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Hey, uh, out of curiosity, how did you come up with the designs for Poppy and Copper? How do you give things a space-age theme that isn't too over-played? And, this is just out of curiosity, how did you like Penelope Spectra from Danny Phantom? I thought that the angle of being a living Schroedinger's Cat, both alive and dead, should've been explored upon more, but these are the words of an artist and writer who explained lobotomies to an 8th grade English Class, so my opinions are eh.

ummm im gonna focus on the first part of this ask bc otherwise its gonna get super long

i started with copper. the original inspiration for her character came from a book series i read when i was a kid where there was a character who always covered her face with a huge mask because she’d been shamed and cast out by her species, even though to all other people she appeared beautiful. that got me thinking about other things that could cause someone to choose to do that, for reasons that outsiders wouldnt understand. at that point i didnt really have a story planned out.

after that i knew i wanted her to have a partner, someone who would compliment her body type. and also another girl, because im gay.

the look of both girls as well as the overall aesthetic of bloom was inspired in large part by chrono trigger, which is one of my favorite games. poppy’s design specifically was heavily inspired by lucca, and both of their names are cute things that ive renamed rpg characters in my favorite games (”copper” is what i called lucca in my second run of ct, and “poppy” was what i called kumatora in a run of mother 3 where i named everyone after flowers.)

i wish i could give more specifics but these drawings are like 2 years old now, i cant really remember my full process. its neat to look back at these sketches, though.