cant stop repeating it


@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012

*lifts leg* i cant stop watching anime amvs and listening to safety dance on repeat. anyways. how are yall today (also i learned how to use the word yall! hooray) 

cloudsailorofwarmweather asked:

Attica '71.. i cant stop listening to it. its been 2 hours on repeat. hella inspired, currently working on my EP and i just got home from a frustrating recording session. i heard this and it made me really stoked to keep going with this process. you're dope, keep at it!

awesome. & listen, you should be frustrated every now & then. every day can’t be perfect. struggle breeds character. and every day you work on music, whether it ends up being good, or used, is a day that you hit the gym for music & you got even a little better. remember that <3

Sometimes I get a word or phrase stuck in my head and i cant stop repeating it over and over. Usually it goes away once i look up the word or figure out where i’ve heard the phrase before.

Lately, I cant stop thinking of the word pretentious. So im gonna look it up.