cant stop laughign

chuuya holding dazai’s face in his hands, very little proximity between them as he whispers white lies and untold secrets against his lips.
“battre les œufs, puis incorporer en fouettant la farine et le sel….” his words are like silk laced with gold, both taunting and soothing dazai.
chuuya’s lashes bat and he barely pecks dazai’s lips after singing, “verser le lait petit à petit tout en continuant à fouetter.”
“god, chuuya…” dazai sighs, feeling his face flush.
“faire chauffer l'huile dans une crêpière.”
dazai pauses, staring up at chuuya. chuuya’s complexion cracks and he feels himself sweat.
“crêpière?” dazai puts the pieces together and jerks forward, breaking from chuuya’s grasp while sitting up, “is that crepe? were you reading me a french recipe this entire time?”