. I feel like nothing can reach to me anymore and maybe thats the reason I am so alone.

Dearest, there are no accidents, and everything comes full circle.
No explanation I offer will satisfy you. You seek resolutions because you are young; but you will understand this one day.
Everything comes full circle, and when it happens I want you to imagine me there to greet you.
—  Carol(2015), Todd Haynes.

smashbound  asked:

I dig rhythm games but never played a mobile one before, what should i get/why

i cant shorten the links to look neater but those two informative(?????) posts may help give more detail and show a few more games

As for specific recommendations, I have 3:

Cytus is the first mobile rhythm game i played and it’s still one of my favourites haha.  It does take up a lot of memory space, but the song selection is Huge and the vast majority of it is available for free (but with a 30 second wait unless you get the full version).  The gameplay is pretty easy to get into as well but Oh Man the hard charts get really fuckign hard.

OverRapid is what I’m currently playing most often.  It’s pretty standard in terms of gameplay, but it is free and takes up less space than cytus.  The song selection is kinda small but the songs that are there are pretty good.  If you’re used to VSRGs like step/osumania etc. then it should be pretty easy to get into

Lanota is another game I picked up recently and it’s really fun.  the charts are pretty easy unless you go for ultra/master, but most songs do have a good spread of difficulty so its not too hard or easy??? also the soundtrack is really nice.  it’s a free game like cytus but there is a 50 second wait time that shows up after you’ve played a few songs.

these are all free on android, but im not sure about ios (i remember ios being kinda shitty with rhythm game prices)

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Hello!!! I love your blog so flipping much! And I was wondering if I could request MC having a prosthetic leg? Like with the RFA meeting them for the first time at the party and they see her. Sorry if it's too specific, but u just finally got mine and feeling a bit self-conscious about it. Thank you!!

i love YOU so flipping much!

-okay, SO, i decided to write in second person since you requested this specific to something you’re going through, i really really really hope you like it i will try my BEST

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • this boy cannot BELIEVE how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS you are
  • i mean, Seven said you were a cute but you are so much more than cute
  • gosh, how lucky is he that the girl he fell for just so happens to be the prettiest girl he’s ever laid eyes on
  • “y-you’re…MC?”
  • you nervously push some stray hairs behind your ear
  • “yea, thats me”
  • “you look incredible”
  • “thanks”
  • things are a little awkward between you two, since Yoosung is a literal ball of nerves in your presence
  • without any warning, he steps forward and puts one hand behind your neck, kissing you
  • somewhere, zen is screaming
  • somwhere else, Seven just whispered “hell yea get sum”
  • when Yoosung pulls away from you, you’re both bright red
  • “sorry if that was too bold, but i’ve wanted to do that for a long time”
  • you can barely form words right now
  • that was quite bold but you really wanted it, too
  • that’s when, while trying to notice every little thing about you, Yoosung sees your leg for the first time
  • you can tell he saw it by the way he suddenly looks a little surprised
  • “please dont freak out” you blurted without thinking
  • admittedly, he was caught a little off guard by the prosthetic leg
  • but he wasnt freaked out in the slightest
  • Yoosung doesnt love you because you’re beautiful, hell, he fell in love without knowing what you even look like
  • he finds you beautiful because he loves you so much
  • and nothing is going to change that


  • Zen’s gone through countless auditions
  • he’s mastered controlling his nerves in all his years of acting
  • but right now, waiting to meet you for the first time
  • Zen’s stomach is full of butterflies he cant seem to push away
  • he scans the room frantically
  • gosh, any of these people could be MC
  • “Zen?”
  • he whips around to find out who that small voice came from
  • though Zen had never seen you before, you knew his face very well
  • you not only saw it in the messenger, but in your dreams too
  • Zen’s cheeks glow red when he looks at you
  • “are you…MC?”
  • “the one and only”
  • you smile at him in an attempt to release some of the tension between you two
  • Zen has always been charismatic and suave
  • but for some reason he has no idea what to say right now
  • instead he just looks at you, examining every little detail about the woman he loves
  • his eyes travel from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and he sees your leg
  • he hasn’t said anything since you told him you were MC, so you break the silence
  • “i’m not really what you were expecting….am i?”
  • Zen could get any girl he wanted
  • he was a hot, famous actor after all
  • why would he love someone like you, who needs a prosthetic leg?
  • Zen takes a step forward, closing the gap between you two and brushes some of your hair behind your ear
  • “no, you’re not what i was expecting at all”
  • he leans in, kissing you
  • “you’re more beautiful than i could have even dreamed”
  • “b-but, my leg-”
  • “doesnt matter”
  • Zen looks into your eyes, his voice unwavering
  • “i love everything that is you”
  • he kisses your nose softly
  • “from the tip of your nose, to your prosthetic leg”
  • he winks at you
  • Zen still felt the butterflies in his stomach
  • but proclaiming his love for you felt as natural breathing to him


  • Jaehee has never been so excited for an RFA party in her life
  • he had everything planned out perfectly in her head
  • she knew every word she was going to say to you
  • and she had the spare key to her new apartment in her right jacket pocket, ready to give to you
  • Jaehee was at the door, greeting all the guests as they came in
  • thats when she saw you
  • she’d never seen you before, of course, but she could just…tell
  • they way you carried yourself, the way your face brightened when you saw her
  • Jaehee knew instantly you were the girl who changed her life
  • since the doorway was crowded with guests filing in (Jaehee is still amazed at how many people are coming because of you) she can only see your head at first
  • soon you’re standing in front of Jaehee
  • she takes a deep breathe and prepares to start her speech when she sees your prosthetic leg
  • “Jaehee? it’s me, MC”
  • seeing you, and your leg, for the first time makes Jaehee forget every word of her carefully prepared speech
  • she kind of sucks at winging it
  • “um, hey! it’s good to meet you”
  • no, its great to meet you. it’s fantastic to meet you.
  • you can tell the leg thing must be freaking her out
  • “sorry for surprising you with this, i just never wanted to say anything cause-”
  • “i’m not surprised”
  • “you arent? you just seemed a little bit caught off guard…”
  • Jaehee closes the gap between you two and grabs your hands
  • “well, i suppose i am a bit nervous. who wouldnt be, meeting someone as incredible as you?”
  • “are you sure its not…?”
  • you voice trails off as you look down at your leg
  • she squeezes your hands to get your attention
  • “i’m sure it’s not that. it’s just…you”
  • just because Jaehee didnt know about your leg didnt change the fact that she wanted you to be her partner
  • she needed you to be her partner


  • Jumin knew he was in love as soon as he laid eyes on you
  • hell, he knew long before then
  • even though Seven refused to show anyone what you look like
  • he could tell be your smooth, gentle voice how beautiful you were
  • no wonder talking to you calmed him down
  • when you showed up at his door saying everyone was worried about him
  • he was….flustered
  • i mean, you were even prettier than you sounded
  • and you have like a real pretty voice ok so thats saying a LOT
  • you even managed to make a simple t-shirt and jeans look incredible
  • Jumin didnt notice anything until you changed into pajamas for the night
  • you wanted to hide your prosthetic leg, so you tried to avoid him once you changed
  • but….you really needed to pee
  • the bathroom was just down the hall, maybe you could make it without Jumin noticing
  • you poke your head out of the door, making sure the coast is clear
  • in the hallway you have to pass by Jumin’s room…and his door was wide open
  • okay, maybe if you go fast he wont notice 
  • you cut into a run down the hall and just as you pass Jumin’s open doorway-
  • “MC?”
  • dammit, so close
  • you poke your head into the room without showing him the rest of your body
  • Jumin was sitting in bed, reading a book
  • “yes?”
  • maybe he didnt see!
  • “i’m sorry if this is rude but…do you have a prosthetic leg?”
  • shit, he saw
  • you stand in the doorway, showing Jumin your leg
  • “um, yea. i do”
  • he gets out of bed
  • “why didn’t you tell me?”
  • you fidget with your hands nervously, avoiding eye contact with him
  • “i guess i was just self conscious”
  • Jumin continues to walk toward you
  • “MC, you dont have to hide anything from me”
  • he’s standing inches away from you know
  • “and besides, that’s nothing to be self conscious about”
  • “r-really…? you dont care?”
  • “of course not. a prosthetic leg doesnt change the fact that i think your beautiful”
  • he grabs your hands
  • “and it certainly wont stop me from developing feelings for you”
  • Jumin developing feelings…for you?
  • you liked Jumin a lot, but you never thought he’d return your feelings
  • you’re face heats up
  • but when you look up at Jumin, you see that he’s blushing too


  • Seven really thought he knew everything about you
  • he always bragged in the messenger that he knew you were a girl
  • and that he knew what you looked like
  • and that you were cute
  • he really thought that, too
  • he looked forward to seeing you on the CCTV feed
  • but since you always wore pants around the apartment, he never noticed your prosthetic leg
  • not until he had to come to your rescue, anyway
  • you wanted Seven to come to the apartment and protect you
  • but what was he going to say about your leg?
  • you’re fine with wearing pants during the day, but in such close quarters he’s bound to notice
  • desperate to keep your prosthetic a secret, you decide to cover yourself with a blanket
  • at all times 
  • you walked around the house with a big blanket draped around you from your shoulders like a cape
  • if you were sitting next to him, the blanket was covering your legs
  • at first you thought it would be easy to keep your distance, especially since he kept pushing you away
  • but as your feelings for him grew, you tried more and more to get close to him, despite his protests
  • you just wanted his attention….
  • then, you got a really bad idea
  • “hey, Seven. i’ve been keeping a secret from you”
  • Seven’s hunched over his laptop, facing the wall
  • “MC, i’m trying to focus on work”
  • you sit next to him, making it real hard for him to ignore you
  • “it’s a pretty juicy secret though”
  • Seven turns to you
  • “okay, i’ll humor you. whats the big secret?”
  • still sure that this is a terrible idea, you toss off the blanket and reveal the prosthetic leg you were working so hard to hide before
  • Seven seems unimpressed
  • “you have a prosthetic leg?”
  • “yea. are you…surprised?”
  • “not really”
  • “so…this doesnt matter to you at all?”
  • you feel a lump in your throat. mission ‘get Seven to notice me’ is failing miserably
  • he moves away from his laptop to face his body fully toward you
  • “i’m not saying it doesnt matter. it’s you, so obviously it matters”
  • “so, what are you saying?”
  • “i’m just saying that your leg doesnt change how i feel about you-”
  • he catches himself and quickly turns his train of thought around
  • “not saying that i feel anything for you at all but if i did, something as insignificant as a prosthetic leg wouldnt matter, not to say that your leg is insignificant but…”
  • Seven realizes he’s said to much and turns back to his laptop
  • “just….forget we had this conversation, okay?”
  • despite Seven’s hostile tone you feel…warm
  • so you do matter to him
  • even with a prosthetic leg, you matter so much to Seven



all the echoes! (minus the asylum/snowmen ones obvs)

had to improvise quite a bit with these, since they either don’t have full body shots or the full body is really tiny so i cant see what the frick is going on


~ spoiler alert~


Mr J looks so happy it hurts me.

“They were the King and queen of Gotham, and God help anyone that disrespected the queen”

Harley’s one true desire vision was heartbreaking. Plus Jared looks really hot not in full Mr J costume.

Jokers texts to Harley killed me
“I’m coming for you”
“I’m close be ready for me”

When he finally gets her back and says “I’ve got some grape soda on ice and a bear skin rug waiting for us at home”



“That’s your lady Joker, I mean no disrespect” “Yes, yes that’s my lady MINE”

JOKER BROKE INTO A MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON TO BRING HER HOME he literally loves her so much it kills me


“I need something”
“Anything- I mean what”

When that prison guard smuggles Harley’s phone to her and says its from your Mr J and she looks so happy.

DATE NIGHT.“Do it puddin DO IT!”

When joker grabs her round the waist while getting her out of prison and says “let’s go home baby”

Basically I NEEEEED a solo movie Joker and Harley vs Batman, which I think was hinted at by the fact Joker came for Harley right at the end and broke her out and by the after credit with Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller.

Such a good movie, ignore the reviews and go and see it. It got a 9.5 on IMDB ignore rotten tomatoes they’re just up marvels ass.

Originally posted by creepylayla

i cant wait until im in law school and i come home from classes and court appearances late at night to lay on my girlfriend’s lap and read statements while she writes or plays with my hair and helps me solve murders and i’ll pick up her favorite food on my way home and we’ll have our own little apartment full of books and music and posters and she’ll read me poetry sometimes while i make her coffee, and we’ll make goofy snapchat stories in the morning while we eat breakfast and maybe one day she’ll help me make sure that my text posts arent all run on sentences with bad grammar and we’ll be in Love and nobody will be able to bother us or threaten to kick us out and we’ll be happy im j ust s o g ay

Goals For 2016!

I will constantly be journalling and updating on my blog about my goals. But I am determined to make 2016 a year for me. 

1) Definitely write more - I literally make this goal every year and it never happens. Crossing my fingers for this year.

2) Self care, like all the time. I have decided that this year will be about me more, and loving me and being me. Confidence, even if I have to fake it at first.

3) Say yes - even when I don’t feel like it. (But not feeling guilty about saying no)

4) Make more lists - Organization will be key this year.

5) To read 1 book/month. January I will be re reading a classic, To Kill A Mockingbird

6) EXERCISE - more specifically running, lose 25lbs, get your dream body for Mexico in July.

7) Drinking H2O ALL THE TIME.

8) Do no harm, onto me or others…. “The world is full of nice people, if you cant find one, be one” - Bill Murray

9) Go to bed by at least 1am most nights!

10) Get those grades! You are smart, apply yourself. 

11) Isolate yourself to work on school, friends, cell phone, it can all wait. You are enough for you (Focus on YOU)

12) Grow your vocabulary, try to learn a word a day!

13) Write poems, stories, ANYTHING.

14) Do not be afraid to fail…
  “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” -Samuel Beckett 

If anyone reads this, feel free to steal some resolutions for yourself!