cant stop repeating it

PLASTIC feat. BewhY (비와이)
  • PLASTIC feat. BewhY (비와이)
  • JOONIL JUNG (Jung Joon Il) (정준일)

why can’t I feel the light although I know it’s there ?
I am nothing, why am I nothing ?

save me please

that autism feel when your speech is a mess…… like you literally cant stop repeating yourself and starting over in the middle of your sentences and sometimes even your words so nobody understands you or takes you seriously bc they all think you sound like a child when you talk and to make matters even worse you either mumble towards the end of every sentence or talk way too loud there is no in between and you kinda just get really frustrated bc you wish you could just talk like a normal person

so i was listening to my music and “kings” by angela came on and i started crying???,,?like????all these flashbacks of k project scenery came to my head??; and all the characters???every single one?;,?and their smiles??(the colour of munakatas hair and suohs voice as well????)?? why head??? i didnt need this in the middle of the day??? i miss k project??so ???much??????????

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its 10:14 pm. im thinking about knitting, and my best friend, this special girl that i love, this incredible girl that i cant be with no matter how much i believe that we were made for each other, i cant stop repeating moments that we had together, but thats all i have, moments, thats all i will ever have, and i dont mind really, i dont want to ever leave her without a best friend, i just wish she knew how beautiful she was.

this is so beautiful

my therapist asked if i thought me feeling better was a placebo effect and now i cant stop repeating in my mind that it is and i dont actually feel okay hahaassssshdhduieenfi my mind is being echolalic as hell pleaase kill me



had this song on repeat for the past 3 days and I cant stop

Listening to 좋더라 I'M YOUNG (TAEHYUN SOLO) by WINNER

ini lagu berefek mimpi serem gue rasa… bahaha… but I cant stop to repeat this song. Taehyun thanks to steal my heart. – Preview it on Path.

So we saw a car crash and the people around didnt respond and i froze but then i jumped a fence and this guy was being all “how dare you crash in front of me and inconvenience me” and i was going to fucking beat the shit out of him and i am still running on pure adrenaline like 3 hours later and my knee is shot to hell from that fence jump (i cant stand on it now) and 911 blew us off and my friend ran ice to them (we tried to keep up but im not a runner by any means) and it was horrible and i am an anxious mess and i refuse to drive for a week.

The sound was so horrible i cant stop hearing it, it just repeats in my head all distorted over and over and over again and im still fucking shaking and i cant stop thinking about it. My therapist is gonna have some shit to deal w on monday cause all i wanna do is smoke, drink, and forget this ever happened.

Ive never been so angry in my life. Ive never screamed like that at anyone im horrified by the sounds that came out of my throat when i was cursing those people out i have no idea what i said i was so scared for those who were in the accident and i just realized some fucker recorded that.