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i think tv elena is similar to book elena in that she sort of really seeks stefans approval, she cant stand him hating her kind of thing. and also with the stefan grounding elena thing (tv) i find that he does that by putting her in her place when shes wrong (or im probably wording that really badly) but like when she wanted revenge on katherine for example and he helped her see why that wasnt constructive, idk lol i hope you understand this ask, im not very good at wording things

I understand, he puts her in her lane when needed, he tells her she can’t burn the world to the ground because she’s sad, even in 1x12 when she has a romanticized vision of the 50s he’s like … Yeah there was also segregation and McCarthyism, Elena. So he gives her reality checks. I just think it’s different than the books because from what I remember in the books everything and everyone is a little harder, there’s more bluntness


When In Ghana I made a lot of pictures with my camera and Iphone camera . But I also made pictures with my disposable camera. The pictures you make with your phone are mostly 10 or more from one situation or selfie. We hand pic the picture we like the most for people to see. But with a disposable camera you cant see the picture until its developed.

The things that stand out the most out of my pictures where; the pictures of palm trees ( i made tons of pictures of palm trees), the people on the street who sell all sorts of daily necessities  like bread, ties, kelewele, all sorts of food made in China stuff and so on. You don’t see a lot of digital media being sold on the street. Trying to get these things on a head wrap was my challenge.

So I made my own wax printed fabric, with forms that represents my point of view out of the pictures I took. I used one Existing Adinkra symbol ‘Epa’; means handcuffs, and stands for slavery, law and justice. Seeing and hearing the stories of the things that happened during slavery in Cape Coast, Elmina Castle, made a deep impact on me. The other symbol of a camera Is one I made myself, which means in this context: ‘capturing memories of Ghana’, not seeing social media and the use of sefies in Ghana compared to the use of it in the west. And of course because I made the pictures with a camera like that, it was my point of view. Last symbol I used: A palm leaf, comes from the existing Adinkra symbol ‘Abe Dua’ which means Palm Tree and stands for: wealth, sufficiency (in this context) the wealth and potency of Ghana but also the awareness of how for granted we take certain things in the West, while a lot of people in Ghana see that as luxury, (awareness of how good we have it in the West).

My memories and impressions are now symbolized on my self made wax printed fabric, in this picture you can see my beautiful friend Linda Voerman (@afrodalia on tumblr) representing a street sells woman who sells disposable camera’s.