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Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite.

    The sounds from the world around him collide into an expectant silence. Everything is reduced to him: Victor.
    Victor, his eyes, his lips, his expression. The way he’s running towards Yuri. The way Yuri seems to be the only thing Victor can see.
    It’s an instant, a moment, in which they get caught, tossed into an awaiting breach, embraced by a sudden knowledge that whispers sweet nothings into their ears and makes their hearts soar together.
    It’s a moment, Victor wrapping a protective arm around him, hand on his head, gloved fingers tangling in dark tresses of hair. It’s an exhilarating moment: the instant their lips collide Yuri can feel part of his soul reaching out and forming tight ribbons around Victor’s soul, the very soul that awaited for his with loving caresses.

    Only that it’s not a moment: it’s an eternity, it’s the universe expanding and collapsing all around them. It’s stars going nova, it’s the beginning of something that had been waiting for an opportunity to be born for a long time.
    It’s home.

    The kiss is burning, searing their lips and marking them, leaving them filled with a certainty: everything they ever did it was to reach this point, this defining event. The kiss is burning and delightful.  Like the soft breeze caressing their skins in a centripetal force that pulls them together to hopefully never again part.
    Yuri’s heart is beating frantically inside the safe confines of his chest, Victor’s arms around him feel right, feel like the place he’s supposed to be.  They smile, gazes filled with peaceful longing and warmth, lips tingling, fondness spiralling around them.
    A word dances in Yuri’s mind. It’s short and simple, but he knows that it’s special and powerfully charged. A word dances gracefully on his lips:

Just Friends - (Jaime Lannister x Reader)

(gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader

Word Counter: 394

Warnings: none

Request: Its okay he is in all seasons can you do a jealous Jamie lannister and he is jealous of the imp as the reader is best friends with the imp ( sorry for calling him the imp i cant spell his name )

A/N: Hey sorry this is short and sorry for the long wait but I hope you like it.

I was in the library with Tyrion. We were reading books that we would suggest for each other. It was nice, being around someone that shared my love for books. After we’d finish each other’s suggested book, we would just sit and talk about them before reading some more.

Tyrion and I had been in the library for hours, reading and talking and reading more and we both lost track of time. Suddenly, I heard the library doors swing open forcefully.

“For God’s sake! There you are (Y/N)! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” It was Jaime Lannister also called The Kingslayer, or my boyfriend.

“Well I’ve been here the whole time.” I told him. He suddenly noticed Tyrion sitting opposite of me.

“And has he been here the whole time too?” He asked

“You know this ‘he’ has a name, brother.” Tyrion reminded him

“Oh, you’re right, I’m sorry. Has The Imp been with you the the whole time? I mean, that is what everyone calls you, so it must be your name.” He asked again, mocking Tyrion. It wasn’t rare for him to mock his brother but it still didn’t make it right.

“Oh, just leave him alone, will you Jaime?” I asked him.

“Fine, for now at least” He added. “We should leave, it’s getting late.”

“Goodnight Tyrion.” I said, standing up and giving a small bow.

“Goodnight my lady. It’s good to finally have another book worm in the castle.” He replied with a smile. I smiled back.

Jaime and I walked back to our chamber together. Throughout the walk, Jaime seemed to have a very strong grip on my wrist.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked when we finally made it to our room.

“I just don’t like you spending so much time with my brother. He’s too clever for his own good.”

“Are you jealous, Jaime?” I said, holding in a laugh.

“I am not! Why would I be jealous of that dwarf?!” He almost yelled.

“You know that i’m yours. I love only you, Jaime. Me and Tyrion are just friends.” I reminded him, walking towards him. I put my hands in his and held them.

He sighed. “I know.”

I looked up at him and gave him a peck on the lips. “I’m yours.”

He kissed me again, this time longer and with more force. He broke the kiss after awhile. “Promise?”


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ok so has anyone noticed how the teachers songs have made less and less sense

like with sketchbook’s and tony’s theyre actually a tiny bit informative and they actually teach shit

the butterfly fucker who i know the name of but i cant spell his name is kinda. weird

colin is where things start to go downhill,, he just kinda says shit about himself and dsoesnt really teach anythign

i think people know thay the food group doesnt have a cue what theyre talking about

the lamp’s song was a tiny bit better but theres a reason why the fandom collectively hcs him as being drunk 24/7

and if we look at the whole dream team there are only 2 songs that make sense (the traffic light’s and the magnet’s) the others are.. yeah u get the poi nt