cant sleep and frustrated

Can’t Sleep

Request: could you pls write a murphy fic where the reader cant sleep and shes frustrated and starts moving shit around and making a ruckus and just groans and murphy is PISSED bc hes tired but he helps out and he starts getting less angry over time and before you kno it reader and murphy are sleeping safe and sound

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I didn’t completely understand, uhhhh, but I tried. So I hope I did your request justice.

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: none.

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You kicked and turned. Tossing and turning. It was hard to sleep when all you could think about was the fact that the world would be ending in a span of a few weeks and as of right now, there wasn’t anything you could do.

You missed the way your bed partner groaned in frustration, as you were too busy trying to calm your own frustration. It was impossible to sleep when all you could think about was the fact that you were going to inevitably die.

You kicked out your foot again, quite aggressively turning on to your stomach, your hand by accident hitting the man who lied beside you. You groaned, closing your eyes with force as you tried to sleep. Sleep was scarce now-a-days and you could barely even keep your eyes shut for more than an hour.

You were exhausted but that seemed to be irrelevant apparently.

“What the hell is your problem, Y/N?” Murphy, your bedside partner growled. You ashamedly opened your eyes, turning to looked at his angry eyes and suddenly realized not only were you keeping yourself awake you were keeping Murphy awake. Guilt filled within you and smiling sheepishly, you apologized. “I’m sorry, Murph.” 

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He sighed, turning over to his back. Staring at the ceiling there was a moment of silence before he asked; “what’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep.” You said.

“Yeah,” he laughed sarcastically; “I can see that.”

“Sorry,” you apologized again. “I mean, I can’t sleep thinking about how we can and most likely are going to die within the next week or so.” 

Murphy didn’t reply and you figured that maybe he didn’t care as much as you thought he did. Sighing, you told yourself mentally to suck it up and turned to try and go to sleep, cautious of your movements. When you turned though, an arm place themselves around your waist and pulled you so you were against a chest.

“Murphy…?” You murmured, happy you weren’t facing him so he couldn’t see your blush.

“Just sleep.” Was all he said. You paused, thinking of something to say but found nothing. Smiling to yourself softly, you laid your head down and closed your eyes. Finally finding peace.