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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Hi. Im (not) Sarah McLachlan. Will you be an angel for an underpaid malwart worker? Every day innocent carts are ripped from their homes and arranged in a seemingly ritualistic format to summon coupon demons. And people are crying out at the lost parking spaces. Please, dont be an asshole, and join the rest of decent humanity. For just 18 seconds of your life, you help stop the summoning of coupon demons, and provide more parking for other people, who just wanted some damn ice cream, and ease the jobs of underpaid malwart employees. Please, don’t be an asshole, or stop using shopping carts if you cant help it. Right now there’s a shopping cart that’s homeless. Your action says “I wont force you to summon coupon demons.” Please stop being an asshole. Right now.
(If only you could see the full video… I just wanted some ice cream…)

fixed the ask for u anon, since you made such a silly mistake 😘😘😘😘😘


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to โ€ฆ well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

โ€œI do want to stop.โ€

โ€œMmkโ€ she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. โ€œI think thereโ€™s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.โ€

โ€œNo. I mean stop. Get out of the carโ€ฆ eventuallyโ€

โ€œOh.โ€ She said simply, realizing his meaning. โ€œThatโ€™sโ€ฆ good, Mulder.โ€ She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

โ€œI just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything thatโ€™s been taken from us.โ€

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i just saw someone try to justify j0nerys by saying that the 'entire targaryeon dynasty' partook in incest so that somehow makes it okay and i'm like????? YES. EXACTLY. THAT'S WHY ITS WRONG BECKY. The fact that the targaryeons practiced incest was a BAD thing - the books highlighted this through and through (the whole 'every time a targ is born you flip a coin' thing), it doesn't work in j0nerys' favour lmao

some j0nerys fans are wild. i can’t believe we’re in the year two thousand and seventeen and have to justify why incest is /bad/. Then again trump is president so anything is possible. it wasn’t okay when the targs did it, wasn’t okay when jaime and cersei did it, and it certainly isn’t okay when it’s a protagonist doing it (shipping jon with ANY of his family members smh)

Headcanon time

So I have some thoughts, or headcanons if you wish, about Darkiplier and Antisepticeye.

Like Mark said, Darkiplier is not from this world, and he is a social manipulator. My headcanon is that Darkiplier made a deal with Mark in his darkest moment (and What put Mark in this position is something I refuse to talk about, because I wouldn’t want any of my personal tragedies be a part of someones headcanon). He probably did it in a dream that Mark can’t even remember.

Darkiplier didn’t have either a name or a face before he made that deal with Mark. Dark was just an entity, or spirit or something without a specific shape. That’s why he looks like Mark. And he probably ironically took the name Darkiplier because he thought it was funny and that he needs a name to be called (like people saying yas ironically but now cant stop kinda deal).

But Darkiplier uses people, probably because he has a goal. Everything he does he does with great thought beforehand, but he can lose his cool. He has a goal even if we don’t know what it is and he will do whatever it takes to reach it. And that makes him terrifying.

Antisepticeye is the opposite. He is a glitch that does as he pleases in the moment, with no goal in the long run. He just follow his instincts and treats the world and everything in it as his playground. And that begs the questions, why Jack? How did he take over him? Was he a part of Jack from the begining? If not, where did he come from?

And I can’t decide which one I think is more terrifying. The one that plans everything ahead and manipulates. Or the one that does what he pleases in the moment.

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During your last stream you told us about mood boards and a collage program that helps create them for free. What was the name of that program again?


The program was Turbo Collage!

I started using it a few months ago for quick moodboards at work, and now I cant stop using it. Definitely give it a try! The free version puts a tiny url in the bottom corner, and isn’t too distracting if you want to give it test run.

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Alex summers headcannon/imagine were his s/o wears glasses but no one knows because she always wears contacts then one day she runs out and has to go around the mansion in her glasses and everyone is really confused then Alex shows up and is even more confused and finds it adorable cause they slip down her nose and stuff but has to pretend like he doesn't find it soooo adorable cause that would hurt his big bad boy rep. thank you.

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Oh god this is so cute !!! If its ok with you I’m gonna do a short imagine based on this its so ADORABLE !!!!! I am floating on a cloud of fluff right now and i cant stop using exclamation points !!!!