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I love your fics so much! If your not too busy manybe you could do another superpowered soulmate au where peter notices how tired juno is whenever he gets back from a trip but juno tries to hide the fact that he cant sleep without peter around cause he doesnt want him to feel guilty

I may have started listening to The Bright Sessions a few days ago, so if I start channeling Caleb… well, they’ve got similar things to be insecure about.

Superpowered Soulmate AU | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (NSFW) | Part 5

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Request: Late at Night

Mark rubbed his eyes and opened his eyes. His vision was blurry, so he had to squint to see the light blue numbers on his clock; 2:17. He grumbled and turned over to cuddle into Jack-

Who wasn’t there. At all. A whine escaped his lips at the cold right side of the bed. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. Where was Jack? He nudged Tim off of the bed, the poor Goldie yelping sadly. Mark did note that Sam, Jack’s black Mane Coon, was curled up to Tim, something strange.

He stood up and trudged from the bedroom. The golden retriever pup trotted behind him, whining unhappily at the sudden awakening. Mark stumbled through the house and to the recording room. Tim pushed open the door, yipping excitedly as he jumped around the other man. Jack looked up from his computer and down at the puppy.

He looked over to the door to see Mark leaning against it. The man’s fading pink hair was a giant mess on the top of his head and his eyes were squinting. The black pants with his logo drooped low on his hips and he didn’t have a shirt. Despite being a 26 year old man, Mark was utterly adorable…. And coming towards him.

“Jack? What are you doing? It’s 2 in the morning.” Mark muttered, walking over. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around Jack’s shoulders. The Irishman reached up to flatten down Mark’s curls. “Editing. Why are you still awake, sweetheart?” He asked, reaching down to scratch Tim’s ears to calm him. “Cant sleep without you.” Came the mumble. Jack chuckled and shook his head. “I’m working.”

Mark whined like a child and tugged on Jack’s shirt weakly. “Come on. You’ve been working since like 9 this morning. You need sleep.” Jack shook his head. “I can’t. I need to finish this video.” He explained gently, turning his head to gently to kiss Mark’s cheek. “No. Bed.” At this point, Mark was getting irritated. Sure it was kinda irrational but it was 2 am. He grabbed Jack’s waist and lugged him from the chair.

After a moment of struggling, Jack was thrown over Mark’s shoulder fireman style. The half Korean stumbled from the room, making sure that Tim and Sam were out. Luckily for him, Jack had been working in the dark already. He shut the door, readjusting his grip on the squirming man. He followed the pets into their bedroom and threw Jack onto the bed.

Mark quickly laid down and spooned him. He gently kissed the back of his head. Tim hopped up and fit himself in the curve of Mark’s legs and Sam curled up close to Jack’s head. The green headed man struggled for a bit before stopping and letting Mark cuddle him. “How do you know what to do?” He murmured as Mark gently stroked his stomach and torso. “Magic.”

Deaf Michael part 3

ok so i had major writers block and probably did the cheesiest messiest shittiest ending ever :’( sorry guys 

Part 1

Part 2


request? yes

word count: 1792

Michael had finally asked you to be his girlfriend.  It has been 2 months since then and now you were in the doctors office for Michael’s appointment.  They were supposed to tell you if he would be able to hear today.  Michael would not stop fidgeting and wouldn’t even touch his phone, which made you frustrated seeing that you couldn’t speak with him or try to calm him down.  You watched him wiggle his dangling feat off the side of the doctors chair, looking everywhere but at you.  You got that he was nervous but shutting you out wasn’t doing anything but making you mad at him.  You huffed in frustration, leaning back in the seat, only to sit back up as the doctor came in.  He smiled at you, signing something to Michael You had learned a little sign language, just a few basic sentences but nothing complicated.  “so miss (y/last/n), has Mister Clifford been taking his ear drops?” you smile back at him.  “every night, he cant go to sleep without a text from me bothering him about it.” the doctor laughs, scribbling down a few things on some paper work.  “so I’m sure your both anxious to know the answer to the big question” he signed and spoke to the both of you.  The doctor looked at Michael, and then at you, you wanted to scream for him to just spit it out but Michael gave you a look to be patient, the only look he’s given you since you picked him up this morning.  “it seems that mister Cliffords procedure is going very well,” you smile looking over at Michael who was waiting for him to continue before he got excited.  “but there is a problem” you frowned and you swore you heard Michael sigh “it seems that Michaels left ear hasn’t been taking the treatment as well as the right” you spoke up, not bothering to try and sign it.  “but his right? will he be able to hear out of that?” the doctor nodded skimming his eyes over the paper.  “oh yes he will be able to hear out of both but he will need a hearing aid in his left for longer than the right”  You smile looking over at Michael. He took a minute to process the words before looking over you, trying to hold back a smile.  You squealed, tackling him into the chair.  You could feel Michael’s heart beat against your boob which made you giggle.  He grabbed your waist and pushed back so he could look at you.  Michael could tell you were confused by his actions but he just wanted to stare at you.  He was trying to figure at how you would sound, what your laugh would sound like, how many times you curse without him noticing.  It was ridiculous for you to have this much affect on him, he knew that.  But for some reason all he could think about was how you made him want to do this, you did this and he couldn’t be more grateful for that.  He finally snapped out of his daydream and grabbed your face between his pale fingers, pulling your lips to his and fighting back happy tears.  The both of you were probably making out for 2 minutes before Michaels hands crept up your shirt and the doctor coughed, making his presence known again.  You jumped back, fixing your shirt and trying not to laugh.  “sorry sorry, so back to what we were talking about which was…” you tried to think of what you were talking about but all that popped into your mind was the hickey Michael had left on your collar bone the other day.  “Michael’s procedure” the doctor finished for you.  You jumped “yes! yes that Michael’s procedure” your face was bright red now and Michael’s smirk was as big as ever as his hands rubbed up your sides.  The doctor rolled his eyes looking back at his desk, giving you time to slap your boyfriends hands away.  “So i’ll place the order for hearing aids today and they should be in in about 15 days, then we can schedule the appointment on the 11th of March, that gives you 3 days to recover and you should be ready to party on St. Patricks day” the doctor smiled.  You squeezed Michaels hand, grinning ecstatically.  “that sounds great thank you so much” he nodded opening the door for the both of you.  “ok well you kids stay safe and ill see you then” You nodded waiting for him to walk away before clutching Michael by the hand and sprinting down the halls.  You could hear Michael giggling quietly behind you as he stumbled over his legs.  You ran out into the parking lot and to the car where you then proceeded to slam your boyfriend into the car door, tiny bits of laughter escaped his lips.  You smiled, standing up onto your toes and kissing him softly.  His hands tightened around your waist, your hands going into his fading purple hair.  His teeth bit softly into your bottom lip, pulling back and reconnecting them.  You could feel your knees getting weaker and so could Michael.  He smiled into the kiss, pulling you up by your butt which made you squeal with laughter.  And you swear that could be your favorite moment in your entire life.  But then Michael pulled away to look at you, just as he did in the doctors office but this time he pushed your hair back from your face, looking at you like you had done something incredible.  He opened his mouth and then closed it, wetting his lips with his tongue.  “I- I uh- mm I thin-k ‘m falling in love wit you” His voice was raspy and rough, so incredibly sexy but also filled with such passion it made you want to jump off a bridge.  Tears welled in your eyes and you honestly didn’t know how to react.  and that, officially became your favorite moment in the entire life you’ve lived.  
If you thought Michael was nervous before, you had another thing coming.  Michael was literally breathing so loudly that the nurses kept signing him to ask if he was alright.  He would just lean back in the chair, shutting his eyes and nodding.  Sweat covered his forehead and you honestly didn’t know why he was so nervous.  They already told him this would work, whats he afraid of?  you picked up his phone from the counter and handed it to him with a soft smile.  He looked at you, his breathing becoming softer and softer.

you: how’re you doing
M: peachy

you rolled your eyes, biting a smile back.  

you: why’re you so paranoid about this? everything will be fine
M: thats not what I’m worried about.  I’m not really worried at all actually.  more scared… i don’t know how to explain it but i haven’t heard anything in over a decade.  its just scary i guess

you nod, locking your phone and setting it beside you.  Walking over to the doctors chair, you kneel beside him and wrap your hand in his.  Kissing it lightly, you mouth the 3 words that you haven’t been able to stop saying since the last visit.  He smiled lightly, mouthing it back.  The doctor came in holding two small boxes.  “Hello Miss (y/last/n), Mister Clifford” you smiled politely and gave Michaels hand a squeeze.  He squeezed it back giving you an acknowledgment.  “so these are the hearing aids here” he quickly signed to Michael and then proceeded to open up the boxes and play with the settings.  As the doctor stood on one side of Michael, putting the first hearing ad in, Michael’s hand became really sweaty which made you cringe.  You moved out of the way so he could put the other in.  Standing back, the doctor signed something to Michael, i which Michael signed back.  The doctor nodded, looking at you and nodding to the hallway.  He closed the door.  “so the first step of this is to make sure that Michael can hear sounds as well as voices but the sounds come first so we will have to stay out here for a moment.  After that, i have to ask Michael a few things and see if he can answer them correctly, but Michael and i talked and he wants you to ask the questions instead so-“ he reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper with some basic questions on it “just read those and ill watch to document his answers” you take a big breath with an anxious smile and nod “then lets go” we open the door back up and Michael smiles crookedly at you.  You plopped yourself into the chair sitting in front of Michael.  You looked over at the doctor, squeezing the paper tightly in your hands.  He nodded and you turned to Michael.  “ok” you whispered to yourself “what is your name?” Michael’s lips curved into a smile, he motioned with his hand to repeat, giggling you repeated it “what is your name” Michael’s mind was exploding.  The most amazing sound had just filled his ears.  He didn’t care how cheesy it sounded but your voice sounded like something he had never heard before, and then he remembered that he hadn’t heard anything before but still.  His point is that it was beautiful.  He almost started crying but stopped himself and answered the question instead “Michael” you couldn’t believe how smoothly he had said that.  You were used to Michael stumbling over his words in fear that he was saying something different than what he intended, but this Michael made you want to fuck him right in front of the doctor.  Instead of taking that route you continued with the questions. “how old are you?” for the most part he answered all the questions right.  After waiting for the doctor to send you on your way, Michael pulled something out of his pocket.  Placing it in your hand.  You smiled, opening up the folded paper.  Right away you noticed it was a bright pink sticky note, one that was among the thousands in his room.  He smiled nodding for you to read it.  

(y/n)’s voice
(y/n)’s laugh
(y/n)’s moans
(y/n) saying i love you

you blinked back tears, only laughing when you saw the third one.  You felt so much emotion in that moment that you couldn’t help but launch yourself into his arms, resting your head on his shoulder.  You both sat there for a few moments before you turned your mouth to his ear “i love you Michael Clifford”


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Preference: what each of the boys r like in bed pleasee :) xx

do you mean like sexy times or for like sleeping situation??


Mikey: I think when sleeping he would just sort of sprawl out over the whole bed and take up so much room but then you’d probably try and do the same and you’d just sort of end up half on top of each other and all tangled up and sometime throughout the night you’d probably just latch onto him and then you’d get all snuggly buggly aw cute. but see i feel like michael would be the most passionate fucking cupcake out you know, like he’d do anything to please you but if he ever thought you were hurt or some shit he’d just be firing questions at you at a hundred miles an hour to make sure you were ok but when he gets like horny he’d be 230% more dominating and wow this makes my heart throb

Calum: I see Cal as the person that is like a living fucking furnace and he’d probably always hold onto you when sleeping bc he cant sleep without holding onto you and you’d always push him away bc you’d be like sweating up a fucking ocean but when you fall asleep you would both be holding each other bc even in your sleep and even though he’s hotter than Hades you just want to hold onto him. I think Cal would be horny so often like oh my jesus so. fucking. often and he’d be super dominating in the bedroom like wow but if you went dominant on him he would get so into and that would be his kink i think, you dominating him but since he’s just horny all the time he wants to make you feel good at the same time and wow fuck thank you for this

Luke: I think that when youre sleeping Lukey will just latch onto you. all the time. and if you had to get up in the night or when you had to wake up, bc he’s latched onto you, you’d wake him and he would just lay in an abundance of blankets and pillows calling you to come back and when you did he’d probably just bury his head in the crook of your neck and just whisper that he loves you and how great you are. but luke would also be the one to get up in the middle of the night and go make pancakes and then bring them to bed and wake you up so you could eat them together aw. heaps of people think lukey would be hella vanilla in bed and i think he would, to a certain extent. like it wouldnt be the exact same routine every single time but it would be mostly similar but that wouldnt be a bad thing bc any sex with luke is good sex but then occasionally you might just pull something on him like a strip tease or lap dance and oh momma would that be a fun night

Ashton: I really believe that ash would be the one that would just fall off the bed in the middle of the night and wouldnt wake up and just sleep on the floor but then you would wake up and not have him with you and realise he’s on the floor and bc you want to sleep with him (duh) you just go and join him on the floor and he would wake up a bit later bc you accidently hit him or something and he’d pick you up and put you on the bed without waking you and just snuggle up with you and that would be really fucking adorable. Holy fucking shit Ashton would tease so goddamn much. he would probably just tease you all the time and then when you got hella horny he would tease you even more i mean with those fucking fingers ugh and then he would absolutely demolish you like holy shit walking issues 101 but he’d also make sure not to hurt you bc he never wants to hurt his princess ever

~~ So yeah thats that. hope thats kinda what you were looking for maybe? :D

xx ~~

@cozysargerny sorry these are shit and mostly about k I just love him so much

· Kavinsky’s car being a literal extension of himself and every time he destroyed one he momentarily felt the same peace that only death could give
· When he first started to pull the cars from his dreams, they reflected his self image, deformed and useless. Existing only to exist and then be destroyed.
· The only way to remedy that was to construct a false version of himself that he had to believe in. somebody who was fast and strong and efficient. Somebody that was wanted and loved. Something he had never been able to see himself as before.
· His sunglasses and his windows have the same mirrored tint because in his first usable car, they were sitting on the passenger seat just waiting for him as if it was a gift from some dark recess of his mind.
· Hide behind these and you’ll be okay. It told him, You can be anybody you want to be.
· The pack were all drawn to his car at first sight, sliding up next to them one by one at the red stoplights with the engines revving. It was immaculate and it looked fast and it looked like the way you felt after winning a race and by god one day they would get behind the wheel of that car themselves and take it out for a spin
· He only let each one of them drive it once and every time he felt so vulnerable and like he had put his entire life into their hands. He had sworn before that he’d never let himself feel that way again and had shut off all of his emotions.
· They had taught him how to feel again. How to love somebody and how to keep them from taking advantage of you.
· They taught him that even though he cant sleep without the pills there’s a pair of arms to wrap around him and hold him until the morning
· Sometimes they can feel the weight of Kavinsky’s body joining them on their mattress after his death and the memory is so painful and accurate they can’t even bring themselves to get up, even the illusion of him alive was enough for them
· When jiang, swan, and skov drive around, they leave the passenger seat empty because K didn’t let anybody sit there unless he was driving
· Day after day they spend at proko’s bedside and their quiet and these boys never knew how to be quiet before. But days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and Proko lies alone in the mansion on the edge of Henrietta because bearing with the loss is too great for the rest of the pack and oh god it hurts so much to look into his face and know there’s nothing they can do to save him.
· Jiang gets recruited as a model after he flunks out of Aglionby, effectively locking himself out of the Jiang family fortune. But damn, does he look good for a teen who’s struggling with his heroin addiction.
· skov and swan follow him to his shows and his shoots and they’re his number one fans and they love him and they hate that he can’t stop.
· But then again neither can they.