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Fandom: X-men
Characters: Logan, Scott
Relationship: Logan/reader, Scott/reader (Brother)
request: Being Scott summers little sister and Logan having a thing for her.
Authors Note: Your mutation is that you can manipulate anything to form a shield or protective cover, such as electricity (this also acts like a electric fence and can shock your opponent) also, your mutation can absorbed the attackers power. I though it would be a good power as it means she is the only one who can talk to Scott without his glasses. It means they have a closer connection as she is the only one who isn’t affected by his powers.
He just kinda jumped into your life. It was so strange.
You had seen him running around the mansion in his boxers but you didn’t complain. Xavier called you to his office one Logan had settled in and asked you to keep an eye on him.
“Your kind, understanding nature might be just what he needs at this point in time.”
And with that, you were inseparable.
Logan adored you in a way he would never tell you, especially with your brother around. Scott was very protective over his little sister and Logan knew it. But that didn’t stop him slowly falling in love with you.
Logan was walking along one of the many hallways in the academy when a hand reached out and pulled him into a room, slamming him against the wall. His claws shot out, ready to fight but retracted when he saw Scott with a rather pissed off expression on his face.
“Scott? I hope that’s not how you treat kids.” Logan grunts as he pushes Scott away, making him stumble.
“No, just the ones who hit on my sister.” Scott spat sourly at Logan, his hands balled into fists. Logans cool domineer for a couple of seconds before he composed himself.
“I never hit on your sister.” Logan turned to walk toward the door, but scott pulled him back.
“If she gets hurt, I will personally make sure to have those claws cut.” Scotts voice was low and menacing as he let go of Logan.
“Why would I hurt her?” Logan matched Scotts dangerous tone, his own hands in fists as he felt his temper boil.
“You’re an animal. Its only a matter of time.” Scott spat. He knew his words would strike a nerve in Logan, but he also knew he had to protect you. Your mutation may mean you can protect yourself, but Scott was still protective of you since you were still young and he didn’t want to see you get hurt.
“I would never hurt her.” Logan growled.
“Why not?”
“Because I love [y/n]…” Logans voice started off loud but then trailed off as his eyes fell on the face peaking into the room.
You skipped along the hallway, humming happily to yourself until you heard low voices coming from one of the empty classes.
“I will personally make sure to have those claws cut.” You recognised the tone of your brothers voice as you had only heard it once when he had caught you fighting with a bully when you were at school and you knew shit was about to go down.
Tiptoeing over to the door, you peak through the small gap that been left.
“Why would I hurt her?” Logan? Why was Scott fighting with logan? Okay, its not uncommon for them to have a ‘friendly dispute’, but this sounded like it was going to turn nasty soon. And who was it about?
“You’re an animal. Its only a matter of time.” You could clearly see both their faces and almost feel the steam coming off them. That was a low blow and you made a mental note to slap Scott later. No matter what they were arguing about, that was unacceptable.
“I would never hurt her.” Her? Whos her? You slowly push the door open a little bit so you could peak in a little. The way Logan was saying he wouldn’t hurt ‘her’, he sounded hurt and angry that anyone would suggest such a thing. Something in his voice, how it softened when he said ‘her’.
“Why not?” tension was raising and it was going to break. You pushed the door further, ready to jump between them if a fight would break out.
“Because I love [y/n]…”
He loved you.
His eyes met yours as they both looked to you figure in the doorway.
Your hand fell from the door and to your side as you processed what just happened. He loved you and would never hurt you. Your head was spinning and you felt the need to pinch yourself to prove it was real. The beautiful eyes bore into yours, searching for some sort of reaction to his words.
Logan never showed weakness, but he had never felt weaker than now.
Your eyes darted to look out the window at the beautiful picture perfect view.
Logan watched your actions and thought it was rejection. He sighed and took a step forward.
“[y/n]. Im sorry, i didn’t…” Logan was cut off as you stepped forward, put your hands on his shoulders and pulled him down so your lips met his in a sweet kiss.
Logans eyes widened at your sudden and impulsive action but quickly shut as his hands rested on your hips, his lips moving against yours. Your heart was beating hard against your chest but as Logan pulled you closer to his own chest, you couldn’t help but lean on him and let out a soft moan against his lips.
You felt a hand roughly grab your upper arm and rip you away from Logan. Your eyes flew open as you saw Scott pulling you towards him and away from Logan with all his might.
“Scott!” you try to wriggle free of his grip and get back to Logan but it was near enough impossible. You watched Scott carefully and you knew he was glaring at Logan. There was a small bit of you that thought he might take his glasses off!
“You stay away from my sister.” He pulls you so you were behind him, Scott taking a firm stance between you both. You looked at Logan, seeing the hurt flash across his eyes. But it was gone as quick as it came.
“Like hell I will. After a kiss like that!” Logan steps forward, reaching out a hand for you, which you attempted to reach, only for Scott to push you further away. Logan became enraged by this acion and took another step forward, his eyes on Scott as he, once again, held out his hand to you, which Scott slapped away.
That was a bad move.
A animalistic growl escaped Logan throat as he stared at Scott, his eyes becoming somehow darker. Scott stood firm and steady between you too and you knew there was only one way that this could turn out well.
Darting under Scotts arm, you stood between the two men, slightly raising your hand to each of them.
“Don’t do this.” You turn to Scott first, making sure he could see how upset you were over this. As much as he hated to see you get hurt, he hated it more when he was the reason.
“I don’t want to argue with you. You are my brother and I love you, but you need to let me grow up. You have this constant need to keep me from danger, but danger will find me. How would you rather it find me? Defenceless, helpless and weak, unable to defend myself. Or strong and confident? I cant stand up for myself. I can look out for myself. Please, Scott, if it’s a mistake, let me make it. Let me learn?” You plea with him, not looking away from Scott as you tried to read his expression. He let his head fall forward a little, and you knew he was looking at the floor as he sighed.
“Im sorry, [y/n]. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” He looks back up at you.
You smile at him and walk back to him, wrapping your arms around him. He hugged you back, his hand rubbing circles on your back in a comforting way.
When you pulled away, you smile at Scott, who smiled back at you. His head turned to Logan who was standing behind you still, staying very quiet.
“You hurt her, I swear I will hunt you down.” Scott then gave you one last pat on the shoulder and walked out the room, probably going to fine Jean.
You turn and smile at Logan, who looked like he had just been hit by a tree.
“What just happened?” He asks, looking from the door and back to you, bewildered.
“I think, I think, he okay with us.” You smile, walking over to one of the tables and perching on it, swinging your legs playfully. Logan walked towards you, rather slowly, as if Scott was going to come back and beat him if he got in a certain distance to you.
“So, that kiss?” He asks when he is standing in front of you, his hands coming up and resting on your hips as you allowed him to stand between your legs.
“Yeah?” You look up at him through your eyelashes, biting you lip.
“We should do that again.” He leans closer, his voice dropping. You let out a soft moan of agreement as his lips met your, once again in a sweet kiss.

I Remain Silent - Jack Barakat - Running From Lions - Part One

‘Could you do a jack barakat where you’re really shy and your dad abuses you and at school jack tries to give you a high five or something and you flinch Really badly and he keeps bugging you about it and you finally explain and sorry this is so specific thanks.’

Hope this is okay, Chapter 2? ~Sara

Motionlessly, I remain seated in my small corner of the classroom. I like to call it my corner because no one ever comes over here except me. There’s an old, beat up desk that once might have fit two people on it, but was broken during some kind of fight. There aren’t any windows, meaning it’s always cold and quite dark compared to the rest of the room, but that’s no issue. I don’t like socializing with the other kids and they don’t like me. Even if they did like me, I’m just the stupid little new girl with a dysfunctional family and no social life. I’ve only been at the school for a week and have already been scheduled for various sessions of counseling, therapy and doctors appointments. I have no clue why, maybe it’s because of my poor social skills, maybe they’re worried about me, or maybe it’s the random wounds that keep appearing out of nowhere. I know which one it is, but I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something more to it than that…
They probably think I’m insane.
They’d ask me:
‘Did you do this to yourself?’
I’d reply ‘No.’
They’d say ‘So someone else did this to you?’
I’d reply ‘No.’
Of course, they don’t believe me. Who would? If I’m getting hurt, I’m not doing it, and no one else is doing it then that’s just impossible.
Then they’d say ‘We can’t help if you don’t tell us the truth’
Id reply ‘I am telling you the truth,’
‘Have you got a parent or guardian we could speak with?’
‘So you’re completely alone?’
I remain silent.
‘Do you have any older brothers or sisters we could talk to, any family at all?’

This is roughly when they’d get frustrated because I’m not cooperating enough and send me back to class. Every goddamn time, it’s the same thing. The truth is, I do have an adult. Not a parent, an adult. But I will never let my ‘father’ speak with them. Ever.
If he found out I was in counseling, who knows what he’d do?
These thoughts eat away at my brain for at least a solid hour until the bell rings, marking the end of class. I quickly gather my things and leave. School used to be my favorite part of the day because it was the one time I could get away from my father, but every day since I’ve been coming here its rank on the list seems to be lowering at an insane speed.
Nonetheless, I remove myself from the school grounds as fast as I can. I decide to take the longer route home so I can get some time alone, really alone. Not the type of alone where I’m constantly being hit or the type of alone where I’m being constantly questioned about the fact I’m being constantly hit either. I walk straight forward at a constant pace, eyes on the ground to avoid any human interaction as usual. I hope dad’s not drunk again. He’s scares me when he’s drunk. Hell, he scares me when he’s sober. My dad is as close to evil as you can legally get. I hate him so much, but I cant leave. I don’t have a job, no one will employ me, and if I do manage to find somewhere to earn some money, my dad takes it and locks me in the house. I feel my fists ball up. I get angry just thinking about him. Suddenly, I feel a tall figure stop me in my tracks. I look up to see a tall stranger with seemingly odd hair. I feel his hands weigh down my shoulders. He looks straight into my eyes and I instantly feel like he can see right through me. I suddenly get very nervous, and I think he can tell. “Whoa, I’m sorry,” He exclaims surprised “I wasn’t looking where I was going.” “It’s no problem.” I tell him quietly, and try to walk around him. “Hold up, what’s your name? I think I’ve seem you before?” He asks. “Y/N” I reply almost silently. “Hey Y/N, I’m Jack.” He smiles, looking almost proud of himself. “Nice to meet you.” I manage. “You too, I’m sorry, I gotta get going,” He tells me. ‘Thank god’ I think to myself. I walk away, trying to keep my urgency as subtle as possible. “See ya” He calls after me hopelessly. I don’t look back.

Later that night~

“Y/N! Where are ya you piece of shit?” I hear my drunken dad slur from the general direction of the living room. I repress how scared I am and continue cooking dinner. I don’t reply to him. “Y/N! I’m fucking talking to you!” He yells from next door. It gets harder to block out his voice with every word that leaves his mouth, but I keep trying, until he ends up behind me of course.
“You fucking bitch. Listen to me!” He screams in my face, his bottle of beer falling from his hand and smashing into a million pieces on the ground. If the neighbors cared they’d probably have called the police, but it turns out I’m not the only one in this town who’s scared to death of him. “I’m listening sir…” I stammer, I wish I could be brave, I wish I could stand up for myself, but I cant. I’m just another wannabe hero. “Where the fuck is my food?” He asks, but before I could answer his palm collides with my right cheek, the force sending me to the ground in amongst the glass and alcohol, where I belong. “How’d that happen?!? You better clean that shit up you useless whore.” He mutters. ‘In your dreams’ I imagine myself saying. I remain silent. “What was that? I’m sorry love, I didn’t fucking hear you!! Now I’m going to say it again in a way that your pathetic little brain might be able to process. I’m gonna make this real simple for you.” He explains “WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO CLEAN THIS MESS?” He attempts to annunciate every word, saying them as slow as he could, finishing his sentence with multiple kicks to my stomach. I watch as he makes his way back to the living room, leaving me alone on the kitchen floor. I start to cry, I hate him so much. I reach up for the counter so I can pull myself up. I slowly begin to stand up. Once I’ve managed to regain my posture, I pick (mostly) small shards of glass out of my arms and legs, Wincing every time. I look over the marks the pieces of bottle had left; this certainly isn’t going to help my case at school tomorrow. I move to the food I was originally making, all that remained was a burnt mess in the bottom of the pan, not resembling pasta in the slightest.
I fumble around until I find a dishcloth, I then use it to mop up the mixture of blood and beer that covers a lot of the floor, and then I pick up the remaining shards of glass and throw them into a bin.
Once again, I begin making dinner for my dad after washing the burnt husk of food out of the pan. It’s going to be late. He isn’t going to be happy. I don’t even want to think about what he’s going to do to me….

The next day~
I walk through the corridors as quick as I can, which admittedly isn’t very fast due to foot traffic. I have Biology next.
I get out of the crowd and head to my classroom at a fairly constant speed, until I get pushed into a locker of course. I feel a large hand grab me “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there.” I hear a familiar voice say, panicking. “Smooth moves Barakat.” I hear another guy laugh; admittedly I smile slightly at his comment. I look up to see none other than Jack, the guy who also walked into me yesterday.
“Oh, It’s you again!” He grins cheekily. He raises his hand and begins to move it towards me. Oh God, he’s going to hit me.
Instinctively, I force my eyes shut and brace for impact…
But it never comes.
“Y/N, why did you flinch awa- Oh god, did you think I was gonna….?” He trailed off and I panic. “I’ve, I’ve got to go,” I blurt out quickly, turning away and racing down the corridor in the wrong direction. My heart is racing, God I’m so stupid, but if he wasn’t going to hit me then what was he going to do? I don’t have time to think about it right now, I just have to get away from him. “Y/N!” I hear him call from behind me.

thats a really tough request because i dont know how to draw faces?? i made a video though, mind you this took like 4min irl, i just sped it up to 30sec bc i cant stand watching myself draw for four whole minutes

if you really want to know how to draw faces i also can provide HOT TIPS (by hot tips i mean things 2 study lmao)

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