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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #61
  • <p> <b>Phil:</b> I still haven't figured out a name for our son :/<p/><b>Dan:</b> Oh but I've already named him<p/><b>Phil:</b> really? wha-<p/><b>Dan:</b> no, shrek, don't touch that you'll get hurt, son<p/></p>

everytime this post pops up on my dash i cant read anything further than this without mind just completely shutting down its like its blocking me from experiencing it like it knows something i dont

  • Hawke: (runs down an alleyway)
  • Varric: You sure about that?
  • Hawke: ......... (runs back out of the alley)
  • Anders: Where exactly are you trying to go?
  • Hawke: No No I've got a map, don't worry.
  • Fenris: Is what you are looking for ON the map?
  • Hawke: uh (runs up some stairs)
  • Varric: Are you trying to leave the district?
  • Hawke: ...... (comes back down the stairs)
  • Anders: Please let us help you, Hawke.
  • Fenris: Just tell us what you are looking for
  • Hawke: ......(runs down the alleyway again)

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beronica + sleeping

listen,,, i kno the word was sleeping but i am stupid & lowkey wrote this whole thing based around the word ‘cuddling’ and ggfhdsjk i’m sorry dont hate me i hope you still like it tho!!!


The first time they sleep in the same bed, Betty spends a majority of the night panicking instead of sleeping. Veronica is just as handsy when asleep as she is when she’s awake. Her hands run along Betty’s hips and across the plane of her stomach; her fingers tangle in Betty’s hair and trace the length of her collarbone. It’s comforting, sure, but each touch sends a jolt of electricity through Betty - a feeling she’s never quite felt before. Betty doesn’t get that much sleep that night.

Slowly, overtime, as their sleepovers become a regular weekend thing, Betty grows more comfortable beneath Veronica’s touch. She begins to soften against the girl’s hands instead of flinch away; learns the patterns that Veronica traces over her skin and wonders if the swirling rhythm they take on has any secret meaning. When she finally does fall asleep, Betty dreams of a dizzying array of swirling patterns in bright technicolour.

One night, in the midst of a comatose-like sleep, Betty rolls over and wraps her arms around Veronica so tightly that it startles her out of a very interesting dream she was having. Veronica pauses, unsure if this is just a variation of her dream or if this is real life - is Betty Cooper actually willingly cuddling her? Albeit, Betty is asleep and was definitely not cuddling Veronica before she fell asleep but, those are minor details she is more than happy to look over. Veronica sighs contently, slipping her hand over Betty’s and lacing their fingers together; allowing Betty’s steady breathing to lull her back to sleep.


@erstwhile25 do you take bribes for more writing

You guys gotta check out Kail’s Skin of the Teeth story!! He has such memorable and lively characters (I’m pretty sure the Ashen Rook is one of them.). I need at least 7 volumes of their adventures right this minute.

this is half for my own reference, but ive been slowly working on a human au so heres some stuff about it!

  • carolinas the directors and allisons genetic kid, and alpha + epsilon are twins who were adopted after(?) allison died. 
    • “whos the older twin” “it doesnt really matter, i mean, alpha and i are the same age, so tied really, exact same-” “i am”
    • theyre all trans (carolinas a trans girl, alpha + epsi are trans guys)
  • the freelancers/ais are carolinas friends and the bgc are alphas! 
  • epsilon hangs out mostly with the freelancers at first (he latches on to lina and wash), but he meets the bgc later and hits it off
  • epsilon went as church to the ‘lancers and alpha went as church to the bgc so when epsi meets the bgc its. uh. confusing.
    • “…dibs” “what?” “dibs. i just called dibs. church is my name now.” “you cant call dibs on a name!” “yeah i can! dibs. see?”
  • simmons and grif were buds since childhood! later they befriend donut in elementary school, who introduces them to lopez later and to tucker and by extension the rest of the blues in high school(ish)
  • on the blues side, alpha befriends tucker and caboose pretty early on, whereas epsilon doesn’t really make his own friends and mostly just spends time with carolinas until like the middle of high school
  • grif lives with his mom+sister, simmons with his mom+dad, donut with his mom and dad (mom #1 eventually divorces him and marries mom #2), tucker with one of his parents, and caboose with his dads(?) and sisters

so. that’s most of what i have rn? feel free to let me know anything or chime in with ideas, i’m still workin on it!

Something that I did for @shancefluffweek’s Sea/Stars theme, only to realise it a week later that it’s not actually fluffy… apart from Lance’s hair that I died at least a hundred times drawing.

Been working on this for almost a week because I’m slow and work was killing me too, and I’m super late anyway, so I just post it before I notice another mistake.

tangled up on tongues

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philip gives lukas a hickey (aka philip is a really good kisser)

While he was growing up, Lukas heard quite a bit about kissing. From his guy friends when they’d been able to plant one on a girl in middle school. From songs, and movies, and tv shows. He even had a few kisses of his own.

His kisses never lived up to the expectations. There were never fireworks, or explosions, or even passion. There was just chapped and cold lips, and Lukas trying to figure out what he was doing wrong.

At least, that’s how it was until he met Philip.

Because the first time he kissed him in the cabin was exactly how people described it. But it was more than fireworks.

It was tectonic plates halting in their shaking, falling into place. It was meteor showers and the sky splitting apart. It was every other kiss he’d ever had being proven wrong.

It was Philip, kissing him back.

He really likes kissing Philip. He likes the way Philip’s hair feels when he runs his hands through it, and the way Philip’s hands settle on his waist, dipping beneath his shirt. He likes the feel of his mouth against Lukas’.

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Honestly one of the biggest reasons I wanna learn languages is to get the bragging-rights that goes with them

“how many languages do you speak?”


“ :O ohmygoshthatssocool!!!”

for all of you upset about the upd8/ homestuck ending: i used to be a really avid homestuck fic writer. two of my most well-known works are all kats are grey in the dark and i can make you love me. im currently open for commission, and would be more than willing to write anything homestuck related! i really need the money for school fees and am willing to write in any other verse/fandom/genre too. my commission info is here and my other posted ao3 works are here. thank you for your consideration!

Oh my gosh i just remembered i had a dream last night where i was watching lazytown and sportacus, clear as day, said “i eat pussy” and i was like??? How is there not outrage about this?? And then i realized its bc hes talking about a cat so how can a parent get mad.

But then i thought “magnus put this in to explore sportacus’s sexuality and to tell us he isnt gay” and then i thought about that and decided sportacus was still a gay who just ate pussy