cant pass anymore

I just have one question regarding Psycho Pass

I’ve posted about this subject before but it’s something I’m very butt-hurt on.

WHY the HELL does Akane have to keep suffering like she is?

Literally, everyone else in this series seems at least somehow, in someway, happier than her. Gino is, it’s obvious from his attitude now. Kougami seems to be (obviously, he’s not ‘happy’ happy, but i think he’s….more….better off than Akane; at least mental/emotional wise, if that makes sense), even though he’s in and out of life-death situations on a daily basis. The rest of division 1 is questionable, but in the very least, they haven’t suffered like Akane has. Sure, everyone else serves Sibyl like Akane but why does she have to be the sole person to suffer the most? Because she knows Sibyl’s secret? Because she’s the heroine? Because she’s now the head of division 1? Is this somehow karma kicking her for how ‘naive’ she was back in s1? If so, it’s too much.

Let’s just look at all the shit she’s been through over the course of 4 years

  • Her best friend Yuki was murdered in front of her
  • Kougami, the one person she counted and leaned on, left her behind for years to suffer alone (though that was never his intention)
  • Her precious grandmother was murdered in s2
  • She’s constantly hallucinating and thinking about Kou and how much she misses the bishie crap out of him
  • What’s the most likely thing to happen to her next to make her suffer further: Kougami dies

I MEAN, WHY HER? WHAT DID SHE EVER DO? WHAT MUST SHE GO THROUGH THIS? I mean, despite all this horrible stuff she puts up with, she still struggles and fights to keep going with all her might. But if Sibyl wins or if Kougami (her one chance at happiness; also im not just saying that cause I ship them. Think: she hasn’t be happy since Kougami left….He is the key to her happiness) dies…what would all her fighting be for?

I would hate for this series to end with all her pain and suffering to have been all for nothing. I just can’t bare to see her hurting and becoming more and more numb anymore. No one should have to fall into the state that she has. She won’t smile. She won’t laugh. She won’t lean on anyone else or tell them how she’s really feeling.  SHE WON’T EVEN CRY, FOR GOD SAKE. She’ll never go back to being how she was in s1 (by that, I mean, being happy and grinning and having fun and enjoying herself….) Why the hell does she have to…I mean, killing her off would give her less pain (I DON’T want her to die but if her suffering is never going to end while she’s alive….) SHE NEEDS A BREAK FROM ALL THE PAIN