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Event: Augenlicht

Thank you for 700+ followers! :D

For this special occasion, something very special happens!
Something very happy happens! :D

Host gets his eyes back! His sight! Described in the drabble below! <3

Now you can ask Host with actual eyes questions!
You can also start threads with him!
If you do, you can find him in his study most likely to get to see he has his eyes back. He will still keep them covered around the other egos, unless he trusts them a lot. So yeah, don’t simply assume your muse finds him without hidden eyes, leave that choice to me please and thanks <3

It’s a nice happy event, and will last for however long I want! It’ll probably be blog-canon in the end, so yeah! :3

I hope we’ll all have a lot of fun with this!


hannibal + @screenshotsofdespair (1/?)

Hi guys! 

To make sure the blog doesn’t get clustered with asks, I made a twitter account to try to respond to any comments and questions hopefully more frequently than here. Feel free to tweet me if there’s anything in particular you want to know or say. 

@Orangeplumm is the twitter.


Episode 8, Sucy episode >> tons of Akko/Sucy art
Episode 10, Andrew episode >> a lot of Akko/Andrew art
Episode 16, Lotte episode >> some Akko/Lotte art
Episode 17, Amanda episode >> a bunch of Akko/Amanda art
Episode 19, Diana episode >>  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill: Do you hear that? I thought I could hear the music… but I can’t, can I? They’re in another time.

Doctor: Music’s funny like that.

Doctor: Well they’re not trapped. And they’re more than just fighting. And there’s music. Always music.

Doctor: You are always here to me, and I always listen, and I can always see you.

(im fine im not dying or anything im fine)


this plant vaguely matches my underwear & i’m very pleased about that | my pictures, pls don’t steal

I just want to say a SINCERE thank you to all of the kind comments and tags and replies and such on my recent chapter update (which you can read here)! For as many notes as the other chapters have gotten, this chapter has received the kindest comments and that has meant far more to me :) you guys are lovely and wonderful, thank you!

hi im several weeks late but happy pride month!

okay i was once in a hot topic and i wanted to look at this simple white t shirt that had a little pikachu on the breast pocket but i couldnt get it down and i couldnt get any help cause the only girl working was to busy talking to someone about freaking fanfictions and thats when i realized im to fucking old for this