cant resist his face


(Everyone is talking about extending a night in New York because GDYB have “something else to do”. Seungri and Top was convinced and Daesung was the only one who was hesitant.)

GD: Hyung, will you stay?

Top: I’ll follow my dongsaengs. *looks at Daesung*

Daddy is sleeping

Me: daddy is asleep woah daddy looks cute I love my daddy he is the best.

Daddy: *snoring and covered my tons of my pink blankets*

Me: *cants resist and jumps on daddy and gives him kisses all over his face*

Daddy: *wakes up confused why I’m not asleep too*

Daddy: *kisses me and hugs me* baby girl why aren’t you asleep?

Me: heheh daddy you didn’t tuck me in.

Daddy: *tucks me in gives me kisses* love you baby girl go to sleep

Me: * kisses daddys forehead* love you too daddy

Daddy: *rolls over and goes to sleep*

Me: *already sleeping*