cant wait for the actual thing sobs i hope i see good pics

My Loft 89 Experience - 23/06/15

Basically just writing this so I never forget what actually happened and because a lot of you were asking how I got picked etc.

Firstly, just want to say a big thank you to Taylor, Andrea, Taylor Nation, her dancers, her crew and just everyone involved! And an even bigger thank you to everyone who text, tweeted, messaged, instagramed, dm’d me saying congratulations and that I deserved it - you have no idea how happy those made me feel 💕

(Apologies for this being so long)

During IKYWT I saw Andrea walking around the block below me (I was in block 230). I tried to just ignore her and hoped she come up to the block I was in. So during HYGTG I decided I’d go and see if Andrea was still around. I grabbed the card I had for Taylor in my bag and ran down loads of stairs and through doors and I finally saw her at the end of a block. I began running towards her but this big man in a black suit stopped me and was like “No!” and I was like “please please please” and I ended up just pushing him out of the way and going over to Andrea.

Andrea was taking a picture of the show on her iPhone - it literally took her like 5 minutes so I just dancing beside as she got the best pic 😂 The look of concentration on her face was real!!
I then gave her the card and was like “I’m so sorry to bother you Andrea, but do you think you could pass this on to Taylor for me?” And she said she would and was all like “thank you that’s so sweet!” Andrea then asked who I was with and where I was sitting. I told her I was with my mam and that we are sitting “way back there!” Andrea said “WAY BACK THERE?” She said “do you not think you’d prefer to see the show from the sound booth?” And then told me to get my mom and my stuff and to come back to her.

I ran for my life back up all the stairs and grabbed my mam and my stuff and went back to Andrea. Andrea and these 2 security men took us down to the sound booth and while we were walking there I was telling her how I came from Ireland to the show and that I’m seeing her in Dublin next week and how I went to London for the RED tour and about the SNWT. She then asked where I was going to be for Dublin and I told her I had a standing ticket and she said “so you’ll be beside the stage?” And I was like “YES ODYOSOYDUPF I’m so excited!” Then she said “so maybe we can sort sometime else if you’re already going to see the show up close!” In my head I was like “huuuuh 😕?”
And then, OH MY GOD and then she said “So you’ve never been to Club RED have you?” And I died. I died right there. The end.


I was like “NO NEVER!” She then said “What if I told you that you were going to Loft 89 tonight?” Hodiydigsigdyifdigdcih
Andrea then went on to say that to keep things fair she doesn’t give people both Loft and sound booth and then she said we could stay at the sound booth until we got our passes and wristbands and then we would go back to our seats. And I was like “yeah I completely understand and ohsgkicrtcufdgbb”. I was at the sound booth for about two songs and I was so close to Taylor but I can’t even remember it because crying/sobbing/dying 😂

We then got given the wristband and pass and taken back to our seats and oh my god I couldn’t stop sobbing then dancing then sobbing again. Can I just take a moment to say You are in Love and Clean live are everything.

When the show was over, I ran to find block 58 where we were supposed to meet. While I was trying to find it I saw Suzie and I was shouting “SUZIE SUZIE LOFT LOFT LOFT!!” and then I almost fell down the escalator. Suzie then came running after me and we screamed in each other’s faces for a solid minute before I ran into the block. Everyone who got picked waited there for about 5 minutes - there was about 20 people in total. We were taken backstage by security into this long corridor where everyone waited and died together for about 15 minutes. We were told the rules like, no phone out when Taylor enters the room, no selfie, vine, phone call and just one picture
Then we had to enter our details into a computer and I was like “WHATS HAPPENING I CANT EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN NAME??!!” And Sierra said “Yep! That’s he Taylor affect!” We were brought into another long corridor and waited there for another 5-10 minutes.
Then Loft 89 NLSIEJDIWJKDKEJWJS! I walked in a took pictures of EVERYTHING! I literally have like 10 pictures of the different plants in there and I have no recollection of taking them 😂 I ate some pizza (can I just say it was the best pizza I have ever eaten!) and some cookies, which I think Taylor baked herself! Update: Ate the cookie and OH MY GOD IT WAS DEVINE! I just stood around waiting and absorbing everything for a good 10 minutes. Then these 3 really lovely girls came over to me and were like “oh my god I saw your Tumblr posts and I really hoped you would get into loft 89” and I was like THANK YOU SO MUCH kdkejfnkendje. We then talked for ages about Taylor and Scotland and everything - it was fab!

About 10 of Taylor’s dancers came in to the loft and I started talking to them about the show, working for Taylor, heelies, Ireland, Scott and Mason was talking about how beautiful Amsterdam is - my Mam now wants to visit 😂 I was asking them if they were looking forward to coming to Dublin and they were like “wait where are you from?” And I said Ireland and they were all so interested and asked where exactly in Ireland and they told me that they have 6 days free in Dublin and they had nothing planned.
We were then told to put our phones away because TAYLORNFREAKING SWIF T WAS COMING! I literally lost it and the dancers were just laughing at me and fangirling with me. She walked in and said “HEY GUYS!” In which everyone responded with “AHHHHH DI FJIEJDOKS”

After a while most of the dancers left but Mason stayed chatting to me. I asked if Scott had come to the show and he told me he hadn’t and said “AWH, I’ve missed him at every show!” He was like “yeah don’t be too disappointed he just talks about boats and boating all the time. He’s the only person who can keep a 1 hour conversation about boats! Haha” I started giving Mason suggestions of places to go and things to do in Ireland. He handed me his phone and was like “just tell be everything to do!” We stayed talking for ages and then he said “I totally forgot to ask for your name” and i was like “oh I’m Rita!” He was like “I’m mason its so nice meeting you!” I then asked if I could get a picture because at this stage Taylor was in the room and it was strict. Mason was like “what do you want to get a picture of?” And I was like “a picture together!” He then said “yeah of course, I won’t tell anyone!” We then talked some more and he then gave me a hug and thanked me for all the suggestions.

I then just stood around watching Taylor meet everyone! And omg Taylor is stunning beautiful, I swear professional photo shoots don’t even do her justice!

I was the very last to meet her in the room. As Taylor was walking toward me, my eyes started filling up with tears but I was like “NO IM NOT CRYING IN FRONT OF TAYLOR SWIFT!!” She came over to me and said “HEY GIRL! HOW ARE YOU YOU?” Taylor is so tall and she was wearing heels so I was basically at her waist and she had to bend down talking to me 😂 She gave me the biggest hug and again I died. I then said “I’m SOOO good!!” And “I’m so glad this is finally happening!” She said “YES! I saw you on Tumblr!”
Me: owndoejrorkfkekdjrjr
Then i said “TAYLOR YOU TWEETED THAT PCITURE OF ME!” And she said “YES! Yeah I kinda have a lurking problem!”
She then said: “Yeah I loved the photo and I gave all your details to Taylor Nation to come find you”
This is the point when my legs collapsed and I said “NO TAYLOR NO YOU DIDNT”
And she said: “YES YES I DID!!”
Me: dojdidjeodjdorkekr
I then told Taylor that she met Suzie before the show and she was like “YES she was the first person I met today, she’s so sweet!”
I was saying how we only know each other from listening to your music and she said “I’m so glad you guys are friends!”

I went on to tell her how I’m seeing her next week in Dublin and she was all like “YESS!” And she said “I’m REALLY looking forward to those shows!” I told her about the Irish Swiftie squad and she said “Yeah I’ve heard about the Irish Swiftie Squad!”
And said how we have a group chat and that we basically just spend all day talking about how much you love you! She said “haha that’s amazing! Tell them all I said Hey!
Me: “I WILL! Taylor they are all going to die!!”
Taylor then said “would you like me to sign th-WHATS YOUR NAME???” And I was like “Rita” and taylor said something like “Treeda?” She signed my ticket and my mom showed Taylor her t-shirt - it said “it feels like a purr-fact night!” And taylor said “Haha I love the cat puns!!”
I asked her if she was missing the cats and she said “Yes so much!!”
I then told her that I left my dogs at home and I missed them too!
She said “Thank you so much for leaving them for me!”
And I said: “yeah they probably hate me now!”
Taylor: “I was reading online that animals don’t have a persecutive of time. They don’t know the difference between 5 minutes or 5 days. Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself!”
She then said “Should we get a picture?”
And I was like “ieidjsk yeah!!”
I asked “Should we do cute, funny or sassy?
Taylor looked around the room and was like why don’t we sit at this table and pretend like we don’t care about anything!
I was like “YES!”

At this point Taylor was being rushed by security because she had to catch a flight but Taylor remained so graceful and listened to my blab on about how I’ve been listening to her music since I was 10 and she told me that I HAVE to visit New York someday! I told her that I have Andrea a card earlier and was like I hope you get and that Andrea hasn’t lost it and Taylor said “NO! I get everything that people give Mom!” And “Thank you so much, I can’t wait to get it!” I thanked her for following me on Tumblr and I was like “Taylor you have no idea how much I died when I got the notification!” Taylor laughed so hard and my mam was saying how she literally thought I wasn’t breathing and Taylor was said “Did you have to bring her back to life like…” and then she started doing air resuscitation 😂 Taylor gave me one last hug and my whole body melted. She said bye and I said “see you next week in Dublin” and she said “YES! See you next week!”

And that my friends is the story of my death.