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any1 got some tips how to motivate urself to draw or smth when u literally feel like shit and dont wanna do anything except kys


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id imagine laurent at the end of it all, not quite believing how well these past events turned out. with the regent gone, with his reputation cleared, with their respective kingdoms rightfully taken, laurent still couldn’t believe it. he had once thought, ‘to gain everything and lose everything in the space of a moment. that is the fate of all princes destined for the throne.’ laurent had been gifted damen and unexpectedly, meeting him was the best thing that had happened to him all these years. but he had thought nothing would last against his uncle, not even his happiness with damen and so he had planned to sacrifice himself for the child. this was going to be his last end game and it was on his own terms. but damen wasnt having any of that. damen was always full of surprises. laurent would pause then, full of amusement because had he really expected anything less from him? soft and honorable damen who had been there whenever he needed him (’you came’), who had taught laurent to trust again (’you knew i would’), to love again. and he is going to spend the rest of his life with this man. it still feels like a dream to him.

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No I'm super grateful for the advice. Ever since I hit (what I've been calling) 2nd puberty and gained weight I've been confused about where to shop. Like, I felt too big and too old to be shopping at some of the old places. I'll try your suggestions though.

i get what ur saying! i had a similar issue regarding weight gain that sort of made me nervous abt wearing certain things, but honestly? wear that shit anyway. it will look amazing i guarantee

if ur looking for plus size clothes in particular, forever21 has some REALLY cute stuff! (the romper i recently got actually was from that section!) target has a pretty wide variety of size choices for their clothing, so finding stuff that fits wont be an issue there. ive heard that the store charlotte russe has a good plus size section, but i havent shopped there in a long time so i cant say for sure. h&m’s plus size section is unfortunately lacking, but theres definitely still a good chance to find something there! 

as for cotton on though, as far as i know, it doesnt have a plus size section. thats definitely not to say that its a bad idea to look into - if theres a store like that near u, or that u can get to, definitely check it out! personally, i know i am larger than the stores target demographic (read: skinny white girls), but ive still had some success finding cute stuff there that also fit me well.

the key is making sure to try EVERYTHING on for ur first time buying. once u have a sort of feel for how they size things, itll be easy to guesstimate what size u need when shopping online. alternately, if u know ur measurements down to the letter (and u can figure them out by using measuring tape if u have it!), u can use the websites size guide to see what size u need. i hope thats helpful too!

Shoutout to all the Ambreigns fans who are probably gonna have to cry themselves to sleep for the next week or so~