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genuine question. what would have been a good way for the crewverse to show that the whole owning-pearls-like-slaves thing is wrong and avoid the whole cutesy pearl "oh look they're so pretty and beautiful let's completely ignore that they're treated as objects" thing that they have now

okay lemme write out how it couldve been portrayed well

-all the CG’s are actually disgusted by the pearls treatment
Garnet and Amethyst didnt really appear horrified when they saw YP, aka an enslaved Pearl. Only pearl really did. and even when Steven found out about their “role”, he only defended OUR pearl. there was no, “hey! all pearls can be useful, peridot! and pearl is a great example of this!”
-their outfits are less sexual
most of the time when i see people designing pearls for their gemsonas, its like a silkier version of their “owner”’s. i have never liked how the HW Pearls wear skimpy leotards and thigh highs, etc. its creepy af to me. why couldnt YP wear idk an actual “ballerina outfit” (a lot of ppl seem to view them as that so) or like, a mini suit, to fit Yellow’s aesthetic?
-they’re not just “dolls”
remember in YD’s first appearance, how YP was kind of portrayed as a secratary for YD? why cant that be their role? that wouldve been cooler and made more sense. the Diamonds are rulers, they dont have time to take every report. When BD was revealed, her Pearl wasnt doing anything, just standing around. A HUGE downgrade from what they were first implied to be like.
-Imply that the Diamonds go through pearls like candy
this is just one of my personal headcanons that was proved to be wrong, but.
when i first saw the Diamonds, as dictators etc, i was convinced that BP was dead by the present in canon. That Blue would get mad and just shatter her, then order a new one. I thought YP Would have died to, cuz of peridot. this is kinda morbid for a kids show, yeah, but a lot of other fans also thought this was how it was when they were introduced. even if they didnt do that, they couldve made them reform with new outfits to imply SOME sort of mistreatment/abuse.

in summary, i dont like how pearls are said to be mistreated but then never actually shown to be mistreated. show me the pearls being upset. let them show how tired they are of their situation. let pearl liberate them. seriously.

man i had a dream where daniel came back
i cant remember much of what happened but i remember he was determined to be around david all the time and touch him (like in the back or in his shoulder)

he also had a smile that makes you think he was tortured; it was like his normal smile but bigger, had more eye bags and his pupils were smaller
he was also wearing the same clothes and his hair was kinda messy

im guessing he escaped the hospital




My vision is so blurry, waking up I have no idea where I am or what the hell happened. In what looks like a ghetto apartment, wearing nothing but my underwear, looking around there are a good amount of liquor bottles on the shelves completely empty. My head hurts so bad looking around, I didn’t remember anything or how I got here. Getting dressed I could hear the shower running, I left quickly to avoid the awkward “oh your not gone yet” talk. Putting on my shade I walked to the nearest coffee shop. , since I have no idea where my car is. Sitting down with my coffee, sipping on it carefully, I walked back to the bar I met my friends at. “Oswald” my car sat in its parking lot, driving home all I could think about was a hot shower. Getting undressed I noticed bite marks on my hips and neck.  

“what the hell happened?”

Getting out of the shower I put on my biggest t shirt trying to remember, it only 2 in the afternoon so I have all day. Laying back memory just started to pop up. I met jade at Oswald for our usual girls night out. We were getting shot when this guy bumped into me spilling my drink onto the floor.  

“why cant I remember his face!”

Pulling my pillow over my face my phone started to ring. The number showing I have never seen before, answering it all I could hear was a man, with a growl like voice speak.

“where did you go ?”

“who is this?”


“im sorry, im having a hard time remember what happened.”

“well lets have a retake, meet me at Oswald’s at 8 and wear something sexy.”

He hung up after that, I have no idea who he is or what happened but when he commanded me to meet him, I felt myself get a little wet. Getting dressed in my little black dress I called jade to me meet.

“hell no, not after last night, you went crazy. I love you but I need recovery time, love you y/n.”

I got crazy. It was always laughable, I never lost control of myself. Heading to oswalds I was anxious to meet the man on the phone. When I arrived the familiar sound of music and chatter filled the air, I sat at the bar ordering a apple martini. I sat for a moment when a man sat across from me putting his hand on my thigh. Looking over at him, he had bright orange hair and a wicked smile.

“hey there puddin.”


‘still no memory?“


“well TAKE 2!”

He yelled while clapping his hands like a director, causing me to giggle.  

“well first things first, see  the man over there in the chiffon skirt?”

“yea the weirdo, what about him?”

“hes gonna bet you I can out drink you”

“bull shit.”

The man in the skirt walked over, he was definitely crazy but I’m kinda having fun.

“she take your bet Bert.”

“whats the bet?”

“if I can out drink you, you have to wear these all night.”

He pulled out a pair of 9 inch black stilettos from his bag.

“and if I win?”

“ I will just tell you what happened.”


We ordered a round of 6 tequila shot each, the bartender shaking his head at me, clearly telling me I lost this battle before. Shot for shot we went, after round 2 I started to feel messed up.


“No more”

He looked at me smiling.

“I win?”


'good, not lets have some fun, names Jerome princess.“

’'nice name , mines.”

“I already know yours but tonight your whatever I want.”

He ordered 2 shots each and I took them down harshly. Out of nowhere Jerome leans over to me.

“that man in the booth over there , go sit on his lap.”


“to start  a riot.”

With way to much alcohol In me I walked over sitting on the man’s lap, the man responding like any drunk pervert immediately started rubbing his dick on my ass through his clothes. Suddenly Jerome came over swooping me up he punched the man In the face.

“what the fuck you doing with my girl man!”

The man swung on Jerome, which caused insane laughter from Jerome as he beat him to the ground.

“lets go baby.”

He grabbed my hand as we ran away from Oswald’s, laughing the whole time. Hiding behind a corner Jerome stood in front of me his face just inches from mine. His hand traveled down to my hip pushing me against the cold brick wall. His lips made contact with my neck biting down causing a small whimper to come from my mouth. One of his hands snaked it way down to my crouch when he started rubbing his hang over my panties under my dress. His touch made me so wet as he bit and rubbed in the same rhythm.

“please don’t stop!.”

“the nights just begun baby.”

Taking his hand away my legs shaking, I slid down the wall, Jerome squatted down in front of me.

“we need some fun things.”

Jerome stole the nearest car and we drove to the nearest shady ally we could find. Jerome told me to stay in the car while he did something. While I waited I could feel my pussy craving him to just fuck me now. Thoughts of him just taking me filled my mind when the car door slammed shut. Jerome held up a small baggie of cocaine.


“it’s a hell of a feeling thou.”

“I don’t know.”

“ you did last night, and I won the bet.”  


We drove to the docks, where Jerome set up our lines and we snorted them really quickly. Feeling the sensation go through my body.  feeling like I could take over the world. Jerome drove us to the nearest grocery store.

“lets raise some hell.”

He handed me a black ski mask while he put one on to. Grabbing to bats, Jerome through me one while he used his to bash jars of pickles everywhere. Grabbing my bat I could feel my energy surging through my as I cracked open fruit and other things. Hearing people scream and Jerome take control was such a rush. Jerome hastily walked over to me grabbing me by the hips and lifting me onto a register. 

His lips crashing into mine, his tongue darting into my mouth while his hands gripped my hips roughly. When he needed air he let our kiss break only to reconnect to my neck to bite hard causing a big purple bruise and a loud moan escape from my mouth. Decided he wasn’t the only one who can have fun too, I pushed him back grabbing his hand and running out of the store stealing a pack of camels, a smoke alarm some champagne and a shopping cart.  

We rode through the streets howling into the nights, popping champagne and drinking it down. Feeling the bubbles lift me up, suddenly the cart stopped. Jerome pointed to the gas station, running over we paid for gasoline drenching the shopping cart and filling a stole gas we ran to the nearest field and set the cart, the smoke alarm on fire. Dancing in the light of the flames Jerome grabbed my hips bring me to his chest.

“we’re going to my house now!.”

He stole the nearest car, driving to his house, it was the apartment I was at this morning. Jerome slammed the door shut  coming at me a look of chaos on his face. Picking me up he slammed me against the wall, biting my neck. Lifting me higher and higher, Jerome threw me onto his bed, ripping my dress off so I was in my panties and heels.

“take them off now!”

Sliding my panties off, I handed them to him, he put them in his pocket.  reaching for the heels, he caught my hand.

“ I said all night.”

Jerome stripped of his clothing, standing over me, his hard dick tapping on my pussy as he teased and snickers at my begging whimpers. He dropped to his knees, kissing and biting my thighs as he looked up at me while his devil eyes.

“you don’t remember, how I made you scream , beg  and cum last night.”


Arching my back, my pussy needing some kind of friction. I hear him laugh.

“want me to remind you?”

“yes daddy.”

He drove his tongue into my pussy, sucking on my clit while he put two digits in my begging pussy. Pumping his fingers roughly as his tongue worked magic on me.

“fuck yesssss, oh god daddy!”

I could feel myself cumming around his fingers.

“im coming daddy.”

Cumming around his fingers. He lifted his face up, my juices still dripping from his chin, leaning up I brought his face to mine, kissing him deeply, sliding my tongue into his mouth I sucked on his tongue while my  hands jerked his cock. Sliding off the bed, I got on my knee, taking his hard dick into my mouth, his hands running through my hair, as he began to mouth fuck me harshly.

“fuck, yeah. You like that my little slut.”

He pulled my head off his dick so I could answer.

“yes daddy, I love it when you fuck my mouth.”

“then your gonna love this.”  

Throwing me onto the bed face first, he drove  his hard dick straight into my pussy, his pace was harsh and rough causing me to jolt forward with every thrust. One of his hands went under my leg, his fingers playing with my clit while the other pulled my hair. His dick hitting all the right spots, I couldn’t help my scream his name while his fingers played with my pussy.

“fuck yes!!.”

'say my name!!’

“fuck me daddy!!!”

He pulled his dick out, flipping me onto my back, thrusting it back in, with every thrust, I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. Jerome’s hand suddenly on my throat , he started to squeeze his fingers causing my breathing to get harsh. My orgasm came to a brink when he let me go and thrusted faster.

“cum for me baby girl!”

I screamed his name as I came around his hard cock, still thrusting into me.  

“good girl, flip over again.”

Getting onto my hands and knees, he took his dick rubbing my cum all over the head , I felt his rub his dick against my ass, my body reacted wanting me to let him ravish me now.

“please daddy, fuck my ass.”

Without pause Jerome spit on his dick, sticking it into me slowly. My moan filling the room and his dick started to thrust harder and harder into me. Jerome now moaning and grunting, took his fingers and began to play with my pussy.

“god, your ass is so tight. You like this baby doll, when I fuck you like a whore.”

“yes daddy , please .”

“last night you were just like this, calling me daddy, begging me to cum on your pretty little face.”

He thrust began to become quicker and out of rhythm, feeling myself reach another orgasm. Jerome shoved his finger into my pussy forcing my orgasm to come. My face fell into the bed as I screamed out Jerome and cum started to drip from my legs. Jerome pulled out pulling me to my knees.

“suck my cock, clean it.”

Taking his dick coated in my cum into my mouth I ran my tongue along his shaft making sure to get every drop.

“that’s right baby, clean it, your gonna swallow my cum tonight.”

I began to suck on his dick, I wanted his cum, I wanted to make his moan and want more of me. Feeling his cock twitch in my mouth Jerome grabbed my head shoving me up and down when he finally came filling my mouth with his liquid.

“open, let me see.”

Opening my mouth, I showed him the pool of cum in my mouth.

“good girl, swallow it.”

Swalloing his cum in one gulp and re opening my mouth to show that it was gone. Jerome pulled me onto his bed. Pulling out the camel cigarettes he lit one handing it to me.

“damn baby, round two was even better.”

“maybe a round three is in your future.”

“I hate fortune tellers, liar all of them.”


He pulled me to his chest. His heartbeat sounded slow. It felt right laying here, even if I didn’t really know him. Falling asleep, I kept hearing Jerome’s voice, screaming my name. Waking up the next morning I was wrapped in bed sheets and a rose was placed next to my head. Hearing the shower turn off Jerome came out. Naked steam still coming off his body.

“morning puddin.”

“morning baby.”

Walking over to him snatching his towel away, ran to the other side of his kitchen table.

“I have things to do today for the man who set me free y/n , give me my towel.”


A evil smirked spread across his face.

“give daddy his towel.”

He ran over grabbing me and pinning me over onto the table.

“bad, bad , bad.”

Each time he spoke that word his hand smacked down on my ass leaving a red hand print. Without warning he plunged his dick into my pussy fucking me hard. Rocking the table all while pulling my hair and smacking my ass.

“the fuck you doing? Saying no to me!”

“im sorry daddy”

“ I think you wanted this.”

He picked his speed up fucking me harder. I could feel my orgasm getting closer with every smack on my ass. My orgasm flooding over me, I screamed out in pleasure, when I felt his dick twitch and Jerome let out a small animal like growl.

Pulling out , I flipped over kissing him passionately.

“great now im late .”

Kissing me one more time before Jerome went out.

“be ready when I get home, I want dinner and a show.”

Scm: I will always be waiting for you P2

Link to: PART 1
WARNING: LONG, A little heart broken but a happy ending!

4 years since the death.
Scorpio has gotten so use to his work and has became a super powerful god, the king treats him like his own son, he is now know as the punishments minister and Zyglavis right hand man they became like brothers and the rest of the department of punishments became like family to him. Since his hate for humans was already there it got stronger as he had to punish them, dirty filthy humans he thought, the king was very proud and how fast he picked up his work but felt sad because in the back of the kings mind he left something behind on earth so amazing and he has no idea or memory of it. But the king knows he cant hide it forever as though they now have to protect you from the dark king. Even though the king may be twisted he still does have a heart and want you and him to meet again.
You never really have gotten over the feeling of losing him, it just happened so fast, but you moved on because you had to in your life. you started having a glow again and you looked honestly amazing, you were a little skinner but you were healthy. You had a great job and surrounded yourself by friends more often, you even tried to date again but lets be real no one will ever satisfy you and make you feel the way you did like you did with Scorpio. Your visits to his grave didn’t become easier but more accepting, you pray and wish who ever did this to him will have justice served right from their crimes. As time went on, you have seen though in the news paper that justice was rightfully taken care of. You came to find out that the person who has killed the love of your life was someone that was suppose to be on his side, instead he killed him and four other men and was on the loose. Its like your wishes have been answered and justice was served just for you, little did you know there was a group of gods out there who did that on purpose watching you from the reflecting pool.

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4, 22, 36, 44?

4. Describe your style

all i wear is ripped jeans with t shirts, flannels, jean jackets, or hoodies 

22. What lesbian stereotypes do you fit into, if any?

the flannel one cuz i own 13. oh and the “lesbians were all tomboys” cuz i used to be a major one

36. already answered

44. Who was your first lesbian crush?

when i was younger i had a lot but i cant really remember the first one so id have to say lexa was my first major one

The Zodiac: Book 3: Pisces - Chapter 93 Part 1


Chapter 93

* Loving and caring*
* Trusting, hospitable, and will help all in distress
* Shy
* Helpful
* Romantic
* Creative
* Mystical
* Gentle and kind
* Compassionate
* Understanding of others



Bree smiled so hard that her cheeks and jaw started to hurt. She sat up in bed as she cradled her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. “Congratulations. I know you’re happy"she said sweetly. Maurice just called her excitedly because he was just added to the performance lineup for the Grammy’s. She was proud of him. No one deserved to perform more than him. He’s been through enough. He was at the top of his game, fell down, got blacklisted and now he was climbing his way back up to the top again. He worked hard and he was righting his wrongs and she couldnt be more proud of him.

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The Little Kitten

Request from pattyheartache, KBTBB guys reacting to MC in a kitty costume, enjoy!


Eisuke was on a business trip in France and I stayed behind. I didn’t want to miss anymore work even though he was the owner, I felt bad leaving my co workers high and dry.

It’s been two weeks since hes been gone, and I have been thinking of a good way to surprise him. Although Baba and Ota caught wind of the idea.

That was how I ended up in Ota’s arms, being held against my will as Baba struggled to put on the last piece of a cat costume when Eisuke walked in.

“Khim…” Eisuke said, his voice booming throughout the now eerie quiet room.

All at once Ota dropped me, Baba stopped trying to put on the thigh high sock, and they bolted for the door. “I will deal with you two properly later.” Eisuke called out as they scampered away. 

“Sor protect me!” I heard Baba call out on his way down to the lounge.

I looked back at Eisuke. Even though he was emotionless, I could tell he was doing his best to hold back his anger.

“Hi..” I managed to say, looking up at him while he leaned over me.

“I leave for two weeks and you already go to someone else.” He said while pulling off his tie.

“N-no! I just wanted to surprise you when you came back! This was Ota’s and Baba’s idea!” I claimed. Although he still looked angry as he threw his tie and suit jacket in a near by chair. He bent down and picked me up.

“Wah!” I called out, clinging to him.

“We need to take these disgusting clothes off.” He said, making his way to the bedroom.

“W-wait.” I pleaded, but next thing I knew I was on the bed with him over me, slowly taking off my clothes.

“This is punishment for wearing something someone else bought you.”


I was waiting at Soryu’s apartment for him to come home from the office. I was nervously playing with my newly curled hair as I sat on the couch with a blanket around me.

‘Gosh what am I doing?’ I thought, thinking back to how I got in this situation.

It was earlier that day, when Inui came to the dorm and handed me a bag. 

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a gift you can give boss! He’s been really grumpy lately!” He said as he ran away.

The contents of the bag were a sexy kitty outfit. I was about to throw it out when I remember what Inui said, and then I reluctantly put it on. Now I was wrapped in a blanket waiting for him to come home.

“I-I cant do this!” I called out, standing up abruptly and making my way for the bedroom.


I froze. 

Embarrassed, I turned around to meet Soryu’s blushing face. “What are you wearing?” He asked while rubbing the back of his neck.

“I, um, Inui said this would release some of your stress.” I said, looking away.

Soryu let out a chuckle and walked up to me, pulling me close and whispering in my ear, “Little animals always liked me.”

I gulped as we lost ourselves in a heat of passionate kisses, as we somehow made our way to the bedroom.


“Ota I can’t do that, its embarrassing.”

Ota was holding the clothing that barely resembles underwear, let alone a cat costume.

“Come on Koro, put it on.” He said with his angelic smile. I crossed my arms and shook my head. “Koro either you put it on or I help you put it on, which one?”

I blushed and took the better option, grabbing the outfit and running to the bathroom. Once I was changed, I shyly made my way back to Ota. “U-um.”

Ota stared at me for a few seconds, looking me up and down, before having me pose for a painting. I awkwardly stood posing for the portrait when all of a sudden he put down his paint brush.

“O-ota whats wrong?” I asked.

He made his way over to me, “Khim.”

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to the ground, tearing off the costume and trailing kisses across me chest. 

“Mhm.” I moaned at his touch.


I was waiting in the penthouse lounge with the other guys. We were going to another IVC party, but since it was Halloween, we all dressed for the occasion.

I was currently wearing a more revealing cat costume off Ota’s suggestion and felt all their eyes on me while I sat there awkwardly, listening to their comments.

“It’s nice to know that the kid a least has assets.” Mamoru joked.

“It’s not bad, even for you.” Eisuke said.

“I wonder how Baba will react?” Ota asked.

“Probably going to get all mushy like he always does.” Soryu said.

I sat there playing with one of the strings on my costume when Baba walked in dressed like a thief. ‘Oh, god I knew he would wear that!’ I thought as I stood up to go great him. 

Baba turned to look at me walking towards him. I was half way into my greeting when he pulled my to him, draping his coat over my shoulders. “How long have you been here with them?” He asked.

“U-um I don’t know an hour maybe?” I said.

Baba looked around at all the guys, smirking away. “Were not attending the party tonight, go on without us.”


“Psh. I knew this would happen.” Eisuke said.

“Awe come on Baba I lost again.” Ota pouted, handing Eisuke some money.

Baba didn’t stay for the rest of the conversation as he dragged me off to his penthouse suite. “Were doubling the time you spent with them tonight Khim.” He whispered into my ear.


“No way Khim we can do that stuff at home.” Mamoru stated, denying yet another attempt to go out on a date.

I sighed and walked to the bathroom, pulling out the sexy cat costume I got the other day. “Hehe, he’ll go with me if I wear this.” I thought, slipping on the form fitting costume and poking my head out the bathroom door.

“Mamoru are you sure you wont go out on a date?” I asked, a grin forming on my face. He looked at me, noticing the grin, but still held a firm no.

“Well, if thats how it is then,” I said, walking out of the bathroom.

His eyes went wide when he saw me in the skimpy cat costume and started to get up to walk over to me when I pushed him down on the chair.

“No, only boyfriends who take their girlfriends out on dates can touch.” I teased, “Maybe the guys want to see, I bet they will take me out?” I joked, putting a finger to my chin to act like I was in deep thought.

“Sweetheart.” Mamoru called out. I looked into his eyes to see the lust and anticipation in them, but no assurance of a date.

“A date Mamoru, I don’t ask for much.” I said sadly.

“Alright baby girl, I’ll take you out on a date.” He said, pulling me down to straddle his lap. “But first I want you.”

Hehe short and to the point. Thanks for the suggestion I had a lot of fun writting this one! As always I hoped you enjoyed and sorry the Baba, and maybe Ota I dont know, was ooc


Something just hit me.. i literally went OMG its been infront of our frickin faces all along aaaaagghhh!!!!

Ok stay with me…


1. We see a photo at the DiLaurentis house of Ali amd her mom, you can see that there was another little girl there by the hand.

2. Ali found 2 yellow dresses that looked EXACTLY the same. Size and all.. if it were for Bethany she would be a little bigger given the age gap

3. The yellow dresses reminded me of the dress Hanna wore to the church party. Like a symbol of innocence and purity. (Innocent and pure = child)

4. Hanna and Ali are constantly being mistaken for one another.. example at the funeral home he assumed Hanna was Ali, Holbrooks dad mistook Hanna for Ali.

5. & 6 Though Mona mentioned that she saw Ali dragging ppl out of the fire, we only saw her help one person.. HANNA. Like Alison feels a unique connection to her.

7. Hanna and Alison are looking more and more like eachother daily.

- Hanna was moulded to resemble Alison, take over her role by Mona, she was even wearing her clothing.

So what if Hanna and Alison are twins. They were so young that they don’t remember (just like the xmas flashback) they wanted us to think the extra dress was bethanys. But logically it cant be.

What if Hanna showed some kind of mental issue so they gave her up, but mrs.d kept in touch, playdates, xmas and bday gifts. (Mr. D would not approve)

If Ashley Marin couldnt get pregnant she may have decided to adopt Hanna. This is why Tom treats her like dirt, she is not his child.

Mrs. D always treated Ali terribly, she was over critical, which reminds me of all the fat comments toward Hanna.

If Mona knew this secret Hanna could be her killer. Her best friends turning on her is def betrayal! Hanna may have found out recently and perhaps… - stole the game from mona for revenge - had something to prove and tried to get rid of ali - major personality crisis.

I always felt as though Ashley Marin went too far to protect Hanna at times.. like over compensating. So this makes so much sense now! I would absolutely feel bad for Hanna if she found out her whole life as she knew it was a lie!

I found it odd how Ali immediately asked why Hanna didnt come to visit her. Hanna asked if Ali was upset… who cares,

Us fandom heard “someone has a twin sister” from cast and crew, nobody ever said IDENTICAL! Could be a fraternal twin.


So I’ve been receiving a few questions about the various outfits and armors Elsa and Anna wear.

If you play Skyrim at all you might have noticed that you aren’t able to get most of these outfits from the vanilla game. In this post I hope to answer all the questions and show you exactly how to get these armors for your Skyrim. PC only, sorry console players :( 

Every single outfit either of them have ever worn has been modded in some way. Their body models are also different from vanilla. I’ll start there.

The female body I use is CBBE, and even though all of the armors were made for UNP I haven’t had any issues, and I think either will work. Also I use WSCO, which comes with the CBBE/UNP body mesh as well as an improved texture, meaning I don’t have to get either replacer since CBBE is already included.

Elsa wears 3 main outfits:

  1. (Elsa’s Follower Outfit) This one is simply the Expert College Robes you can get from the vanilla game and isn’t really special. I do use EotW though, which gives all robes higher quality textures without changing how they look.
  2. (Elsa’s Archmage Outfit) I use the sky blue version of Archmage Robes Royal Retexture to make the archmage robes blue, then I spawned in the hoodless version of the robes with the console, which you can do by pressing the key under the esc key ( ~ on a NA keyboard) in game and typing »player.additem 7c932 1« and pressing enter.
  3. (Elsa’s Field Outfit) These are the Misfit Mage robes by brokefoot. They come in 5 colors (one for each school of magic) but they aren’t enchanted so it doesn’t really matter which one you pick. I use Illusion because they are blue :]

Anna really only has one armor set, but I interchange a few parts depending on the situation. It also takes 4 different mods to complete so bare with me, you may decide you don’t need some of them:

  1. The main piece of the armor comes from the Draugr Armour parts set (which if you didn’t know is exactly what Aela the Huntress wears and is Anna’s follower outfit as well). Draugr armor is included in the vanilla game but the player can’t actually get it without hacks. This mod makes it so you can get it and breaks the armor up into it’s individual parts so you can remove what you don’t like. Anna wears the whole thing except for the shoulder plates, the amulet, the elbow bracers and the boots (if there were any, I cant remember?).
  2. The second part focuses on her lower half. The boots and pants from Fluffy Travel Attire give the impression of wearing breaches and removes the leather skirt look that draugr armor sometimes gives that I didn’t like :/ . This armor was made for the vanilla female body, so it clips horribly around the thighs and waist but the chain-mail from the draugr armor covers it up well enough. (thinking about replacing them with their source parts, these mods but haven’t tested it yet (X)(X))
  3. Barbarian Armour from the Lore Friendly Armor Pack makes up an important part especially if you are using CBBE like me because it convert’s the wearer’s body to UNP and get’s rid of any clipping issues with the draugr armor and your character’s body that might cause. The two armors do clip with each other however, but they look similar enough that it’s easy to pretend they are part of the same piece. You notice her wearing it because the waist area gets a lot more detail, a strip of leather that’s slightly paler then the rest goes across her chest and reduces her cleavage to a decent level :P and adds cool metal bands to her biceps. Hide bracers from the vanilla game pretty much complete the armor set.
  4. (optional) In cold environments I looks like she would be freezing to death so I give her a cloak in those situations. Probably doesn’t matter which one, just whatever you think looks best,  but I personally use the cloaks that come with the Wet and Cold mod.

Phew… that should be all of it.

Total Mods: 8

(and of course my mod) LFFS - Elsa and Anna

OTRA drinking game! (because i'mma be turnt up during this livestream)

Take a Sip!

  • whenever niall plays the guitar
  • for every ‘massive thank you’
  • everytime your OTP(s) does a thing
  • any lyric changes 
  • everytime zayn makes you, ’YAAAAASSSSS’
  • whenever harry does something stupidly endearing
  • each time liam does his dance
  • whenever louis touches his tummy while singing 
  • if any of the boys 'promise to come back’
  • or if they 'remember the last time they were there’
  • anytime niall laughs
  • everytime harry’s dick looks like it’s struggling to breathe

Drink for Five Seconds!

  • at the end of each song you sing out loud
  • for every song you wish wasn’t on the setlist
  • for anything overtly sexual (ie crotch grabs, candy thongs, microphone blowjobs etc.)

Chug that Biatch!

  • if harry starts the show with his hair in a bun
  • if zayn is wearing a sleeveless shirt
  • if liam is wearing a snapback
  • if niall is wearing plaid 
  • if louis’ ass looks amazing in those pants

DISCLAIMER: i cant tell yall what to do but don’t drink if you’re underage, please be safe and responsible. also, feel free to add more shit here! HAPPY OTRA!

Story time

When I was a kid, I lived on this tiny estate with like no other kids on it except for this one boy about my age who lived right across the hall from me, so we kind of became best friends since there was nobody else for us to play with.
Anyway, i remember this one time we thought it would be an awesome idea to swap clothes (idk why we were like 7 at the time) ok so theres me in his baggy boy clothes (which i loved tbh) and then theres him in my little blue denim skirt, grey tights, red t shirt and flashy pink trainers ((THE FUCKING AWESOME ONES THAT LIGHT UP WHEN YOU TOOK A STEP. YEAH.))
So, there we are parading around the estate together in each others clothes feeling bloody proud that we’d had such a great idea, and this estate is like mainly made up of elderly people (who all know us since we grew up there) and most of them were giving us dirty looks but we didnt know why so we ignored them.
Anyway, eventually we’re just sitting on the bottom floor talking when his mum comes in looking furious. She takes one look at us in each others clothes, smiling like idiots and she explodes, “WHAT ARE YOU STUPID CHILDREN DOING?! YOU CANT WEAR EACH OTHERS CLOTHES!!”
Shes like ripping our clothes off and making us change, and we are both so confused. He asks why we cant and she screams “ITS JUST WRONG. BOYS CANT WEAR GIRLS CLOTHES, ITS DISGUSTING!”
So she marches me up to my house and tells my mum about it, who just laughs and says we were only messing around but his mum was so furious she grounded him for a week.
I remember being so confused, I just couldn’t understand why she was so angry about him wearing my clothes?
And that was my first experience with trans-phobia. We were just kids at the time so we didn’t even know that it could make people mad, but the fact that it DID piss someone off is pathetic.