cant they come to my country

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so today a kid at my school was wearing a shirt with a massive confederate flag on his back, and i obviously got very upset about that, so i looked at the student handbook and it says that you cant wear vulgar/obscene/offensive things, but when a teacher called the office to ask them for me they said that they didnt have anything against it? like cishet white boys can wear hate symbols but GOD FORBID a woman show her damn collarbones.

Wow…… thank god my school isn’t one of those strict schools when it comes to dress code. But holy shit this country is normalizing hatred more and more,, and it’s starting to infiltrate our schools….. 

dua request

some dirtbag stole my mum’s bag while she was at work today. she’s lost her passport + phone + money + driver’s license + ID + credit cards + work visa etc. police reports have been made and she’s going to the malaysian embassy in melbourne next week. please make dua for her. she’s alone in a foreign country and i’m so worried :(

  • When a group I like comes to KCON LA or NY in my home country and I have to miss it: "Oh well. I'll catch them next time."
  • When NCT comes to KCON in MEXICO and I have to miss it: "I CANT BELIEVE *flips table* THEY'RE GONNA BE SO CLOSE *cries* AND I HAVE TO *has a literal meltdown* MISS THEM!!! *screams for eternity* I'LL NEVER GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THEM *dramatically falls to the floor wailing* EVER AGAIN!!!!"

Joshifer Daily Reminder: There were so many amazing moments at the 2015 SDCC, but this one is my favorite. Josh is answering a serious question about Peeta and his struggle to come back from his hijacking, and Jen can’t help but tease him about not being able to stay away from her. You can say she was talking about Katniss and Peeta, but we all know that Josh traveled across the country to visit the set several times when he wasn’t needed. It’s almost like he had to be there. He couldn’t resist staying away. I love Jen’s mischievous face and Josh’s sheepish smile. Busted!



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Should I curse my parents for supporting the Muslim ban and trump? They support him and say they also support me as a queer person, like wtf how

I can’t really say if you should curse your parents or not, thats a decision you have to make. I am not in any way supporting the Muslim ban (I work with people that cant leave the country right now because they wont be able to come back) because I literally think its THE WORST and will probably have horrible consequences, more so then it already has. But heres the thing. Just because your parents support the Muslim Ban & trump doesn’t mean they don’t support you as a queer person. Trump supporters don’t support all of his policies, believe it or not. Sit down and have a calm, rational and educated talk with them and try to explain to them why his policies hurt you, as an individual, and try to see why they support him. Don’t get heated, and bring facts to the table. Try to see why they support him, and let them know how it bothers you, but be understanding as well too. They are your parents, give them that chance if they already say they support you as queer.

I had to do the exact same shit above to my dad’s new wife last year, since she is a die-hard republican and was loving him at first, and I had to have “the talk” with her. Considering my dad is as democratic as you can get, politically they are an interesting couple…

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… On a cold, rainy evening in Ambermill.. Flitz Mark Two would tug on the leg of a member of Amberstaff. With the Nighthold defeated and Gul’dan slain at last… There would be within, a Somber recording. A Last will and Testiment of Archwizard Alranon Purdue of Amberstaff… 

Some OOC information: Alranon is not dead, but after his mysterious vanishing at the end of 7.1.5′s Night Hold, this recording starts playing for Amberstaff and anyone whom would inquire to his trusty robot companion! I will be going away for a while. I’m off to serve my country as a United States Air Force First Airman. I’ll be without outside communication for FOUR MONTHS! Once I’m out of Basic Training and a full fledged Serviceman, I will be back and better than ever. Amberstaff has been my life for almost 5 years now and I’ve never regretted a moment of it. They’ve walked me back from a cliff and for that I’ll be eternally greatful. I cant wait to come back to the best people on the planet.

I NEED the next ToG book to come out now. There are so many unanswered questions, i am about ready to burst. All of the possible endings, possible ships, possible deaths, possible feels. What will happen? I DONT KNOW AND ITS KILLING ME!?!?! Is Aelin immortal? Why did Elena seek her out? What role will Dorian’s power play? Will Chaol walk again? What new characters will we meet in these new countries? Will Ren and Aelin get along despite his anger and wavering loyalty? Will Manon and Dorian continue to meet? Where is the effing third wyrd key? What is Lysandra’s last name? Is Lorcan tricking them and working for Maeve, or he telling the truth? Will Aedion and Gavriel meet? Will Nesryn and Chaol fall in love? Will Dorian fall in love again? Will Aelin’s other cousin, that handsome prince from Heir of Fire, ever play a role?  What players were brought back to finish the game? What is the question Rowan has been asking for centuries? Who will Elide meet on her journey to Terrasen? Will she make it to Terrasen? How will her and Aelin meet? When will Elide find out that Celaena is Aelin? Will Manon have a final face down with her grandmother? What roles will the witches play now? Who will Perrington find to replace Kaltain as his weapon? Will Aedion end up with someone? Who is the new male-male gay couple SjM says will be in ToG 5? Will Nox show up again, and how? What about Ansel? That silent assassin son dude who flirted low-key with Celaena a lot? Is Maeve gonna leave Doranelle? Is she responsible for Lyria’s death? Will we ever meet Rowan’s family? Will Rowan and Aelin do it? Are there fae still secretively hiding in Terrasen? What new Terrasen awesome characters will we get to meet? Why did Aelin feel what it was like to be Rowan when she touched the wyrd key? Will they open another world? How come Aelin and Rowan can talk to each other in their heads? How come they can feel the other is hurting? Will Rowan give up his mortality for her? Will Aedion get to take the blood oath? Will Elide and Manon ever get to reunite? When will Aelin be crowned? When will we actually get to know who killed Aelin’s parents? Will she ever be able to access her water power? Will Asterin sacrifice herself for Manon at some point? Who of the 13 will make it? Will they follow her if she turns against her grandmother? Will we meet a chrochen? Will more secrets about the valg be revealed? Will they make more weird hybrid witch babies? Is Sam really really really dead? Who will survive to the end? Who will get a sad ending? Who will get a happy one? I CAN’T TAKE IT! I CAN’T WAIT TWO YEARS TO FIND OUT HOW THE SERIES ENDS ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? AHHHHHAHGHAHGADKJF JDSIOFJSDKF SDKFJ
Arab Culture

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Hi! I need help with my main character. She’s an Arab girl , and I want her culture to be important for her. But most of the Arab traditions I’ve read about are deeply connected with religion, and she’s an atheist. Also I cant’ find much information about the culture of the countries her family comes from (Lebanon and Palestine). Oh and she doesn’t live in the ME. She speaks Arabic, eats Arab food and reads Arab writers. Am I going on the right track? I really don’t wanna be offensive. Thanks!

Hi there!

I definitely think you’re on the right track. While it may seem like a lot of Arab cultures and traditions are intertwined with Islam, that’s not always the case. A big emphasis on family, amazing food, music and dance (khaleeji!), a rich history, an endless collection of literature and awesome poetry are just a few of the things that come to mind for me. Also, if your character is an atheist but her family is not, she will probably still celebrate holidays with them too, like Eid el Ftr and Eid el-Adha.

Palestine and Lebanon, the latter especially, are seen as less strict with regards to conservatism. Also, if you want to be true to your character I would highly recommend making clear the affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had on her; I have yet to meet a Palestinian whose life was not somehow damaged by it. Whether it is that her family was forced to move, or that she struggles with holding onto her Palestinian identity, or both, or something else, it’s an important subject.

As I am not from Palestine and Lebanon I cannot speak to the specifics of those experiences, but I welcome followers from there to reblog with commentary and/or offers to help out, you can check diversitycrosscheck or our POC profiles, and you can also probably find bloggers or YouTubers from around there for first-hand research.

-Mod Yasmin

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I know tom hardy's tattoo is his business but as a big fan who wish to have him some day in my country, i'm concerned because chances have slimed down because this new tattoo is hard to cover with his normal t-shirts. In my country and some other asian countries tattoos are inappropriate and you can't show them so i hope you understand where i came from . I know it is personal but i hope he thought more about it before getting it :( i'm just desperate to meet him. Excuse my bad english

I’m sure he could cover it up with a jacket / long sleeve shirt. I see where you’re coming from but i dont think this is something that cant ever get solved…?

takumi: (is skeptical of the avatar that came from the enemy country and is rude to them in the beginning bc their sword killed his mom)
everyone: OH  ….MY GOD…. look at this shitty character!!???? who cares if your mom died you cant yell at the avatar hes so shitty oh my god 
takumi: (comes after you in conquest bc nohr declared war on hoshido)
everyone: what the fuck??? look….ik he got war declared on his country but this is so unacceptable how dare he
takumi: (has an infereiority complex where he always feels the need to prove himself that hes worthy of anything)
everyone: wow so pathetic aaha idk what its like to be a middle child but
takumi: (gets possessed bc hes been betrayed, has failed to help his country bc he couldnt beat corrin even after trying to 3 times, lost his retainers, failed his country, and was abt to be taken prisoner and possibly killed if he didnt throw himself off the wall killing himself)
everyone: WOW hes so pathetic ive never seen a character that isnt neurotypical 


hidden_horizon Today I met the most amazing man! I met Sebastian Stan and it was a dream come true, never in a million year did I ever think I’d get to meet him and see in acting on set! He is so polite and phenomenal! Words cannot describe my thoughts and emotions today! Today has been the best day of my life hands down! I never get to meet famous people or go to comic cons and meet them so today was a huge surprise and dream come true! Especially hearing him trying to pronounce my name and love my country it’s amazing! Thank you so much @imsebastianstan i probably looked my a mumbling mess but you have no idea what today meant to me! I will remember this day until I die! 💕💕☘

he’s filming in bray, Ireland my friends cousin works on set so she brought us in and it was incredible ahh I cant😂😂🎉

He was in between shots so he ran over and stayed for like ten minutes , he was so cute and polite and i kinda lost my cool at started laughing which he join in on and he was talking about Ireland and my phone? Weird i know but he was like “it was lovely talking to you Aoife” and he held my hand doing that and i died👌😂😭😭

Sebastian commenting on a fan’s picture and some notes from set!


looking for home for betta fish summer 2016
his name is Cupid and he is a delta tail male

my family is moving across country this summer and i just dont think i wanna risk taking him…if anyone in the midwest area specifically wisconsin would like to adopt him please message me. comes with tank/filter/heater/plants/tank accessories/food.
he is a really sweet fish and hes very smart and inquisitive. i really regret having to let him go but i dont want to risk his health. if you cant adopt him please just signal boost!

The House That Built Me

Songfic based on “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Summary: After his dads pass away, Dillon Lester-Howell returns to his childhood home where his parents lived all his life, right before he plans to sell it.

Genre: fluffy angst, songfic

Warnings: mentioned character deaths, bad writing (as usual)

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Some people enjoyed my first fic, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” I just love songfics. normally I hate country music but this song holds a special place in my heart, reasons unknown as I’ve lived in the same house my whole life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This one if from Dil’s perspective I just thought that would be an interesting spin. (Also Dad=Dan and Papa=Phil) I may or may not have cried a great deal writing this. Enjoy kiddos!

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Banners for Soldier Donghae:

➮ Let’s have (your) birthday party together on 2017!

➮ Our Donghae, please use him well for 21 months and please give him back prettily

➮ Donghae-ya, thank you for being born <3 

➮ Oppa, Happy Birthday~ We will always miss you, After 21 months, we will never part again 

➮ Donghae-ya, take care of the country! I will take care of this spot <3

➮ Let’s meet again at exit 1015 of my heart on 2017 Waiting For You 

➮ Please wait! Because we’ll come again! 

➮ It’s 2017.07.14 tomorrow 

➮ My heart too will enlist together with Donghae 

➮ You’re my everything, you’re my best  (c)  


@anon after spending 3 days in an amazing country i only got 4 photos which didnt turn out blurry or shit, 2 of which were from the plane window.

im so sorry


Hi Taylor, my name is Kate and i’m from Mexico.
So i’m writing this because i’m just tired of this bullshit.
Taylor, this is your FIFTH ALBUM and your FOURTH TOUR and i cant/won’t understand why you haven’t come to Latinamerica.
You always go to the same places, always tour on the same countries but you have never thought of us! Do we even mean anything to you?!
Latinamerica fans are always the outsiders of the fandom; we are always excluded of everything!
But what pisses me off the most is that we are very loyal and passionate fans, who always try to show you how much we love you but it seems like you don’t even care!
You have no idea how excited we were when the 1989 tour dates were released and then we were completely heartbroken when we saw latinamerica was not part of the tour; thousands of fans saved money for months, even years for this tour and were so sad to see you were not coming here!
i feel very grateful to say that i got to see you this tour, it had been my dream for such a long time and it finally came true; to be honest it was the most incredible and magical night of my life, i had so much fun and will never forget it.
but i couldn’t had gone to the concert if it wasn’t because of the effort my parents made to pay for the concert tickets, the plane tickets, the hotel, transportation and…. well everything!

They are so sad to see The 1989 Tour come to an end and to realize that they missed another tour!
i don’t know if you know but you are the only international artist that has never toured in Latinamerica (!!!!)
We are so sad, mad and frustrared because you said you would come, you promised it (!!!!!!)

Taylor, if you think you don’t have enough fans in here or you are not popular enough YOU ARE WRONG!



So please Taylor, if its in your hands, please add more tour dates and visit our contries so you can see how much we love you!

btw: if i seem harsh at the beginning i’m so sorry but i wrote that part in a note on my phone at 2:30 in the morning, i was mad and i was crying and yeah… but i really do love you, you mean the world to me and it would mean so much to us if you toured in our countries.