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TG:RE is tiring me out

I have to make a post about this weeks chapter because this has me fucked up and i can’t be the only one. The chapter is actually a good build up for the arc but Ishida…really??? I normally don’t disagree with his writing and I don’t really care because my input doesn’t matter but…that ending has me fucked. The problem im seeing is the whole thing of getting Kaneki and Touka together. Fight me on this, but the timing is off. Personally I don’t think its right to have Kaneki be emotionally involved with someone when he cant sort out his own feelings of being suicidal (he still is) and being the one-eyeed king.

The whole thing is really rushed with him finally going back to RE, Touka having that “talk” with him which, honestly is ambushing him because he clearly hasn’t thought of them being together.  Kaneki is clearly uncomfortable by the whole thing by repeatedly drinking out of an EMPTY cup. 

 But good for Touka for making her feelings clear to a guy she’s waited for years. They dont really go too deep about where their relationship stands, just briefly going over how Touka isnt okay with Kaneki continuous suicidal attempts but nothing more. In a way it seems Touka uses herself as a means for Kaneki to not leave her behind and that throws me off even more.

Moving on to the RE attack and them both fleeing to safty. Both are distraught by their emotions and found comfort with each other which is fine and all. I didn’t find a problem with the chapter and thought it was actually really beautiful. Then the whole ring thing MY GOD, REALLY???

 They played it off as something just to give. Kaneki playing it and acting as he doesn’t know what type of ring it stands for is bullshit. The whole thing is downplayed and quick but bring it to this weeks and I’m actually over it. Again, they dont even talk about their relationship and where it is, they just move on.

 Them being together is being too forced and the quick progression of their relationship and now seeing that Touka is pregnant is just… quick (I don’t have a better word for it). I get it they had sex without a condom and bam, a baby on the way but I mean, come on. People shouldn’t be happy over this, it’s a death flag. Thinking that Kaneki is emotionally able to care for a child, with a potential death flag, he’s going to be more distraught than before. 

Seeing people ACTUALLY being excited over this baby is throwing me off. IT’S A DEATH FLAG. TOUKA ALREADY HAD A DEATH FLAG ON HERSELF AND NOW SHE HAS ANOTHER ONE. I’m just over this whole “Kaneki and Touka getting together” thing. Im not against them being together I’m just against the relationship progressing quickly from, ambushed confession, sex, heres a ring, and then baby.

The Piece I Can’t Live Without

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Summary: jon snow admiring Y/n  then leads into confessions of sorts and etc 

Warnings: none i dont think 

Authors note: this sucks pls dont kill me and school strted so i cant update  

Jon Snow  P.O.V

When I agreed to enter this marriage i didn’t think for a second that i might fall in love with Y/N L/N but here i stand  months  later  staring  at her with adoring eyes  while she meditates . I especially loved watching her while she did this for she looked absolutely ravishing with her long H/C  trailing down her back stopping right above her waist.Her red silk dress hugging   her curvy body . My favorite thing about this dress was how it clung to her chest her nipples pressing into the silk fabric while spoke. Her chanting words snapped me out of my trance but i was instantly hypnotized again when i her face in the fires glow her beautiful E/C had flames dancing in them her eyelids were dropped and her plump cherry colored lips were letting out words almost therapeutic. I closed my eyes letting myself get lost in her voice.

Y/N’s P.O.V 

In the midst of my meditation i could feel someone watching me from the shadows .When i looked behind me i saw ghost’s paw sticking out from the shadows in that instant i knew who it was.

“I know you are there Jon.” I said while watching him step out of the dark corner of the building we were in.

“I’m sorry if i scared you darling.’‘Jon said apologetically 

’'No you didn’t scare me .” i replied while he made his way over to me
“But i am curios as to why you were watching me from the shadows.”

“admiring the view one would say .” Jon replied watching as i got up and met him in the middle of the room 

“now that we are married you don’t have to do that in the shadows anymore love.” i whisper in his ear before pressing a kiss under his ear admiring the noise that he makes

“Be careful wife i cant control myself that well.’'he said in a gruff voice 

’'Then don’t” right as the words spilled out of my mouth i felt him pressing into me and  his cold lips pressed  into mine. His tongue  clashing into my  teeth before exploring the roof of my mouth.

the kiss lasted what felt like hours and i hadn’t moved i was in a shock of pure bliss that i didn’t want to not in Jon’s and I months of marriage  has he ever kissed me like that and i didn’t want to ever stop but unfortunately all good things do as he pulled away i instantly missed the feeling of his lips on mine 

“I;m so sorry Y/N i should have asked first.’'he went on before i stopped him by faintly whispering ’'Do it again.”

“What.” he said in something that sounded like disbelief 

Needing him more than ever i grabbed him by his hands and crashed our lips together in that moment i knew we were meant for one another for no other mans lips could fit mine this perfect like he was the missing piece of me i cant live without 

I pulled away and whispered “I love You Lord Snow.”

I love you lady snow.“ he replied

is it weird that i dont see waverly kissing rosita (is that even her name?) as like,,,, proper cheating? like cheating is gross and to have it in a storyline about gay women is in terrible taste (which is what i dislike about it the most) but i think for me it started making me think about what i define as cheating?

bc like i know if i were dating someone and they kissed someone else i’d be upset but if i knew the circumstances were similar to waverly’s, i.e. several drinks in, in a fragile-ish place, instant regret, i’d feel like, yeah she made a mistake, she didn’t cheat.

and now im not sure if that’s because in the community i grew up in and am still in you’re not supposed to touch like, at all, before marriage. i know plenty of couples whose first kiss with their spouse is on their wedding night and their entire relationship is emotional and intellectual and the physical stuff is secondary and built on that emotional foundation. so i think i’d be a lot more upset if i found out that someone was having that sort of romantic emotional connection with someone else. and idek what to think about sex cheating bc one-night stands slash casual hookups are literally the furthest thing from my mind like i cant even conceptualize it

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if youre doing that "make me choose .." ask thing : eridan vs equius! which one is the most fav ':^)?

how dare you try to make me choose. this image is your punishment.

From my personal experience I think I can label 4 types of plucking with Trich.

1) Casual plucking, where you don’t really HAVE to but some part of you REALLY wants to prolly cause you started without thinking, noticed, and kinda continued cos it was nice feeling or cos its tempting and you start and its a calm plucking level 

 2) Stressed plucking, usually after a highly stressful occasion of some sort, focused and aware, knows whats happen, whats going on, knows its bad, feels like crap emotionally but it wont stop and it has to happen and its a need it has to it cant be controlled without high levels of discomfort 

3) Impulsive Plucking, pretty much the same as 2 but usually starts with “Hey that itches” or “Hey that hair stands out” or “Hey you know that hurts” or “Hey look that thing needs plucking, we will do just one" 

4) Mindless plucking, usually without really thinking / noticing or only partially noticing but not really fully getting that its a bad thing and you should stop cos its only in the side of your attention

okay so a lot of people have had hc’s about jack getting checked in the NHL and bitty panicking back at the Haus because he can’t get to him. but I can’t stop thinking about the reverse?

  • because yeah it happened in bitty’s sophomore year and it was v traumatic and all but. it’s different after they’re together?
  • so it’s bitty’s senior year and. it’s just a regular season game like it’s not even a tournament game or a playoff game it’s just the middle of their season
  • jack can’t make it down for the game. he’s busy doing a promotional thing in providence or something but he can’t make it to the actual game and bitty understands like it’s not a huge deal. it’s just one game and they saw each other the past weekend. so. they’re good.
  • anyway. the samwell team is on their home ice for a game and it’s against one of their rivals and the game is just. ugly. both teams are playing dirty, going for blood. dex has been put in the penalty box at least 8 times already and wicks at about the same. so far bitty has avoided any outright violence but.
  • ((under a readmore bc it got really fucking long holy shit. like almost 2k of words long?))

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would u/have u ever considered a poly or open relationship style thing?

i’ve considered it, and perhaps under the right circumstances and with the right people, it could work

but i’ve been… burned, a few times. 3 of my partners have left me because they wanted to be in an open relationship/date someone besides me, and at those points in my life i don’t think i was ready or secure or emotionally mature enough to handle that sort of thing. 2 of those partners said “oh, thats fine! i love you!” and then proceeded to cheat on me with the people they wanted to add to the equation

now, in NO way do i think this reflects ANYTHING about poly people in general. i love you guys. if anything it just shows that i date shitty people and i cant seem to stand up for myself in relationships. 

it would have to be 2 (or more i suppose) people that i love and trust entirely, and it would need to be like, all of us in a relationship, i think? not just… me dating someone who is also dating another person that i’m not dating. ya feel? 

i have jealousy issues, too. from past abuse & cheating. 

but long story short, yes, i would be open to it, as i am open to all things, but itd need to be under some pretty specific conditions 


hmm. i am inclined to disagree, but you’ve got me thinkin’

i think if dipper found something like that, he would be enthralled. little kids tend to think the world of their parents, dipper wouldnt be ashamed of stan just because he’s a con artist. he’s lifelong friends with wendy, too, he’s bound to have grown up with a diminished respect for the law at best. so imo if dipper thought that stan had been a great scientist when he was younger, he would be overjoyed and immediately pepper his uncle with questions about it. “trust no one” is no longer his motto, he has no reason to hide anything.

that being said, i think stan’s reaction to the kid’s interest in his brother’s work would affect him. he’d give some vague lecture/warning about it all being a dangerous path that gives you a big head and nothing but problems. dont go looking for trouble, just be prepared to stand against it when you have no other choice. stuff like that, he doesnt want to lose dipper the way he lost his twin.

so that would all be kind of a damper on dipper’s spirits, but then again the kid’s always been a curious little shit. he just cant stop wondering what’s out there. thinking about it scares him, but stan’s always taught him to face his fears, right? this counts as “being prepared”, right? and he doesnt like not knowing things. so as much as stan urges him to stay away from that sort of thing, it kind of backfires. i can imagine a tiny seven-year-old dipper asking wendy to help him find a rare toad with clear skin and a voice like a bull elephant or something, but he ends up having to hold her hand while she leads the way.

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The real question is how many times has Piper tried to give Jason a boner on purpose to mess with him. And how any times have Leo and Percy heated on whether or not he would get a boner in certain situations

…lets be real here, piper probably doesn’t have to try at all. jason is a very, very easy target. 

bUT LEO AND PERCY. oh god. those goobs. they sort of just catch wind of what’s about to Go Down (or not as it were, rip in peace jason) and settle back like “…i’ll give him ten minutes, tops.”/”ten minutes? dude, she’s doing the thing. you know he’ll cave in like, FIVE minutes.”/”is that so? fine. you want to put your money where you mouth is, bro?”

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ALL of the symbols for my son zoro!!


☾ - sleep headcanon
Zoro can sleep anywhere. literally anywhere. you could stick him in a barrel that barely contains his massive frame & he would sleep just fine, aside from cramps after waking. Generally though he prefers sleeping outside, even during the daytime. He’s also a surprisingly light sleeper, and his naps on the deck of the sunny are normally punctuated by waking up every now & then to check on the activities of the rest of the crew.

★ - sad headcanon
He actually has a lot of anxiety over not being able to achieve his dream, which is why he pursues it so relentlessly. Part of it is being afraid to let down Kuina & not fulfilling their dream, b/c he sees him becoming the strongest swordsman as proof that Kuina would have had a shot too even though she was a girl. (DFAB Zoro can’t stand the notion that women are weak because of their bodies, b/c it p much means he should be weak too.)

☆ - happy headcanon
Very often pretends to be asleep whenever Chopper or Luffy have taken residence in his lap even long after hes awake because he doesn’t have the heart to move or wake them. He’s also very easy to drag into a hug or cuddle pile, because even if he gets flustered by affection he still has no problem accepting & returning it. Absolute softie at heart, underneath his skin-deep cool & stoic attitude.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon
Zoro normally has a handle on his anger, but every now & then it’ll break the ceiling he’s set & he’s be completely unable to keep his cool. When that happens he gets really aggressive & violent and won’t stop fighting someone until he’s either forcibly removed from the situation, or his opponent is completely incapacitated. He also tends to go really overboard & say or do things that he would have never considered doing otherwise, which he normally regrets for weeks afterwards. For most the strawhats its a really terrifying thing to see, and the first time Nami, Usopp, & Chopper saw him like that they were scared to speak to him unless Luffy or someone else was nearby.

✿ - Sex headcanon
Very low, almost non-existent sex drive, though he does enjoy having sex just b/c its a nice thing to do & its good for blowing off steam. He also has a sadistic streak that he generally keeps to himself unless its been explicitly discussed between partners what is and isnt okay at that current time. (And even then, he usually only practices that sort of stuff w/ Sanji & occasionally Luffy, b/c he doesnt really want to hurt anyone hes really close for fear of hurting them to much.)

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
Zoro actually manages to keep his living space organized, but its such an odd method of organization that he’s the only one who can make sense of it, really. Robin probably figured it out too, but no one will let him organize anything that isnt his own personal stuff, b/c otherwise Nami & Sanji would be completely unable to find things in storage.

♡ - romantic headcanon
explicitly homoromantic, and very dedicated to whoever he’s with. He also adapts very well to different preferences between romantic partners. With Luffy especially, he’s really affectionate, because thats how Luffy prefers to be, and has no problem w/ PDA as long as no one around them has problems w/ PDA.

♥ - family headcanon
Is very dedicated to family, and puts p much no weight in blood-relation. If your blood has done you wrong, he won’t consider them family, and only cares about found family & stuff like that. He also writes letters to Koshiro to keep him updated on his swordsmanship & how things have been going, b/c sworddad deserves to know how close Zoro is to his ultimate dream.

☮ - friendship headcanon
Does not make friends easily. He’s amiable enough, but has an ingrained sense of distrust for anyone he doesnt know very well/hasnt known long. For the most part it’s worked out for him though (ex. Whiskey Peak), and it compliments Luffy’s absolute trust in almost everyone. He’s very friendly after getting to know someone though, and gets along really well with anyone who’s not offput by his sometimes stony attitude.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon
Likes wood whittling, and he’s okay at it. Generally you can tell what his figures are, but theyre very blocky & not finely detailed. He’ll often make stuff out of wood scraps that Franky cant use to fix the Sunny, and give them to people as gifts. He also sharpens his swords while he’s trying to sort through his thoughts, because the entire process is second nature to him, but it often results in nicks all over his fingertips that Chopper then insists on bandaging.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon
Absolutely loves having little hand-held things to fiddle with, especially 3D puzzles, but he normally has no idea how to solve them b/c he just pushes pieces around until its solved (Franky normally puts them back together for him to he can keep fiddling w/ them.) He also cant stand having long nails either. For a long time he’d pick at his nails, but Robin intervened once she joined the crew & showed him how to clip his nails so they didnt bother him. (She also gave him his first fiddle toy to distract his hands from picking)

▼ - childhood headcanon
As a kid he would always get in fights with other kids (sometimes adults) if they ever made the comment that he was a girl, or he’d never be a good swordsMAN. He was always really aggressive in his transness & it quickly became common knowledge that you either admitted Zoro’s gender was valid right off the bat, or you got in a really arduous fight w/ the seven year old who was surprisingly good at finding your own insecurities and picking away at them.

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon
Ages really really well and stays spry all the way up until death. He also looks less and less his age the older he starts getting, until one day its almost overnight that he starts to look fucking ancient, probably around the time he turns ninety-two. Very much the old monk who looks harmless but will beat your bratty ass w/ his swords if you make a fuss when he’s trying to sleep.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon
Zoro was allowed in Sanji’s kitchen exactly once before being banned for life. He can cook rice (and anything composed of at least 90% rice) & makes some semi-decent sushi if given the time, but the rest of his cooking is terrible. On top of that he also leaves the kitchen in absolute disarray, and will leave dishes in the sink until they absolutely need to be cleaned.

☼ - appearance headcanon
Literally the buff-est dude to ever lift. He’s got ridiculously broad shoulders & even a side-glance at him will reveal the guy spends way to much time lifting weights, but his musculature isnt actually very well [visually] defined because hes got a surface layer of chub that makes him perfect for cuddles. 

ൠ - random headcanon
Kind of appearance headcanon, but.  Scars. Literally he just has scars everywhere. He scars easily & normally doesnt take very good care of his injuries, so scars pop up from even the simplest little things, like nicking himself while sharpening a sword.

I have a tattoo on my upper arm, and half of it gets covered by my work shirt. Lots of people ask if they can see the whole thing. Sure! But then there’s the people (usually middle aged guys) who will grab my sleeve and pull it up?? I’ve learned to pull my arm away, and when they say they want to see my tattoo, I tell them no because they just touched me without permission, and I don’t feel comfortable showing them. That usually leaves them feeling embarrassed.
But there was this one guy. THIS GUY.
“I cant see your whole tattoo…”
I’m about to pull my sleeve up so he can see it..
“…because youre wearing too much clothing. I bet youd look better with less clothing”
The lady behind him looked MORTIFIED. im standing there speachless, hand him his receipt, and start talking to the lady so he will leave. He doesnt even get my usual “have a great day!”
What goes through guys minds??
Never have I encountered a male cashier/worker, who would say inappropriate things of any sort to a customer, why does it change as soon as the rolls get switched(of course it does happen, but I dont think as often as customer do to workers)?
I’ve had male workers tell me they like my hair, my shirt, my tattoo, but they never get inappropriate!
I’ve had guys come in and ask me to have threesomes with them?? Why do they think that kind of shit is okay?


When In Ghana I made a lot of pictures with my camera and Iphone camera . But I also made pictures with my disposable camera. The pictures you make with your phone are mostly 10 or more from one situation or selfie. We hand pic the picture we like the most for people to see. But with a disposable camera you cant see the picture until its developed.

The things that stand out the most out of my pictures where; the pictures of palm trees ( i made tons of pictures of palm trees), the people on the street who sell all sorts of daily necessities  like bread, ties, kelewele, all sorts of food made in China stuff and so on. You don’t see a lot of digital media being sold on the street. Trying to get these things on a head wrap was my challenge.

So I made my own wax printed fabric, with forms that represents my point of view out of the pictures I took. I used one Existing Adinkra symbol ‘Epa’; means handcuffs, and stands for slavery, law and justice. Seeing and hearing the stories of the things that happened during slavery in Cape Coast, Elmina Castle, made a deep impact on me. The other symbol of a camera Is one I made myself, which means in this context: ‘capturing memories of Ghana’, not seeing social media and the use of sefies in Ghana compared to the use of it in the west. And of course because I made the pictures with a camera like that, it was my point of view. Last symbol I used: A palm leaf, comes from the existing Adinkra symbol ‘Abe Dua’ which means Palm Tree and stands for: wealth, sufficiency (in this context) the wealth and potency of Ghana but also the awareness of how for granted we take certain things in the West, while a lot of people in Ghana see that as luxury, (awareness of how good we have it in the West).

My memories and impressions are now symbolized on my self made wax printed fabric, in this picture you can see my beautiful friend Linda Voerman (@afrodalia on tumblr) representing a street sells woman who sells disposable camera’s.

Avengers Fic: Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, pt 6

Agent Speer’s eyes got very, very large when Maria stepped into the elevator. Maria decided to take that as a good sign. “Good evening, Agent,” she said, shifting the delicate strap of her clutch purse higher on her shoulder. She had her jacket thrown over her arm, and she considered putting it on now.

She regretted agreeing to meet here at SHIELD, but she didn’t know what would’ve been a better option. She wasn’t going to Avengers Tower, she’d prefer to involve her own people than the Avengers in her love life.

Not that she had a love life. She had a date. One date. Her first date in a very long time.

“Good evening, ma'am.” Speer hugged a leather folio against her chest, her short red curls bouncing as her head jerked in Maria’s direction, and then away. She was blushing, her cheeks so pink that her freckles nearly disappeared. “If I might, ma'am, that is an amazing dress.”

Maria bit back a smile. “Thank you, Agent.”

Agent Speer’s shoulder relaxed, and she risked a smile in Maria’s direction. “Whatever you’ve got planned tonight, ma'am, you’re going to knock ‘em dead.”

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